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U.K. honor to Jane Wyman

T ONDON, Sat: For the second time ?' in three years Jane Wyman has won the 'Picturegoer' magazine annual poll for the best actress of the year.

The award is for her performance in 'The Blue veil.' She scored pre viously in 'Johnny Be linda.' Kirk Douglas' work In 'Detective Story' won the male award. Following Miss Wyman were Judy Holliday ('Born Yesterday'), Anna Neagle ('Lady With a Lamp'), Ann Blyth ('Our Very Own') , Google Withers ('White Corridors') , Ann Blyth ('T h e Great Caruso'), and Susan Hay ward ('David and Bath sheba'). Douglas defeated Mario Lanza ('The Great Caruso') on a recount. Then came Michael Red grave ('The Browning Version') . Gregory Peck ('David and Bathsheba'), Peck ('Captain Horn blower'), Alastair Sim ('A Christmas Carol') , and Alec Guinness ('The Lavender Hill Mob'). ? * T INE-up of the stars in ?''* Noel Coward's 'Meet Me Tonight' is: Ted Ray and Kay Walsh in the 'Red Peppers' episode: Valerie Hobson, Nigel Pat rick, and Jack Warner ('Ways and Means'), Stanley Holloway ('Fumed Oak'). TJALLET will be an in ?*-' tegral part in the pro duction of 'The Beggar's Opera' film, in which Sir Laurence Olivier will play (and sing) as the high wayman Macheath. Sir Arthur Bliss is ar ranging the music, based on the original score and traditional tunes of the period. Director is Peter Brook under the joint production of Olivier and Herbert Wilcox. Olivier had his voice in tensively trained during his recent season in America, and records of his interpretations of the main musical numbers in Gay's opera were flown to

England while the Oliviers took a holiday in Jamaica. The film will be made in color and will be set in London as seen by Hogarth. ? ? QLIVE Sloane, whom you'll remember for her work in 'Seven Days to Noon,' has joined the cast of 'Curtain Up' (formerly 'On Monday Next') . * ? 'WHITE Blood,' the film T T about present-day Malaya, became 'The Planter's Wife' because of criticism of the original title from the Colonial Office and sources over seas. It seems some people thought the story had something to do with racial discrimination. But white blood refers to liquid rubber as it is tapped from trees. Claudette Colbert, Jack Hawkins, and Anthony Steele are the stars. 'Macbeth' at Dulwich Orson Welles' produc tion of 'Macbeth' will open the Shakespearean film festival at the Dul wich Melba on July 7. The other pictures will be 'Hamlet,' 'Romeo and Juliet,' and 'Henry V.'' 'Citizen Kane,' pro duced, directed, and star ring Welles, will be shown next week at the Melba (on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday) and at the Glenelg Seaview (Wednes day). Alec Regan has also arranged to show 'Mon- sieur Vincent' (starring Pierre Fresnay) and Charlie Chaplin's 'Mon- sieur Verdoux' shortly. '