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BRISBANE.— A Labor Government was returned to power today for the sixth successive time, but its majority has been reduced by two.

Biggest shock to the Government was the defeat of the Deputy Leader and Minister for Transport (Mr. E. J. Walsh).

rpHREE country seats were lost by Labor, Dalby, Warwick, and East Toowoomba, but the party re gained two seats, Cairns and Maree from an Independent and a Queensland People's Party can didate, respectively. Comparison between the old and likely new House is: — Old House New House Labor ... 38 36 Country Party ..11 14 Queensland People's Party .-. 8 8 Independent 4 3 Communist 1 1 The storm centre of the election, Brisbane, will go to the sitting Labor member, Mr. J. H. Mann, by an absolute majority.

The Premier (Mr. Hanlon) had a comfortable lead of 1,621 over his Q.P.P. opponent late tonight. Both the Q.P.P. leader (Mr. Pie) and the C.P. leader (Mr. Nicklin) had easy wins. One of Labor's youngest mem bers (Mr. L. A. Wood) lost East Toowoomba to Mr. G. W. Chalk (Q.P£-.). The sitting Labor member for Kennedy (Mr.«G. G. Jesson) is hav ing a Hard fight. His narrow majority late in the counting was attributed to the presence of a Communist candidate, who polled surprisingly well. The return of Mr. J. F. ('Bomb- shell') Barnes for Bundaberg is assured. He was 652 ahead of the Dfficial Labor candidate when :ounting closed. His brother, Mr. L. J. Barnes, a King O'Malley candidate, was de feated in Cairns.

Govt, Comment

]\f R. Hanlon said tonight it ap ?*?'?*- peared the Government would lose two seats. 'I think the record of 15 years continuously in power is a re markable tribute to the work the Government has done and the con fidence of the people in it,' said Mr. Hanlon. 'The attack on the Labor Party this time was vicious and the way Labor has survived it is something to be proud of.' The Leader of the Queensland People's Party (Mr. Pie) said: 'We promised them the fight of their lives. We not only gave them that fight, Jbut also the fright of their lives.' Sensation Ol the day was the dis tribution in the Nambour area of a pamphlet bearing the imprint 'Moscow Press,' addressed 'To Queensland electors.' It said:—

'The social crisis is near. We are gaining control. Our influence is everywhere — we never sleep. What you should do on May 3 is vote Communist. Where there are three or more candidates elect the man friendly to the Communist policy, irrespective of party. Oust capitalists from power and vote for Communist control.' All candidates denied they had anything to do with the issue of the pamphlet, and officials, of the Nambour branch of the Communist Party said it had not been issued by them.