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Cool Spelt Brings Furs Out at Races

There was a hint oj autumn in the air today, and many women who attended the races held at Victoria Park this afternoon, took advantage of the coolness and the cloudy skies and brought their furs out for an airing.

T^HE fashions were, on the whole, x very varied, ranging from tailored suits to summer ensembles, from an gora frocks to summery sheers, while hats were, of course, of every variety, from wide-brimmed straws to smart little felt models. There was na official lnncheon, bnt at 'afternoon tea time Mrs. A. C. Cntten en tertained a number of meets in the com mittee room. She was wearing a smart navy blue en semble of heavy silk, with a touch of color Introduced by the bright little posy of yellow flowers which she pinned in her lapel. The brim of her navy straw hat was edged with a narrow band of yellow to match. Chatting with her In the committee box daring the afternoon was Mrs. Leslie Cowan, who wore a navy coat over her navy and white spotted silk frock; her hat was navy. A brown ensemble was chosen by Mrs. C. L. Moorhouse, while Mrs. J. H. Morish slipped a brown fur coat over her trim black suit, and wore with it . a cblc . little black toque. A navy red and white checked suit was worn by Mrs. Albyne Rankine with a navy blue felt sports hat. while Mrs. Monty Jackman chose a grey tailor-made with which -she wore a minute pancake of navy felt. Gaily Printed Silk Very smart was Miss Millie Leitch, wno donned a bolero of dyed ermine with a gaily printed silk frock and a shady hat of sapphire blue straw, while Miss Marlon McLeish was another who caught the eye, wearing an unusual combination of dark brown and blue linen — her skirt was brown, and was allied with a waistcoat and Jacket of blue material buttoned with brown but tons. A brown sports hat banded with blue ribbon completed the effect. Chatting with her on the lawns was Miss Madeline Sprod, who only this morn ing announced her engagement to Mr. John Willoughby, of Kuala Lumpur, Malay States. She was looking very charming In a black frock contrasted with long, pale pink gloves, and a saucy little black hat with clusters of nale pink flowers trimming the front of it. Across one shoulder she wore a silver fox fur. A suit of coarse sky blue linen was chosen by Mrs. B. Sandford to wear with a white blouse and a little navy blue sailor, while Mrs. Reginald Bicfcford chose a black and white printed silk ensemble and a black veiled hat. ' . Miss Rosamund Bickford accompanied her mother, wearing a port-brown and white patterned sheer ensemble and a small match ing sailor. Miss Janet Stoddart and Miss Patricia Fowler made up an attractive pair on the lawns — the former in a short-sleeved suit of a crushed strawberry shade, dotted all over in white and worn with a white hat banded with the spotted material, and the latter in a horizontally tucked black frock finished with a tiny collar of pale blue beads, and an upswept black hat finished with a blue bow beneath the brim. Light Suit of Navy Miss Muriel Hall chose a lightweight iult of navy blue material checked In white, and a

navy hat. while Miss Owen Hall also chose navy. Her dress was ol navr and white spotted cheer, and was worn with a plain navy coat and a navy Hat furbished with white ribbon. Mrs. W. P. A. Lapthorne was in biack. with white lapels adding a striking finish to her matching bolero; her little black hat was trimmed with clusters of white flowers. 3er daughter. Miss Lois Lapthorne, also looked very smart in black. Mr«. Bill Morish wore a pale blue angora coat over a grey silk frock, and donned a pale blue halo hat to match, while Mrs. Bill Swan (formerly Sheila Toung). who arrived in Adelaide this week to spend a holiday with her family, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Toung. of MagUl, wore a silver fox fur across the shoul der of her grey coat, and completed the effect with a black velvet tam.