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The most comprehensive series of pic tures featuring the present great world war yet shown in Australia attracted a crowded house to tbe Town Hatt tins even ing. The pictures are of a most

BensaCHoal. character, and aSowed of an insight into the stupend ous _ efforts which tbe AHigg are making to crush Fruscdanism. The films «re most complete, and depict the war on sea, load, and air in oH ite phases. Of particular interest to Australians are the pictures of the Anzacs taken in Egypt, showing the troops actively embarking for GaDipofi? and later the last days on that historic peninsula. Tie whole war zone is dealt with in detail. Starting in Belgium, the advance of the Huns is shown by the ruined towns and villages, and some idea -s gamed of the frigantic struggle now be ing fought out. The RaHant efforts of the French to stem the tide of Prussianism ex cite sympathy, and from an educational point of view it iB most instructive- Var ious field manoeuvres of the French, army have been closely followed, and one of die most interesting features— tie war in the aw— presents many astonishing incidents Turning to Russia, the vast organisation of flat country ie unfoMed. Actions on the front, including infantry and cavalry chargea and artSery at work, are vividly presented, as is the bombardment of the Black Sea port of Varna by the Bnseian leet. The daring horsemanship ' of the ^oesaebs is marvellous to behold. The British licet also obtains a nrominent place in tibe films, and die babymarder ms ^eppetos are shown in action. The war from the Italian front is also vividly depicted, and tie various nnaiiuy heroes of the Affies come in for a share of atten wn. 'How we fought the Emden'' is the He of aramanlacfim. A boy enbsts in « Australian navy- and joins tie Sydney, ftw the action be teBs a* story, and the^ rations incidents of that historic sea gbt are most realistically oortrayed, am nding with, a picture of the remains of ^^^ onCocos Hand. The pktares bddtte attention of tfae spectator* from art to finish, and no citizen of Adelaide ahosM suss the opportunity of witoeae aar wan. ?