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Hope tops list for popularity

T 0ND0N, Saturday.— Bob Hope was the U most popular film actor in Britain, in 1950, closely followed b- Trevor Howard. Esther Williams topped the actresses' list.

This is revealed in a survey by 'Kinematograph Weekly,' the film trade's leading jour nal. The survey shows Britain's biggest box-office success of 1950 was 'The Blue Lamp.' Runner-up was 'The Happj*st Days of Your Life,' and next came 'Annie Get Your Gun,' the only Hollywood production in the first six. After that were 'The Wooden Horse,' 'Treasure Island.' and 'Odette.' Britain's 'most promising screen newcomer' is Edward Underdown, 40, according to the survey. Underdown was a Welsh Guards officer in 'They Were Not Divided.' Until he made this picture Underdown, a dark-haired, 6 ft. 2 in. bachelor, was known chiefly in England as a leading amateur jockey, Eton-educated, he first went on the stage in 1931, when he appeared in Noel Coward's 'Words and Music.' He had a number of small parts in films before the war, but remained unnoticed. Since 'They Were Not Di vided' he has made two more starring pictures — 'Woman With No Name' and 'Man De tained.' v 'Kinematograpb Weekly' also names Yolande Donlan. whose films released in 1950 were 'The Body Said 'No' ' and 'Miss Pilgrim's Progress,' as the most promising actress of the year. Miss Donlan is Holly wood born, but had no success there. ? * * PICHARD Todd is sought for the title role in the film adaptation of Clemcnce Dane's 'Will Shakespeare.' Dame Edith Evans will play Queen Elizabeth. The movie wilt be produced in Technicolor by Anatole de Grun wald.

f\NE of the most maddening ^ (to people living in. Bri tain) pictures made in this country has. just been com pleted: by the Board of Trade at a. cost of more than 23,000. It is 'Welcome to Our Table,' a propaganda short, mads spe cially to attract tourisits to Bri tain and to boost the luxury export trade. It siwjws great sides of beet roasting en spits, stacks of Striiien. cheeses ripening in port, and endless, luscious steaks. The film does not mention the rationing system, by which residents get only two slender chops each a week. The official view is that rich Americans should be told there u- as much to eat in Britain as in Paris or Switzerland. 'After all, we all know you can eat what you like in Eng land if you can afford to pay,' said a spoilsman. Salary for Danny to be record Hollywood, Friday. — Danny Kayc will receive the biggest salary ever paid a performer for an extended theatre engagement when he goes to the London Paladlum for eight weeks at Festival of Britain time next May. He has just signed a contract for $20,000 (£A8,9^) a week. ? * ? ANN Blyth, a singer with the ^ San Carlos Opera Company before she went into films and became a dramatic actress, will sing a song specially written for her in 'The Great Caruso.' in which she co-stars with Mario Lanza.

STERLING Hayden, one-time ^ sailor who won high praise for his work in 'The Asphalt Jungle,' has signed a long term contract with Paramount. ? * * ?pONY Dexter, who plays *? Rudolph Valentino in the film biography of the great lover, is getting a complex. He doesn't know whether to begin looking: like himself, now he's been signed to make another picture, or whether to go on looking and acting like Valen tino. It's all a matter of shaving off his sideburns, doffing the hair grease, and growing his moustache again. ? * * ^OT to be outdone by the father-and-son musical com bination of Bing and Gary Crosby, Mary Martin has begun making records with her son, Larry, who is 19. ? ? * rFHE most peculiar technical *? problem Hollywood has seen in years faced the crew of 'Don Renegade.' Director Hugo Fregonese is keen on authen ticity, so the story, which is set near Los Angeles in 1824, was filmed near ancient San Fer nando Mission To play its part in the pic ture, the old mission had to undergo a complete Hollywood make-up treatment Painters went to work rilling up cracks and painting over marks which were put there by more than 100 years of facing the ele ments. Fregonese explained, ''Our story takes place just after the mission was completed. It had to look new for our Techni color cameras. 'However, the fathers of the mission didn't disapprove. They have been assured that as soon as the scene are filmed, the same crew of painters will go back to work removing every ounce of paint and putty used in the temporary restoration.'

EDDIE ALBERT, who has a top role in 'Sister Carrie' (starring Sir Laurence Olivier), with his actress wife. Margo.

EDDIE ALBERT, who has a top role in 'Sister Carrie' (starring Sir Laurence Olivier), with his actress wife. Margo.