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Brighton, Lacrosse Minor Premiers For Second Year

As a result of their 17 — 4 win against St. Peter's Glenelg at the Brighton Oval today, Brighton are minor premiers for the second year in succession. St. Peter's just beat West Torrens for second position on percentage, while East Torrens, who narrowly defeated Sturt, are fourth.

St. Peter's were first into their stride, and scored the first goal, but Brighton quickly responded, and gradually in creased their lead. At half-time the scores stood at Brighton 9, St. Peter's 3. The Brighton forwards proved too strong and experienced for their op posing backmen, and with brilliant combination, forged farther ahead. Swalling. Weeden. and Vinall carried too many guns for the St. Peter's for wards. Wilson, Teague. and Robinson, and although they battled hard, they could manage only one goal after the long interval, the final scores being Brighton 17. St. Peter's 4. Brighton are the outstanding team in the competition, and are strong favor ites to win their third successive pre miership. In a game of fluctuating fortunes. East Torrens defeated Sturt by one goal. Strong back play marked the first half in which only five goals were scored — Torrens 3. Sturt 2. Better forward play \\-a.s seen after the long interval, each .side scoring goals more frequently, the lead chang ing from one side to another. Half way through the last quarter Sturt secured a two-goai lead, and seemed to have the match won, but Torrens evened, and a goal just before the bell gave them the match, 9 to 8. In the other match at the Woodville Oval, West Torrens, striving to improve their goal average, played all over the Port Adelaide side, and won by the large margin of 22 goals. Their meet ing with Brighton in one of the semi finals next week will be an attraction. A GRADE East Torrens. 9: Stnrl. K. Goalthrouers — LVinners: Symonds 181. Parsons. Losers: Had iad (6i. Love. Thomas. Best Plavers— Winners: M Selth. symonds. Muecke. Mudie. L. Graham. Losers: Ridings. Haddad. C. Harris. Abbott. Taylor. West Torrens. 25; Port Adelaide, S. Goal throwers — Winners: Walker 181. Hounslow. Bishop. Woods (Si. Carter. Scroop. Losers: McPherson i3i. Best Players — Winners: Walker. Carter Hounslow. Goring. Losers: McPherson, Green. McLaren. Saunders. Brighton. IT: St. Peter's, Glenelc-. 4. Goal ihrowers — Winners: Horwood (7i. Francis. Jenkins. Kimber -3i. Melbourne. Losers: Glt tham (2 1. Wilson. Teague. Best Players — Winners: G. Francis. Shelley. Horwood. Doooer. Losers: Barnes, Hobbs, Teasue. jitsham. B GRADE. RED SECTION Brighton. 12; East Torrens, 4. Goal throwers — Winners: Durant i4i. R. Wade -3i. Siren. Horwood -2t. Arnold. Losers: Butler ^ ?

-2j. Schulz. Hnnsiord Best Players — Winners: Durant. Owen. Vial. Losers: Butler. B. : White. Wright. I West Torrens. 19; Deaf Adult, 5. Goal-' throwers— Winners: Tainsh i7i. Park 161. Cadman -4i. Batchelor -2i. Losers: Job -2i. Eddy. Grant. Junckrn. Best Players — Winners: Walker. Batchelor. R. Park. Losers: Rickards, Vic Thomas. Job. - Goodwood. 4: St. Peter's. -i!enel|t. 3. Goal thtoueis- Winners: Manning. Harris. Pvrne. Wood. Losers: Connelly. Westwood, Phillip... I BpM, Players- Winners: Miller. Clarke. Harris. I I.c-sers: Phillies Kindermann. Packham. I B GRADE BLUE SECTION ; N.irth Adelaide. 21); Sturt. 12. Goal-' thro\ 'ers— Winners: Fallon illt. Williams i4i. May -2i. Sheard. Losers: B. Rid uitr- iS'. Cowper i3i. Thomas -3r. P. Rid ings. Best Players— Winners: Rimmer. McEwln. filler. Losers: B. Ridintrs. Thomas. Cowccr. Fort Adelaide. II; S.A. Railways. 7- Goal throwers— Winners: McConnachy (5J. Water raann. Bower i2i. Skinner. Nock. Losers: Strapps i3i. Best -2i. Grant, Scriven. Best Players — Winners: P. McConnachy, Water man. Skinnrr. Losers: Hackett. Strapps. Doyle. Legacy Club. 21: University. 3. Gonl ihrott-ers- Winners: R. Hill '8i. Wiseman i8-.| Dfveie'.l '2'. Sprncer i2i. Harvey. Mead.; Losers: Kran'z -2-. Buick. Brst PJavrrs — I Winners. Wiseman. Devrrpll. Cummine. | Losers: Krani/. Lavcock. Hall. j C GRADE I Port Adelaide, 21 : Legacy Club, 4. Goal- : throwers -Winners: Collins HO). Williamson! ? 5 1. McGregor, Harvey 'each 3). Losers: Edwards. Bagshaw leacli 2i. Best Players Winners: Harvey. Collins. Cam. Losers: MrPhce. Edwards, Williamson. St. Peter's (Glenelg), 12; Sturt, 4. Goal throwers — Winners: Oilier (41. Kindermann. Mantell leach 3i. Williams. Hlscock. Losers: Thomas -2i, Curnov, Nesbit. Best Players — Winners: T. Ward. Richardson. Hiscock. J Losers: Curnow. Wadey, Palmer. i D GRADE | Slurt. YA; East Torrens, 9. Goallhrowers— Winners: G. Herbert «5 ' . M:nnis. Tardrew. M. i Herbert. Levick ifach 3'. Lewis i2i. Miller. ? P. Herbert. Harris. Knocked m I. Losers: i Nolan 14'. Pain -2i. Barbour Knocked In 2. j Best Players — Winners: Harris. Daniel. Levick. j Losers: Haire. Nolan. Pain. I West Torrens. i:i: Legacy Club. 2. Goal Ihrosers-- Winners: Johnson -9t. McHugh -4-. Blackmore i3i. Tremellan. Harvey teach 2i. Richmond. Hewltson. Park. Losers: Woods. Matthew man. Best Players — Winners: Pll phent. McHugh. Hari-ey. Losers: Lapthorne. Watts. Matthcwman. SCHOOLBOYS' GRADE Senior Grade Final Brighton, 12: Lnley Hiich. R. Goalthrowers — Winners: Edwards (5), Carmen i3l. Haydon i2i. Via!. Coulras. Losers: Minnis. Neale ieach 2i. Herbert. Shelley. Selth. Smith. Best Players— Winners : Bennett. Milton. Scar borough. Haydon. Losers: Cornish. Lewis. I McBean. Final Primary Grade Woodrille, 9; Westbourne Park, 6.