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North Win Premiership

(By 'Right Attack')

The premiership match between North Adelaide (minor premiers) and Start took place at Wayville this, afternoon. Play commenced in drizzling rain which created

slippery conditions. Despite this handi cap both sides played brilliantly. Sturt attacked with vim and - kept, the northern defenders on the alert. For a while the back line at each end kept the ball out of danger. Ultimately Cook secured a well-judged pass and shoot ing rapidly he deceived the opposing goalie and registered for Sturt the opening goal of the match. The Unley players continued to harass their opponents, though their efforts were punctuated by swift dashes by North in which Flavel and Glover were conspicuous. The first term ended in favor of Sturt by 1 goal to nil. . The second quarter commenced witn a double-blue attack in which Selth was given a free close in. His shot was well stopped by Lee (in goal), and the play was transferred to the other end. A beautiful pass by Flavel to Glover concluded in the latter scoring North's first goal. Another fierce onslaught by Aorth brought Sutherland into prominence, and he gained a beauty. The minor pre miers were now having the best of the play, and some rapid exchanges ended in Flavel obtaining a goal. Kestel tempora rily relieved the pressure, and Sturt placed North on the defensive. Shots by Selth and Stubbs were turned away by Lee, who also deflected a long fast shot by Bell. Arch Martin came thrnutrh ? from the back line and

passed over to Hill. The ball was in tercepted by North and dispatched promptly to the other end, where Flavel secured, and being unchecked had no trouble in scoring. Shortly afterward the same p^yer re gistered his third and North's fifth BPaL North were now in complete command. Flavel was the star of the moment, and much to the jubilation of his side he ob tained a further brace of goals,, making five for the term— a magnificent performance seeing that he was opposed to'the leading Sturt defender, Arch. Martin. The quarter ended with North leading by 7 goals to 1. . ? The swinging of the pendulum in .North s favor was chiefly due to an error in tactics on the part of Stnrt, who did not close up their defence when their back line was depleted of its strength by the re moval of McLeay through an injured knee. ' Upon the resumption Sturt attacked vigorously. An attempt by Hosken failed, and North advanced. Flavel and Sandery came into prominence, and sent over to Kessall, who, however, ' missed an easy opportunity. Sandery dashed through from the centre and scored- a fine angle goal. From the face-off North attacked, but Kestel relieved. North, were quickly on the scene again. Flavel from ibehind the net passed over to Sandery, who was standing unchecked just outside . goal crease, and sent the ball into an unguarded net. . ?

North now led by 9 goals to 1. Shots by Kessall arid Flavel were cleverly turned away by S. A. Martin (goalie). Sandery was outpacing his opponent, and after Start had tried unsuccessfully he dashed down the ground and shot from close in. A brilliant save by Martin and some effec tive relief work by Kestel put Sturt in a favorable .position. After some desul tory play Cook scored. The third quarter ended with North leading Stnrt by 9 goals to 2. For some lime after the commencement of the final quarter the ball travelled from end to end without incident, until Kestel essayed a difficult angle, shot for Sturt which went astray. A dash by North looked dangerous when Flavel secured pos session in a handy 'position. A hot shot was deftly stopped by Martin (in goal); and Sturt returned to the offensive. From a scramble in front Kestel.. tapped the ball to Bell, -who quickly dispatched it into tm? net. ?The double-blues were making a des nerate effort to reduce the margin held by North, and shortly afterward Bell gained a magnificent goal after having cleverlv dodeed several opponents.

A-n interesting and spectacular contest finded in victory for North. 'Adelaide by 9 goals to 4. Goalthrowers.-f Winners — Flavel (5), Sandery (2), Glover, and Sutherland; and for the losers Bell and Cook (2 each). 'Best players for North— Flavel, Sandery. Peake. Brock, Lee (in goal), Glover, and Kessall; and the .most prominent for Sturt were Kftstel, Daniels, Hill, Stubbs, Bell. Cook, Hosken, and Martin (in goal).