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K.Torrens Top In Lacrosse

East Torrens, after trailing early in the lacrosse same against Brighton at Kensington Oval te Hav rainoil ih* 1«*H after M.

brilliant second quarter, and went on to win the 1947 premier ship. By winning, East Torrens have equalled the record of North Ade laide established in 1928, when they won all the premierships in the re spective grades. The game started at a fast rate, and superior defence play marked the first part of the quarter. Even tually Edwards scored, followed closely by a goal from Gooley, which gave Brighton a 2 — 0 lead at the first change over. The East Torrens forwards un proved in the second quarter. Symonds scored two goals to equalise, followed by two from Matthewman. Behrndt scored just on the bell, after Edwards had passed to Haydon, and at the long interval it was East Torrens 5, Brighton 3. In the third quarter Behrndt scored again to increase Torrens* lead, and when Symonds also goaled East Torrens had the game won. Their lead was further increased when Matthewman scored a brilliant goaL Forced on his knees and surrounded by Brighton backmen he still found the goal. Half-way through the last quarter Haydon scored for Brighton, but it was a dying effort, and Torrens won a game of bish standard by four goals. Brighton1 were unlucky to lose Fran cis in the second quarter. .but East Tor rens deserved to win. J. Hansford. in goal, was* their outstanding player, fol lowed closely by Matthewman. For the losers Swelling and Vial battled bard in defence all day. A GRADE FINAL East Torrens, 8; Brighton. 4. Goal throwers — East Torrens: Matthewman. Symonds (each 3). Behrndt (2 -. Brighton: Haydon (2), Edwards, Gooley. Best Players— East Torrens: Matthewman. F. Hansford, J. Hansford. Symonds. Far sons. Brighton: Swalling. Melbourne. Gregory, Vial. Wade. SCHOOLBOYS' FINAL Start, 7; Brighton, 4. Goalthrowers — Sturt: Bell, Brook (each 2), Bateman. Clisby, Calaby. Brighton: Melbourne W. Moyle, Cox. Best Players — Sturt: Holt, Bateman, Bell, Verrum, Clisby. Brighton: Assbeton, Paterson, Elson, Harris. Cox.