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E. Torrens Lead In Lacrosse

Surprise of today's lacrosse — the last series of the minor round — was Start's win over Briahton.

This means that East Torrens are minor premiers, having lost only two games. Brighton have lost three. University as a result of their nar row win against -Glenelg at the .Varsity Oval gained fourth position. The .final four are: — East Torrens, Brighton. Sturt. and University In that order. The semi-finals will be played on September 13. At the Brighton Oval Sturt. after being level at the first changeover, won an exciting game by one goal. Ely. the Sturt goalkeeper, was the best man on the ground, and must be considered unlucky not to have gained a place 1b the carnival side. TJaiversitv gained a *our-to-on.« tead over 'Glenelg by the long interval, and. although Glenelg outscored the opposi tion In the last two quarters, several badly missed chances resulted In their being one down at the final bell. Ward, the Varsity defender, was the best man on the ground. Results:— A GRADE University. 5; Gleoelr, 4. Goal throw ers — University: Harbison (3). Abbott, and Kenlhan. Glenelg: Offler (3), Glt sham. and Thompson. Best Players — Uni- versity: Ward. Munday. Kenlhan, Kmn nick. Hann. Glenelg: Hobbs. W. Lamer ton, OSler, Gitsham. Duffleld. Port Adelaide. IS; Legacy, «. Goal throwers — Port Adelaide: Vantenac (6), Coggins. Forest (each 2). Parr. William son, and knocked In. Legacy: Cocks -2), Laptborne. Hocks, and Wood. Best Players — Port Adelaide: Vantenac, Parr. Coggins. Woods, McConnachy. Legacy: McPhee. Mild*. James. Cocks, P. Wood. North Adelaide, 8: West Torrens. 6. Goalthrowers — North Adelaide: Freeman, Cook (each 2). Sheard. Nesbitt. McClure, and Gandy. West Torrens: No'ttage -3-, Martin (2t. and Owens. Best Players — North Adelaide: May. McClure, Nesbitt, Alexander. Cook. West Torrens: Wright, Nottage, Kelley, Hewitson. Start, 7; Brighton. 6. Goalthrowers — Sturt: Shelley (3). Keen. Wiles, Church, and Edwards. Brighton: Ed wards (4). Haydon, and Francis. Best Players— Sturt: By. Stephens, Shelley, Cook. Taylor. Brighton: Hamilton, Swalling, Melbourne, Francis, '?'*? B GBADE Sturt, 18; Legacy, 3. East Torrens. 21; Brighton. 1. Port Adelaide, 20; Glenelg, 8. C GRADE Semf-0oals East Torrens, 8; Port Adelaide. 2. Goalthrowers— East Torrens: Donaldson (4), Bailey, F. Richards, Crane. Rogers. Port Adelaide: Myhlll, Forest. Best Players — East Torrens: Bailey. Crane, Donaldson, Rogers. Port* Adelaide: Sharpe, Meaker, Lowcock, Knowles. North-Start Colts, IS; University. 9. Goalthrowers — North-Sturt Colts: Nes bitt, Sladdin (each 4), Mulllns -3). Cocks (2). University: Nobbs, Harbison. McHugb. Whlsson (each 2), Bulbeck. Best Players— North-Sturt Colts: Bul beck. Joralafsky, Mullins. University: McXntosh, Harbison. Krana.