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Lacrosse Final To E. Torrens

In a high-class game East Torrens narrowly defeated Brighton for the 1941 i lacrosse premiership, after extra time] had been called.

The game which was full of inci dents, was the most exciting final con tested for many years. In the B Grade final, Sturt defeated Port Adelaide. Both games were con tested at the University Oval. In the senior game Torrens were the flr.-.i to attack, and scored two quick goals through Butler and Graham. Brighton, ho-vrever, soon replied. Edwards scored, and Jenkins, dodging several players, evened Ihe scores. Torrens attacked again, and Symonds. Hans ford, and Gorman scored. Just before time Brighton added a goal. Quarter scores:— Torrens. 6: Brighton 4. The game was being played at a fast rate, and there were many vigorous exchanges. Brighton eventually broke through with goals from Horwood -2- and Jenkins. Torrens, however, were not to be denied, and held a Real lead at half-time. Torrens were first into their stride in the third quarter, and Gorman increased their lead. The Brip-hton team attacked strongly and scored when Jenkins, dodging bis man. passed the ball to Small, who beat the Tor rens keeper. The Norwood side attacked for the majority of the remainder of the quarter, and led by two goals at the last changeover. INTENSE EXCITEMENT Brighton appeared to be finishing better than their opponents, and when they scored twice and evened the scores, excitement was intense. Each side attacked for 10 minutes, and Brighton gained the lead for the first time, when G. Francis scored with a back hand shot. Torrens appeared at this stage to be a beaten team, but Just before time Gorman, receiving a. pass, beat the Brighton keeper with an excellent shot. Just afterwards '.he bell rang, and the umpire, under the associa tion rules, ordered the sides to play on for 15 minutes, or until a side scored a goal. Brighton were the first to attack, but the Torrens defenders quickly cleared, and it was Torrens' turn to attack Graham received a pass at the back of the goal and ran round. Ee found the goal undefended, and, taking his time, scored, to give Torrens the 1941 premiership. In an even game Start finished better than Port Adelaide and gained the honors in the B Grade section. The scores were even half way through the last quarter, but Sturt, showing better stamina, gained the verdict by two goals. Scores: — A GBADE East Twreni, 12; Brighton. 11. Goal tbrowers — Winners: Symonds. Gorman (each 3i, Graham. Bansford (St. Butler. Nolan. Losers: Jenkins, Horwood (3), Edwards (21, Wade. Small. G. Francis. Best Players winners: Graham. Gorman, F. and J. Hans ford, Butler. Symonds, Muecke. Losers: Jen kins, Vial, H. Francis. Horwood. Vinall. B GBADE Start, 10; Port Adelaide, 8. Goalthrowers— Winners: Shelley, Haddad. Wiekc. Wiles -2i. Levick. KoHoway. Losers: Gow, Skinner. Waterman (2), Wallace, Buder. SCHOOLBOYS' SEMI-FINALS Brighton, 27; Croydon. 2. Unity High, 34; Coodwvod, nil. PRIMAHT SCHOOL FINAL Westbeorne Park, 13; Woodville. 5. Goal throwers — Westbourne Park: Buscome (41 Reese »3)» McGregor, Hackett, Severin (each J». Woodville: Williams, Lynche reach 2) Savage. Best Players — Westbourne Park: Hackett, McGregor, Reese. Hoffia. Woodville: Williams. White. BMock.