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Final Four Decided in Lacrosse


Are Minor Premiers in Two Main Divisions PORT ADELAIDE~GAIN PLACE

The final fours of the first three grades in the South Australian Lacrosse Association were decided after today's matches. East Torrens won the minor premiership of A Grade. The final four in that division comprises East Torrens. University. Sturt. and Port.

University are minor premier* of 13 Grade. The tins! four w University.. BrL-hton. Sturt. and Deaf Adult. In C Grade tlie winners of tiie v.iinor p-i-Tiiierehip j'C Holdrast Uay, who paiiu.' Trie honor on peivciitJier, from \Vi=^ Hludmarsli. University ainl l.c^nr-y ;iif lhi= otnei- uo toams in the four. Today's matches in the senior divM'.'jn Ticie vital for Port .nnd Nortli. ivlio were fiphtin^ fnr fourth plaie. Doth wore -le- ieiited. A 1'ctter porcpnta^e allowed PorL to enter the major round. EAST TORRENS WIN Noi'ta were outclassed by Eatt lorrens. ti ho lost only one game in the minor round. That was to i-turt about a month ?j^-o. These two teams will have another ^reat battle next Saturday, w heu they meet in the first semi-tinal. Today North did nut show any i=ytti?:i!, and tliere was seldon: any body-checking. Defences of both =:des^were weak. Ac curacy at forward enabled East Torrens ! to score 12 goals to ni! in the third quar-i ter. With East Torrens' loose mau rao-; in-: forward to. score repeatedly, Arthur: Lee, North goalkeeper, had to leave tliii ! net to check him. East Torrens. 29; North, 15. Goalthrowers. — iiast Torrens — Warner iS).: HcrCormaL-k (7). A. Ha!l (ii), Gellen (3). Wat-1 tfii (2). Parsons. Xonh— J. Lee (10), M. ' Lee. M. B!y:lie (each 2), Tregen&i. ; Best Plavers.— East Torrens— Warner, Crn ham. A. Hall. Gellert, Watson: North — J. ' i.r^se. M. Blithe. Baulderstoae, Tregenza, .1. Lee. VICTORY FOR STUDENTS t.'r.iTerslty won- an interesting ;ame en the, Lr.lvetsity OraL Tlic.v had a lead c-f fire poais i- nil a: the end of ilie first quarter, and i: half-time the score was 11—3. At the cuange ovtr Spencer went forward for Pnrt and Mar- ! mi took his place at back. Miiuly as a J *es'dlt of this moie Port scored four coals to j ?University's three in tlie third quarter. : Port made a desperate bid to oyertake fheirl opponent's score In the last quarter, but found ? the students too strong. , University, 16; Port. 10. ! Uoalthrowers. — University — Thyer (4), Coltle.j Muecke (each 31. Kumnlck, Bonnln, Dari6 ccach 2). Port — Sutherland (7), Netherton {'I).] Sueccer. Best Players. — rnlTcrs'.ty — Beerworth. Thyer. 1

