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East Torrens Lead Minor Round

With firmer grounds today, the stan dard of lacrosse in the senior grade showed great improvement The minor round was completed, with East Torrens premiers, followed by Brigh ton, Sturt, and North Adelaide in that order. University's surprise win over West Torrens enabled North, who were lucky to draw with Port Adelaide, to take fourth position. Port Adelaide, playing a man short throughout the match, surprised North Adelaide by their forward play, and made North fight every inch of the way. If they had had a full team they would probably have won. The scores at the final bell were 11 alL Wes't Torrens and Sturt had a vpry even first half, only two goals separat ing the teams. After the long interval the Norwood team showed greatly im proved form, and ran out easy winners by nine goals. Goodwood, although defeated' by 12 goals, showed greatly improved form, and Brighton were fully extended. The Goodwood forwards did well to score 12 goals against the strong Brighton back line. Results: — = A GRADE University. 9; West Torrens. 6. Goal throwers. — Winners-Harry (3). Barnfield, Ward ceach 2». Sule. Isaachsen. Losers— Scroop (3). Woods (2). ^gst Players ? Win- ners— M. Taylor. Nairn. Cottle. Isaachsen. Losers — Scroop. Medlin. Edge. Hewitson. . gfs* TQ™5*. 81: Start, 12. Goalthrowers. —Winners— Kldd (7). Gellert -4), Symondi (3). Parsons. Graham (each. 2). Hall, Mudie Muecke. Losers— Cook (8), Maunder -2). Stubb3. Haddad. Best Players.— Winners— Kidd. Farmer, Mudie. Graham. Gellert. Losers — R. Cook. Stephens, Giffen. Haddad. Maun der. Nfcrth Adelaide, 11; Port Adelaide. 1L Goal Uirowers.— Norther. Lee -4). G? Lee f2), Roenfeldt. Todd. George. Baulderstone. one knocked in. Fort— Simes (5). Porter -3j, Martin -2i. McLaren. Best Players.— North —Todd, McClure. Waddy. Blythe. Port— Simes, Porter. Cormier, McLaren. Brighton. 21 roaU; Goodwood. 12. Goal throwers.— Winners— W. Horwood (8). R. Jen kins (6), M. Jenkins -4). Melbourne, J Hor wood. Francis (each 2|. Losers— Wiles -4t. Wood (3). Cocks. Taylor (each 2). Love. Best Players.— Winners— w. Horwood. Swai hng. Thomas. Duffield. Losers -Miller. Wiles, Pimjott. Love. B GRADE University. 16; Sturt, 4. Goalthrowers.— Winners-JCayser (6). Krantz (4), Snow (3). Taylor. Boucaut. Kelley. Losers— Ewer -2), Thomas. AyliSe. Best Players.— Winners- Aitcnison. Laycock, Snow. Losers — Branson Barrett. -W. Thomas. St. Peter's Glende, IS; North Adelaide. 8. Goalthrowers.— Winners — Robinson (7| TeaRUe, Wilson (each 31. Thompson. Gltsham Losers—jButtrose (2). Harrow. Blythe. Ross' Best Players.— Winners— Thompson. Hobbs Lamerton. Lasers — Grose. Sherges, Bolton. Deaf Adult, 14; Port Adelaide, 11. Goal throwers. — Winners — Job (4), Eddy Rlckards teach 3i. Juncken (21. Campbell. Barnett. Losers— Haar -5|. Hendry -t). Hannan. Nock. Best Players.— Winners — Rickards. Barnett, Job. Losers — Haar, Hannan, Tit East Torrens, 15; West Torrens, 10. Goal throwers.— Winners — Schulz (8). Sheard (3) Bradford, Tiller (each 2). Losers— Cadman (6). Batchelor. Bishop (each 21. Best Players. —Winners— Milburn, Bradford, HaU. Losers — Clayton, Cadman. Batchelor Brighton, 17; Goodwood, nil Goalthrowers —Winners— Francis (4), James. Kimber. Wade (each 3). McLeod. Durrant (each 2). Best Flayers.— Winners— Wade, Cooper. James. Losers— Moflatt. Harvey. Le Cornu. _ . ? C GRADE East Torrens 18, St. Peter's (Glenelg) C. Goal throwers— Winners— Brookes (7). Naushton (4) Williams. Losers— Peckham. Wheeler (2 eacht. Dawson, Rpwett. Best Players.— Winners- Brookes Wyles. Westley. Losers— Rowett. Edgar. Marshall. Legmcy club, 14: Stnrt, 1. Goalthrowers.— Winners— Spencer (5), Harvey (3), Rolls, Curlis, Mead (2 each). Losers— B. Evans. Best Players.— Winners— Shaw. Spencer. Mead. Losers— McHugh, Deslands Potter West Torrens. 9; Goodwood.' 6. Goal throwers,— Winners— ManreL Wadey, Jones (3 each). Losers — Brown, Bagshaw. Best Players.— Winners— Johnson. Marvel, Jenkln. Losers^ — Clayton. Bagshaw, Purness. Port Adelaide, 17; University, 3. Goal throwers.— Winners — Rainsford (6), Collins (5). Boord (3), Ellis (2), WlUlman. Losers — Green (2). Macklin. Best PUyeTS.— Winners— CoUins. George. Wilcox. Losers— Lake, Heddle, Formby. Brighton, 15; S.A.R.. 8. Goalthrowers— Winners— Horwood (51. Buller. Keene (2 each). Wade (4(. Macklin, Gold. Losers— Wil- son (6), Phillips. Best. Best Players.— Winners — Keene. Buder Macklin. Losers ? Hopkins, Wilson. Veltch. JUNIOR GRADE East Torrens. 7; West Torrens, 4. Goal throwers.— Winners— Hurst (3). Felstead (2), Martin. Gaskell. Losers — Mutton (3). Parks. Best Players.— Winners— Martin, Felstead. Liller. Losers — C. Walker. Heyer, B. Parks. Brighton, 18; ,5DN, II. Goalthrowers.— Winners— T. Smith. Roberts (3 each). McKay. B. Smith (2 each), Lang, Vinall. Losers— Saunders (61. Grosser (2), Broomhead Scrym gour Murdock. Best Players.— Winners — McKay. Jenkins, Arnold. Losers — Saunders, Wittenberg, Scrymgour. SCHOOLBOYS' Norwood. 30; Stnrt, nil. Goalthrowers. — Winners— Hansford (12), Gorman (7), Butler (5). Brown (3). Wiseman (2), Charlesworth. Best Players. — Winners— Haasford, Gorman, Wiseman. Losers — Cook, Wicks. Shelley. Rose Park, 14; Goodwood, 14. Goalthrowers. —Norwood— Watson (5), M. Bradford (4), Allen (3), Matthewman (2). Goodwood— Hew- lett (9) Murrow (4). Smith. Best Players. — Norwood— Watson, Matthewman, Stowe-Smlth. Losers — Murrow. Hewlett. Jones. Brighton. 37; WoodviUe, 5. Goalthrowers. — Winners — Carmen (9), PoUItt (7), Tyeman '5). Gregory. Moss (2 each). Cloueh. Symonds. Losers — Flaherty (4), Robertson. Best Players. — Winners — Gregory, dough. Carmen. Losers — Flaherty. Le Ray, Clews.