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Robert Beatty in boxing picture

¥ ONDON, Sat.: Robert Beatty has the '^ leading role of a former champion boxer in the film of Adelaide writer Ralph Peterson's 'The Square Ring.'

He takes the part origi nally set for John Mills. Beatty, who was Capt. Bush in the Gregory Peck film 'Captain Horatio

iornblower,' is well known for his work on radio. Jack Warner is also in the cast of 'The Square Ring.' ? ? JN Britain, according to the annual survey con ducted by the {Cinemato graph Weekly, the 15 most popular films of 1952, judged on box office re turns, were:-— 'The Greatest Show on Earth,' followed by 'Where No Vultures Fly,' 'Ivan- hoe,' 'Angels One Ffve,' 'Sound Barrier/' 'African Queen,' 'Mandy,' 'Robin Hood,' 'Reluctant Heroes,' 'Christmas Caro t,' 'Planter's Wife,' 'Son of Paleface,' 'Quiet Man,' 'Sailors, Beware,' and 'Room for One More.' {'AngeU One Five,' 'Sound Barrier,' 'Maady,' 'Reluctant Heroes,' 'Planter's Wife,' 'Son of Paleface,' 'Quiet Man,' tmd 'Room for One More' have not yet been shown in Adelaide.} ? * THE executive officer of the Children's Film Foundation- (Miss Mary Field) says that since the foundation began produc tion she has been receiving requests for its films from all over the world. \n agreement has now been made between the foundation and the Rank Organisation to make the films readily available in many markets abroad. ? ? (^.EORGE Cole, Heather ^* Thatcher, James Hay ter. and Veronica Hurst are in the cast of\'Will Any Gentleman?' ? * /N 'Trent's Last Case' Orson Welles says, 'I saw 'Othello' at the St. James theatre last year. I didn't think much of the leading actor but I got a terrific kick front tbe play.' The leading player in question was Orson Wellef. ? * 'l^LSTREE Story' is a J^ film with 100 stars. It tells the history of the famous British studios, using shots from 46 of the 300 pictures produced there since 1927. There are some surprises in the old films. In a 1933' production starring Bebe Daniels and Clifford Molli son, Stewart Granger is one of the extras, seen for 'five seconds. Charles Laughton is seen in his first screen role, of two minutes' duration, in the silent 'Piocadilly,' made in 1929. In 'The Plaything,' made in 1928. is a young actor called Spike Mullan He's known today as Ray Milland.