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Angust 29— S.A. Spaniel an! Field Dog C'iV. ? . - September 10, 11— Royal Show. October 3— Collie and Pomeranian Club, at Victoria Park. Oetot-er 10 — Seaion Park.

' CONEANGUINITT .Frequently I have heard owners ot bitches complain tbat by accidental mating with a mongrel the future of the bitch has been spoiled. It is claimed that the subsequent progeny will be tainted. ' This Wea is absolutely erroneous. When thpre is such an unfortunate happening there is always a bucket of water for the family, but the owner can rest assured that when his bitch comes in J^ason again he can put her to a pure-bred with ? perfect safety. Some ti*ne ago a fancier bred a litter of fox terriers, ami among them was one , jet bJack except for. fan, points. But he pos sessed all the terrier characteristics: After all, wby should this not be so, Jor bow' often dp. ,say:. Poms, throw puppies, of diffe-' rent colorings? Other breeds do the came. It 1b only bloda ancestry asserting itself. One point, however, which should not be encouraged t., extremes is crttss-ibreeoing. My contention is that although breeders tviH get type all. light ibere is erery incentive to set up coasiliiitional «v.iakne£s. . ; rut, of course, .Vis ' a very difficult-' mat^ tor to get unrelated biooi -Just' at present. When it is a-silable it should be the endea or o£ eve? laat-ior to outbreel and get away from the Kock of Gibraltar, eo to speak. ' FEEDING DOGS Opinions are divided regarding the most oaitable rations for doge, and the number of meals which should be supplied daily. It is often stated that a dog will eat sufficient In one meal to last him for a couple of aays, but this is open to question and even if correct, gorging of this kind' must ultimately produce bad results. Commenting on ibis subject, an exchange says:— 'Ask one man how many meals a flog -ought to have a day, and he will say two. Ask the next man, and he will say one; and, taking the general experience the second man is probably tight.' One meal a day, then, is regarded as proper and is tbe usual thing, and the food is given at night, foi tde reason that the dog may quietly digest it. Sheep's fcead boiled until the flesh drops off the bones and the soup r»a meat mixed with powdered biscuits or wholemeal (brown) bread, makt good food. Butcher's scraps may be used as a change, and some fanciers occasionally feed raw. beef or mut ton cut up small and given in quantities from 34 lb. to 2 lb. according : to the size of the dog. WiLtj the cooked meat it is usual to add the plain dog biscuits soaked in the liquor in which the Meat is boiled. Well cooked maizemeal may be used in cold weather instead of biscuits, and wholemeal bread maUes a good variation. Milk boiled with - brown bread or maize meal is' anqtLer satisfactory rood. Care must be taken that tho dog doesn't gorge himself, and an important item Is to leave no food lying about. The main tni-ie to avoid is overfee-ling', and, unless for some special reason, the general rule is never to allow a dog all he will eat, though he should have all he EXPERIMENTS OX PUPPIES In a report recently issued by the Medical Research Council, Professor Edward Mel lauby, of Sheffield University, records ex periments carried out on puppies with ttc eclijest ot finding out the effect of vajlou j kinds of food 'upon the constitution- -white ' flour, wholemeal flour, barley, oatmeal, maize, polished and unpolished rice, 'vheat 1 germ, ground oats, rye, and groats. The j ccnelu&icns arrived 'at were that oatmeal has the worst influence on bone formation, and that puppies fed on this are more subject to riol-ets th?'-i those fed on other diets; that white flour bas very little pronounced iction ia tbU respect, ana neither unpolished *i rice nor wholeaieai Hour are detrimental. J Vcgetab'e food, it is similarly decided, is, not good for dogs. The bad effects .of an j undue amount of farinaceous food may be eouacerrctod fcy. the use of coi liver oil. I Egg cid fish are also recommended lor their J antiFacbitic qualities, and great stress is laid j on the value of sunlight. I TAX RESISTED   As a protest against the £4 tax imposed   on dogs in Breslau (Germany), 5,000 yelping   canines of every Imaginable breed were   paradcd outside the town hall by their in-   dignant owners, and much to the delight   of the onlookers. The astonished city   fathers agreed to investigate the complaint. GOING TO SINGAPOHE r- Mrs. E. M. Hyland Intends to leave foH a trip to Singapore shortly. She is just as enthusiastic as ever with her Pekingese, and | was delighted to win with the veteran Wea Jee in Melbourne. Mrs. Hyland thought V7ea Fun of Sing Sing would have done better rctoss the border, .for she considers this little dog is one of £be best she h&s bred. He is the last of the progeny of Silver Queen, which is no. more. Wee Fun is to be sent-io Melbourne again tor the five 'PV show. -