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Lacrosse Final To Brighton

BRIGHTON, lacrosse minor pre -miers, defeated St. Peters by   three goals in the final at Unley Oval today after a hard struggle.

St. Peters surprised by their forward play, providing the spectators with a brilliant exhibition of lacrosse. They are in only their first season of lacrosse, and it was only lack of expe rience that lost them the final today. St. Peters were the first to attack, but the opposing backmen proved too strong, and at the other end J. Hor wood, who was playing grandly at this stage for Brighton, scored the first two goals of the match, and their score was further increased when Melbourne, picking the ball out of a scrimmage, beat the goalkeeper. The bay side scored their first goal when Wilson was freed, and passed to Gitsham, whose shot went true, and the quarter ended with the score, Brighton, 3; St. Peters, 1. Brighton combined better on the resump tion and soon scored through Wilson and Robinson to equalise the scores. St. Peter's, heartened by this success, played grand la crosse and scored with goals from Robinson and Teague to hold a two-goal lead. Edgar at this stage was playing a good game in goal for St. Peter's, but eventually R. Jen kins and Melbourne scored to make the score even. Good play by Robinson resulted in the Bay side gaining the lead again, but not for long, as J. Horwood came through from the attack. and, dodging cleverly, evened the scores. The play at this stage was particularly even, and at half-time the bell rang with the score seven goals all. LATE BRIGHTON BURST Brighton were the first to attack after the long interval, but good keeping by Edgar, who was playing a grand game kept them out. Eventually J. Horwood scored with an amaz ing angle shot to place his side in the lead. Melbourne further increased their lead with a nice goal, but St. Peter's, playing back well, scored goals through Robinson, Wilson (twice),   and the quarter ended with St. Peter's one goal in front. St. Peter's were the first to attack in the last quarter, but the opposing backmen proved too strong, and at the other end M. Jenkins came into the limelight by scoring two quick goals to place his side in the lead. Shortly after his brother Ralph, who had been playing well all day, finished with a great burst, and put the issue beyond doubt, y scoring two excellent goals. Brighton. 13; St. Peter's (Glenelg). 10. Goal throwers. — Winners — J. Horwood (5), Mel bourne, R. Jenkins (each 3). M. Jenkins (2). Losers — Wilson (4). Robinson (3). Gitsham (2), Teague. Best Players.— Winners— J. Hor wood. R. Jenkins. Thomas. Melbourne. Isaach

sen. Losers— A. Edgar. Hobbs, Wilson, J. Lamerton, Gitsham. The curtain-raiser between Sturt and Port Plrie resulted in a win to the former after an interesting match. Start, 9: Port Pirie, 5. Goalthrowers.— Winners — Thomas i4i. Ayliffe i2i. Hancock. Bronner. Stubbs. Losers— Adams i3). Goode Riddle. Best Players. — Winners — Thomas Coward. Abbott. Losers— Williams. A, Goode. Siegmann. '