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After an even three quarters, East Torrens raced away from Port Adelaide in the last term to take the 1952 lacrosse premiership at Adelaide Oval No. 2 today.

Gorman's superiority in the forward line was the deciding factor. Port Adelaide, through Van Tenac. were the first to score, but at quarter time Torrens led by 3-2. On the opening of the second quarter, Martin evened for Port, but again Torrens slowly drew away,

going to 6-3. Van Tenac then brought Port into the picture again and at half-time were within a goal of the lead ers. In the third period clever back play and sound clear ing by goalie McCartney completely shut Torrens out of the picture, while

Van Tenac and Hemson put Port in front again. Torrens retrieved the situation, however, in the last quarter with better position play and scored freely to take them to a 13-9 win. Port Adelaide had better fortune in C and D grades, taking the premiership from Sturt in each case. Brighton were untroubled to win in E Grade. A GRADE East Torrens, 13; Port Ade laide, 9. Goalthrowers — East Torrens: Gorman (6), Hlggs (4), Taylor -3l. Sisson. Port Adelaide: Van Tenac (6). Mar tin (2) Hemson. Best Players — East Torrens: Gorman, Bisson, J. Hansford, Barbour, Carter. Port Adelaide: McCartney, Tur ner, Clews, Van Tenac, Martin. C GRADE Port Adelaide, 23; Stnrt. Jl Goal throwers — Port Adelaide: B. Hundertmark (8), Cogglns (7). M. Hundertmark (4). R. Pugh (3), Simes. Sturt: Cluneis-Ross (7), Kellert (31. Arthur. Bateman. Best Players — Port: Lowcock. B. Hundert mark, Cogplns, A. Pugh. Sturt: Arthur. Cluneis-Ross, Kellert. Bast. D GRADE Port Adelaide, 12; Sturt. 4. Goalthrowers — Port Adelaide: ' Cogglns (5), Pugh, Hundert mark (each 2), Bowyer, McMahon. Loeser. Sturt. Ren dell, Judd (each 2). Best Players — Port Adelaide: Cog gins. Pugh, Charles, Hundert mark, McMahon. Sturt: Ren dell, Harris, Rogers. Wakelln, Schoff. E GRADE Brighton, 23; Port Adelaide, 10. Goalthrowers — Brighton: B. Neill (6). Pethlck (6). A. Nelll (4), F. Neill -2), English. Hill. Port Adelaide: Botger (6), Charles (2), -Van Tenac, Spoggy. Best Players — Brighton: F., B.. and A. Neill, Hill, Pethick. Port Adelaide: Botger. Van Tenac, Spoggy, Charles.