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North Adelaide Minor Premiers A GRADE.

' West Torrens, 10' goals, beat University, 7 goals. Goodwood, 12 goals, beat Port Adelaide, 8 goals. North Adelaide, 9 goals, beat East Tor rens, 4 goals. q qrade -.-.Port Adelaide, 23 goals, -beat Start, 5 goals. ? ? ? . University received a forfeit from East

Xorrens. . North Adelaide v. East Torrens In the match between North Adelaide and East Torrens this afternoon, Sandery, for North, was the outstanding player of the afternoon. North had pretty well the best of the game all through, although at half 'time East Torrens was leading 2 goals to 1. At three-quarter time the scores were 4 -all,- but East Torrens did not score again, and North Adelaide, dis playing fine form, added five more goals io their tally. This left them winners by 9 goals to 4, and secured them the honor of winning the minor premiership. Goal thro were: — North Adelaide— Sandery (4). Plavel (3), Kessell. (2). East Torrens —-Schultz, Watson, Kellett, ? and one knocked in. -~

Goodwood Defeat Port Adelaide A fast open game was staged, between Goodwood and .Port Adelaide this after noon at Wayville, and victory ultimately Tested with Goodwood by 12 goals to 8. During the first half of the contest there was little to choose between the sides, and at the long interval Goodwood held a lead by 5 goals to 4. Upon the resump tion Port attacked strongly and a good pass by Burnley to Glover was converted into a goal. The home side then assumed the offen sive, and strong centre play by Cocks led to the addition of several goals. The Por tonians fought valiantly to stem the tide, but could not make up the leeway. Goodwood were best' represented by Cocks, who played his best game for the season, and scored five goals. Both Kins man and Babbage were in excellent form in the forward ranks, and each obtained

three goals. Phillipsi was responsible for the remaining point. Grundy, Harvey, and Ralph were conspicuous at times around the centre, and Bailey was the most prominent of the defenders. 'Port Adelaide were best served by Turner, jrhose strong dashes from the centre greatly assisted his side.. Caporn and Sutherland also showed strong de fence, ' the former being clever with his interceptions.' Sibley was prominent at intervals, and Kidd was' the best of the forwards. The losers' goals were obtained by Kidd (5), Glover and Burnley (1), and, one knocked in. West Torrens Defeat University Having completed the inter-varsity en gagement with Melbourne, the Adelaide University players returned -by the express this morning. Somewhat ? fatigued by their trip, the students were unusually slow during -the -opening stages of their match this afternoon on the University Oval against West Ton-ens. In the first term the visiting tteani scored twice through the agency of G. Edge and Tarn-, lin, -while the fleet-footed Danjs started the- tally for Varsity. In the second -quarter WcstTorrens had matters largely meir own way, and Kelly, Boath, G. Edge, and Tamlin each scored. The, students managed another goal, which was' thrown by L-. Jjawreiice. The pro gress scores at half-time were therefore — -v'est TorrenS, 6 goals; University, 2 goals. The westerners still' continued in the ascendancy throughout the third term, when both G. Edge and Boath added goals far them. L. Lawrence registered third point for Varsity. With a lead of 8—3 at the' commencement of the final quarter, West Torrens seemed to have the game well in hand. The students played with much more vigor in . the last stage, and by well-timed dashes from the centre added fouf goals to their score. -The Torrens players iad numerous shots, but Dawkins-(in goal) stopped brilliantly. At last Perkins and Harrison struck the net -with good- angle shots, and West Tor rens gained a well-dseerved, -.victory by 10 coals to. 7. ?' The winners' goalthrowers wrere'G. Edge -3), Tamlin and Boath, (2), Kelly, Perkins, and Harrison. The students goals were obtained by Bruce Lawrence and Tj. Lawrence - (3), kand Davis (1). Best players for West Torr rens' were Edge -2), Tamlin, Bettigon, Perkins,- and Boath. The best for Var sity were Dawkins, Harbison, . Lawrence (2), and Cornish. . , C Grade Semi-finals Port Adelaide scored a runaway victory against Sturt in the semi-final round this afternoon. The Port players -secured 23 goals to 5. Goalthrowers :— Port Ade laide— Netherton (8), Sutherland (4), Connolly, Burnley, and ' Davis (3), and Manning^). Sturt— Thomas (3), Coombs and Cook (1). ;?-?,_.„. „ . University received a forfeit from East Torrens in the other semi-final. .. Port Adelaide and University' will how meet in the final for the premiership of fit grade. . '