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Rivals cure Goodwood, Sturt, and University

In defeating West Torrcm by IS goals to 1, North Adelaide annexed Miner preauenfcip honor* tbi» afternoon. Goodwood defeated Port Ado takSe 11 goals to S, and take second position. Start are third. (Jarre *hy awt East Torrem, bat were ae*arcd of fourth position. Sean-finals will be played on September 14, and the deriding game on September 21. In the interim same* will be played for a penaaat presented by Mr. Harold Rulo. ? :-J---_: ?

Mr. B. Hocking w*s Ib charge of Um £*?* st the Uniroaily Oval between Calrersltr aad Bast Tdtmu. The rtudeute ««w a hard-rouirtit tMMBc by i suals to 2. __ — ? ' Colrorsit) wetc fl-st to «it«e*- ' 'East Tor rasa co«i (KoilitTUutfaami waa prominent With ??veral one saves. The defesioc of both sides was «ooihI. and it waa nut until near the end of the tern that the first goal, was scored. Tbqosuo viereriy eiadrd twu opponents and scored for Kasl Turmis. i;iilrersj»- i«U}cd better »a«T-«se In the. next quarter. Muecke was sucrvsafut ' at centre, wnere be often obtained pwtsi-ssiuu «nd 6tarted an attack. The first cual fur the students was a luckj- one from Lawrence, but It was fol lowed by a eood one from Cook. University sueressfuljr stacked their back line, and East Torrens could not Increase their 'score. At half-time 'Varsity led by 3 goala to L East Tarntis bad the play for some ' time after the third quarter started, and when Pearce netted fur them It evened the scores. Jack saved further shots from the same player and Davis. Then Watson secured for the stu dents and shot truly. Cook* -who had so far been well held by Boyce. Scored, and put Uni versity two goals In front. With .an excellent run from the centre Muecke increased the lead with a eood shot. East ' Tnrrens were three pwls in arrears when tbe final term started. They were xeen first to attack through the agency of Thorns Nu. and that player was rather unlucky in rot srorlne. Boycu. Campbell, and Tllemann played wvll for Torrens. and Davis, Ewens. and Watson were playing well for University. After R'iIIIsou scored for tbe students Cook received a free in front, and scored another goal. This made the tally for University 7 goals. They continued a vigorous game, but could not add to their score. East Torrens forwards and West and Hall battled bard, but there were too many loose men in front or coal ? — ? — ? — tSMftntowers.— University— Cook -3). Muecke, Lawrence, Bollison, and Watson. East Torrens — Pearce and Thomson. Best Flayers. — University — Muecke, Watson, lack, and Ewens. East Torrens — Boyce, Hall, Tllemann, and Campbell. NORTH ADELAIDE V. WEST TORRENS North Adelaide were without Peake, but easily accounted for West Torrens. Play In the first quarter was slightly in favor of North, who were superior from the centre field. Hyde played well and scored two fine goals. Flavel also netted for North, but West Torrens could not open their account. In the second quarter North Adelaide forged ahead. Sandery showed better form. His good play during this term resulted in htree goals from bis crosse. Flavel was also pro minent and scored two more goals. Watt scored the only goal for West Torrens. Brock and Glover . were sound in tbe back line, and did not allow the Torrens forwards many op portunities. At . half-time North had a lead of seven goals. West Torrens could not find the net In tbe third quarter, but they played a better game, and only two goals were added by North Adelaide. Taralln played well for West Tor rens, and Perkins (in goal) and Harrison also did good work.

North Adelaide dominated the play in tfa final term, and Flavel scored three . _mu Sandery and KesseU also netted for the Tred and-whites. West Torrens could not increas their score, and North led by 15 goals to - when the bell rang. Goalthrowers. — North Adelaide— Flavel (71 Sandery (5). Hyde (2), and Kessell. Wet Torrena — Watt. Best Players.— North Adelaide— Flavel Su dery, Waddy, Hyde, and tee. . West Torrens Perkins, Tamlin, Harrison, and Boath. GOODWOOD V. FORT ADELAIDE The strong Goodwood side, bad no difficult In defeating Port Adelaide. The score w« 11 goals to 5. Mr. F. Lancelot Parson refereed. Bronner opened the score for Ooodwoo with two goals. After Burnley sewed for Pa Babbage was prominent, and found the m twice for Goodwood, who ted by four to on at the first change. Babbage scored an excellent goal at tto beginning of the oext term, while nmning acroi the goalmouth. Plaisted and Morgan wet doing well : for Port Adelaide, .as was Bnmlej who scored two goals in quick succession. Cod came through from the centre and netted fa Goodwood, and then Brenner scored again. Mel lowship, who was playing one of his best gama jnapped a goal, and Goodwood led by 9 to 8 a the long interval. Port attacked strongly in the third quaxtei and Davis and Burnley added goal* for ft~ There was much up and down play foe tto n mainder of the term. Just before tbe bel Babbage again found the net. Port Adelaid could not penetrate the Goodwood h»--H™e i the last quarter, and the only goal sooted **'*' from Bronner, tar Goodwood. ' Goalthrowers.— Goodwood — Bronner (6). Bat bage (4), Cocks and Uellowsbip. Port M- lalde — Burnley (4), and Davis. ._ J68* . pl'yen_— Goodwood — Bronner, Cockt Mellowship, and Gnmdy. ' Port Adelaide- * Plaisted, M. Burnley, Morgan, and Weir. B GRADE NORIH ADELAIDE, 18 GOALS, STDBT, I GOALS. - Gadthrowere:— North Adelaide— Sinclair (41 Tuohy and Thomas. ,. Best Ptayers.— North Adelaide— F. Grose. WH ? ]«^' McGee. «nd Beckwith. Stoat— Tftohj Noblett, and Thomas. . , EAST TOEBENS, 14 GOALS. BETGHTO5 NIL. „ GOODWOOD, 8 GOAIfi. DN-VBHSilT, i C GRADE .Goa^rowers.— North— M. Blyth (9). -3ra« ford (4). BauMerstone (3), Tnomsoo, ia* ee juSTgoS/0- L* 8 ^^ ZASt TOB Deaf Adult, 19 goals, defeated Port Adelaidr 7 ^goals. Goalthrowers. — Winners — McMaha (6), Poynter and Juncken (each 5). Staobut (2). and Eangley. Losers— Sutherland -S1 L. Davis (2), J. Davis, and Plaisted.