; ?;.M'-.-ke. Ailro.-k. Port — SuLherijnd, Shaw. ; McPlierson. Spencer. WEST TORRENS AGAIN LOSE ; W&si Torrcas have completed the s^as sn v.-khoti: Iiarinj: recorded a win. Tuday tliey' .mot tIo.»lw;-.-d. who iveK s*LVrti-I to, and they had Impes of revere!nj the defeat iutik-.-eJ L-y Cr^odiv^od in tlie firs; nLatdi of tiic sea.s.m. U'''m3-.Vv-ih3. however, sluvwetl tile im lTi.rtnn.-nt tlicy i'.ave made In nx-cu: Victks, a:id rail out winners by two goals. l'i.iy was rf a p-x-r standard because of the slipiwry sr«und and bad siickw-orV. West Turrens pressc-J hard ;n the last quarter, .-ind S'H to within one soil of their opponents. Ba: Wr-jmmond ia ;iie last few minutes broke throii£:i frjm tlw; back line to s-jore a g^i S'-al. Goodwood. 1 1 ; West Torrens. 3. Coailhrowers. — -ioodwood — Babba^e (4), Abbxt. Sliimmin (ea--h 2), Laushton. Haney. [►runim.nd. Wort Torreus — Syme (3). Walker 12). Boaiii. Ed^e. I-av;s, Woods. li-est Plajers.— Goodnood— Babbaje. M. Mar tin. L'jymart?. Harvey. West Torreus — Woods, Fa user. Edge, Perkins. The A Grade premiership table after today's ^aaiei was : — V. \\. L.. For As. Pts. Ba-s: Torreu£ . . 1J 11 1 179 80 20 University . . . 12 9 3 197 103 18 Sturt ? 12 S 4 1S4 PI 16 Port ? 12 6 6 117 98 12 North ? 12 0 6 135 151 12 G-.KKiwood ... 12 2 10 P9 192 A West Torrens . . 12 — 12 61 252 — B GRADE A£ a rcsiil! or today's matches the final four tenn.' finished tho minor round with tli-; fol Icwins points r^University, 26; Brishtcn, L''- : Stun, IS : Deaf Adult. 18. Deaf Adult. 14; Brighton, 14. Go-ilthrowerf.— Deaf Adult— Poynter ('.}, Jimcken (5). Stansbury, Harrison. Brighton — n. Jenkbas (7). CJurr (S), Horwood (2), Swal linp. One knocked In. Be5t Player.s. — Deaf Adult — Poynter. Lanjley. Carer Brig-iiton — Honrood. K. Jenkins, Swal lin-. East Torrens. .2; Port. 5. tioalihrowers. — lias; Torrens — Svliulz (i). Dawson. Graham -fach 3), Hall (2). Port— Eliis -i). ». Goudie. Ralnsford. Plaieted. i r.cst Flayers. — East Torrens— Graham. Sellh, Aiesander. Port — I^ocke, Lowes, McKcuzic Sturt, 5; Goodwood, 4. I Goalthrower.s. — SUJrt — Ridings (U). Manning I (C). Goodwood — B. Wyles. Wickham (each 2). i Best Players. — Stun — A. Stephen, Manning, ' v Stephen. Goodwood — [. Wylcs, Swansou ' llllcr. * '

University, 16; North, 6. j C GRAOE | West Hindmarsh. 1 1 ; Holdfast Bay. 8 i Goal throwers. — West Htndinarsta — Hall (M),j Brand, Cavenett. Holdfast Bay — A. Brown, A. I Edgar, Kilgour (each 2), Humphris, W. Brown. ! Best Players. — West Hindmarsh — L. Hewii sou, Brand, Hounslow. Holdfast Bay — A. Brown, A. Edgar, C. Kilgour. ] University. 33: Brighton, I j Goalthrowers. — University — Wbtte (11), Vin-| cent (6), Colebatch, Bamtield, Kule (eacli 4;,j Muecke (3). One knocked In. Brighton— j Weeden. | Best Players. — University — All played well,   Brighton — Weeden, Wellcr. Isaacson. I Junior Legacy. 6; West Torrens, 5 ; Goalthrowers.— Junior Legacy — Berry (8), Clarke. Buttrose. Deverall. West Torrens —   Pr.leux, D. Sliawyer (each 2), Scroop. Bert Players. — Junior Legacy — Carlson, I.illecrapp. Berry. West Torrens — Scroop, Prideux, Carter. ' D GRADE   University, 10; Sturt. 6 \ Goalthrowers. — fniversity — Connelly (j),i Kayser (3), Byan (2). Sturt — H. SJubbs. B. ' riiomas (each 2), B. Wicks, D. Champion. j Best Players. — University— -Connelly, Hysn.J Krantz. Sturt— B. Thomas, Townsend, K. Siubbs. ? Goodwood received a forfeit from West Tor- : rens.