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XKeatty to Mr. Baker's disappointment and through no fault of his, Brisbane is not to see Jimmy . Hill in action yet a while. The featherweight champion had

Bgreea to meet itector MelviUe at Bris bane next Satnrday night, but a few days ago ne -notified the management that he would be unable to go through with the contest on that date^ Luckily -Brisbane enthusiasts are not likely to lose through this, as -Hill's place will .be filled by Mar cel Denis, the brilliant little Frenchman who scored such -a sensational win over Jack Stanley. M- Anrin»l^ the manager of the French contingent, is a thorough bustler. And believes in having his boys always -well -with a view to accepting en gagements at short notice. Gonsequently when approached with the suggestion for Denis to box Melville next Saturday night tiie offer wae eagerly accepted, and both AnrineH and Denis express delight at the prospect' of renewing their acquaintance with tiie northern -capital.* T^'r enihusir astie acknowledzment of- the treatment

received »t their previous viat speaks weD Cor the «»rtananship and hospitality of the Brisbane ^parting iolk. Denis and Melville have agreed to 9 st 4 1b. at 2 o'clock as the weight to' guvern their nrtftifig, vhich:«boald prodnce one of the greatest: and most, stirring contests pnv inded .for -some -time.* : - -; . Fred Dyer, one of England's leading welferweqEhts. arrived in Sydney last Wednesday; In' addition to his skill as a. boxer Dyer has. been famous in vaudeville, and has just finished a long season on the Sooth. ? African music hall circuit. A glance at -the - Welshman's - record shows victories : over such men as Private Ba shwn. Gob Piitte, Sid Stags, Fred De laney, Young Nipper,' and Petty Officer Soche. so that he should be a decided ao qnisition to - Aoetralian boxing. , Mr. Baker is arranging contests for Dyer; the first of which will probably be in Bris bane, but he win be seen at the Sydney Stadium as soon -as a suitable opponent can be found for him.' It was expected- that Charlie Simpson and George Taylor would have met at Baker's Melbourne Pavilion next Saturday night, bot once ' acn'T? this contest *ha« ttt^rm through. The Baker ?mypaggmc-nf have made countless attempts to7 bring these two boys together during the last .18 months, bat without success, and in view of the Kenoineness of Taylor's chal lenge it looks as though Simpson, who is acknowledged to be the Victorian feather weight champion, will lose his title by default Frankie Neil who ha* ^— ?-'«-- box in the 9-st. division in future, wiH probably take Simpson's piace, a..-, -e ^.a Taylor should provide an attractive con test. Johnnv Griffiths and Fred Kav com

menced training on Monday for their contest a.t the Sydney Stadium on October 17. GriffitEs sready pleased -aQ who saw. his brilliant performance against McCoy recently. As he was not properly accli matised at that time.' it is expected that he will show considerable improvement at his next appearauce. However, this does not disconcert Kay in a-nv way. and- the A-DStralian is jost as confident of securing victory on this occasion as in his contest with Saylor, Shugme, 4, Co. This event .should draw a. -record house. . SoL Jones, the -Queensland middleweight, has .been offered the first contest with Fred . Dyer, the - Welsh singing boxer.

Jones has been invited to make 10 st. 12 1b. at 2- o'clock for this ' contest, and if he is agreeable to make that weight an attractive couU*!. should result. ^Another of the French contingent will make his- bow to a Sydney audience next Saturday night, when Eugene Volaire, one of the leadinz liKbtweights of France, will be opposed to Herb McCoy. In his re cent contest with Johnny Griffiths McCoy showed remarkable improvement on other recent efforts, and there is no doubt that he is at' the too *of his form at present. He will certainly need to be, for in Vol taire he will be meeting ea tough an op ponent as he has been called upon to meet for 'many a day. Two weeks after arrival Volaire met Eddje Newhouse in Mel bourne, and tfiongh not by any means properly attuned he vat np a particularly bx^-dass periVmixance, winning comfort ably .on _pomts. Mr. B. L. Baker, who re Cereed this bout, immediately selected the Frenchman as a' prospective opponent for McCoy, seeing the possibilities of an un aeuaUy interesting contest in the meeting between these two. The men have1 agreed not to exceed 9 st. 10 Hi. at 3 o'clock on the day of their contest.

Mr. Baker had been reckoning on Hnghie Mehegan . to meet Fernahd Quen dreux in Brisbane on October 17. and in 'View, of Stighie's brilliant performance on Satnrday night Brisbane was in store for ia real 'fistic treat. However, it was not Mehegan eustained a very severe iaf to one of his hands dnrnu; the con test with De-PonthieoL and he has been reluctantly compelled to abandon the Bris bane engagement. It is not likely that Mfhegin wfll box again until he meets feed Kay in Melbourne for the lightweight t'luimiiimHnip daring Cap week.' As a result of the injury to Hnghie Me hegan*s^and. it has now been found im passible to arrange fora real high-class op ponent to meet Quendreux in Brisbane on October 17, but Mr. Biker is in hopes of bring a contest to take place a week later between &e Frenchman and Herb McCoy. In view of McCoy's recent bril liant performance each s match should attract great interest.