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Lacrosse Four


Brighton In Lead: | North Next!

Surprises irv lacrosse matches I today, the last series in the , minor round, altered the plac- ; inns in the top four to i

Brighton (minor premiers) North Adelaide, East Torrens, and St. Peter's (Glenelg). R. Jenkins, by throwing four goal; today, retained the Australian record for goalthrnwing, which he took last Saturday from G. Lee. Lee h'ad held the record for a week. For the season Jenkin has thrown US goals, and Lee (Mix today) 114. East Torrens had an excellent win over North Adelaide, the margin being 12 goals, while St. Peters showed a re versal of their form against Sturt last week, and were easily defeated by West Torrens. Brighton and East Torrens will meet In the first semi-final next week, and North Adelaide and St. Peters will be opposed. At the Unley Oval today East Tor rena, despite the absence of R. Kidd, scored heavily against North Adelaide. Torrens showed greatly improved form, and should provide Brighton with item opposition in the semi-final. The biggest surprise was the defeat, of SI Peters (Glenelg) at the hands of West Torrens. Last week St. Peters played excellent lacrosse to score by one god from Sturt, in a low-scoring re. Today they met a team that| the whole season has been weak in the forward lines. Yet this team was able to score 14 goals against them; Sturt, with a better forward line, scored seven goals. Port Adelaide, after an even game, finished too strongly for Goodwood, and won by seven goals. McLaren was again in fine form for the winners. He scored 6 goals, and his leading out and passing were perfect In the other game Brighton easily defeated University at the University Oval. The main interest was in Jen kins's effort to maintain his lead in the goalthrowing competition. He scored four goals today, while J. Lee, who was the outstanding forward of North Ade laide against East Torrens, scored six goala, after hitting the cross bar three times fn the last quarter. Lee was unlucky not to score more goals. I R«nlU:— East Torrens, 21 roals; North Adelaide. 9. Gotlthrowers. — Winners — Symonds (91 . R. ?Graham (6). Naughton (3). Hall (2), L. Par sons. Losers— J. Lee (6). G. Lee (3), George. Best Players- — Winners — Symonds. R. Graham, M. Selth. Irving. Parsons. Losers — L. Lee. Muecke, George. Wadey. C. Fallon. West Torrens. 14; St. Peter's, Glenelr. '- Goalthrowers. — Winners — Woods (10). Talnsh. Bishop, Brand, Walker. Losers — Robinson, Gitsham. Lewis (2), F. Thompson. Best Players.— Winners— Carter. Woods. Walker, Tainsh. Winton. Losers — F. Thompson. Robin son. Barnes. W. Lamerton. Gitsham. Brighton. IT; University. 3. Goalthrowers. — Winners— R. Jenkins. Melbourne. W. Horwood (41. Francis. J. Horwood (2), Swelling. Losers — Snow. Nicholson, one knocked In. Best Players.— Winners— Melbourne. R. Jenkins. J. and W. Horwood. Losers — Menzies. Isaachsen, D. and M. Taylor. Port Adelaide. 15: Goodwood, ft. Goal throwers,.— Winners— McLaren (6). Slmes -5-, Porter. McConachy (2). Losers— Wiles ' (3), Ward (2|. Byrne. McKay, Love. Best Players.— Winners— McLaren. Osborne. Wyley. Simes. Porter. Losers — Wiles. Ward. Shawyer. Clarfc. Love. B GRADE FINAL Brighton. 5- St. Peter's. Glenelg. 3. Goal, throwers.— Brighton— Kimber (4». James. St. Peter's— Phillips. Packham, Wheeler. Best Players.— Brighton— Shelley. L, Cooper. Ar nold. Knox. K. Wade. St. Peter's— J. Edgar, Smith, McAloney. Sutherland. Phillips.

lIIIInltlllll11lmllinilllliniiIIMIUllIIHII1IIIIHHlM-HHM|ll--mi|lUllMM Mill' I ??????? The association grand final be tween Norwood and Port next Saturday will be played at the Thebarton Oval. UHiuimiiifiKHiiiiimRRHinimninmiimiHiimMmiiiiiMimmmmiimimiiiii