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Brighton Now Minor Premiers

As a result of their big win against Legacy today, Brighton gained the lacrosse minor premiership

over East Torrens, and will have two chances for the premiership. Brighton forwards, showing ex cellent combined form, proved too strong for Legacy's backs. East Torrens and West Torrens had sn eyen same up to half-time, but the Norwood side sained a matchwlnmns li-p.d of five eoals in the third ouarter. nnd ran out winners by six goals. Port Adelaide, contrary to expectations, defeated University at. the Woodville Glenele defeated North Adelaide at '?Visley Reserve, but win find East Tor rens a harder proposition in the semi final next week. Brighton will meet Sturt in Ihe other 'imi-final. On present form East. Tor rens and BriRht/on should meet in the nnal. Results:— A GRADE East Torrens. 12; West Torrens. 6. Ooaithrowers — East Torrens: Symonds ?61 Nolan. Matthewman teach 2i. Bul l«*r. Gorman. West Torrens: Bishop -3-. Nottaee -2i. Scroop. Best Players— East Torrens: Blackmore. Fauser. Bishop. Walker. Bertram. West Torrens: Po: ?lase. J. Hanstord, Harbour. Gorman. Miller. * Olrnelr. 10: North Adelaide. 5. Goal ihrowers— GleneJs: Robinson i7i. Lamer. t«n. Barnes. Chatterton. North Adelaide: Sheard. Freeman -each 2i. and Gandy. Best Players— Glenele: W. Lamerton. McAloney. Robinson. Hobbs. Thompson. N'erth Adelaide: Tayior. Gandj'. May, SheneK Gebhardt. Port Adelaide. »: I'ulversit - . *. Goal Uirowers Poll Adelaide: Forest -3t. Wil liamson. Jordan teach 2i. Coggins. Wal lace. University: Kenihan. Wallraan .each St. Selth. Abbott. Hallclt. Best Players Port Adelaide: Green. Forest. William s-oil. Parr Jordan. University: Kirkman. Kenihan Sellh. Ward. Kumnick. Brighton. 2(1: Leeacy. 1. Goallhrowers — Brighton: Edwards -lOt. Kimber (4.. Haydon. Horwood «each 3i. Leeacy.'i Woods. Best Players — Brighton: Hay-, don Kimber. Roennfeldt. Vial. Edward*. Legacy: James. Pfeiffer. Curlis. Bromi low. Greenhalgh. B GRADE SEMI-FINALS Briehton. i«: East Torrens. 3. Goal throwers — Brighton: Small 141. Jenkins. James leach 2i. Moss. Wade. East Tor rens: Vickery. Behrndt. Scrimgeour. Best Players— Brishton: Small. Moss. Laundy, Wade. East Torrens: Milburn. Scrim geour. Vickery. Clarke. Adult Dear. M: Port Adelaide. 4. Goal throwers— Adult Deaf: Eddy (4i. Job -3i. Bridtre -2t. Port Adelaide: Tainsh «2i. Kock Williams. Best Players— Adult Dear: Eickards. Bridge. Job. Cresdee. Port Ade laide; McConnachy. Hemson. Darraeh C GRADE Semi-final East Torrens. H: Glenels. 6. Goal throwers— East Torrens: HiRgs -4i. Sis son i2t. Richards. Behrndt. GienelR: Wilson i3i. Kinderman. Hill. ORilvit Best Player.* — East Torrens: Crane. Hius-i. Richards. Otto. Glenelg: Wilson. Hill, and Kinderman. Legacy defeated Nort.h Adelaide.