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Association And Hardcourt Titles

The secretary of the South Austra lian Lawn Tennis Association (Mr. J. S. Angus) said today that the attention of the council had been drawn to para

graphs stating that the South Austra lian Hardcourt League was conducting junior State championships at Easter. In order that there should be no mis understanding on the matter, his asso ciation wished clearly to state that the South Australian Hardcourt League has no authority to conduct official junior tennis championships, said Mr. Angus. The Lawn Tennis Association of Australia — the governing body of lawn tennis in Australia — resolved some time ago- to discontinue the holding of national and State championships dur ing the war period, and the South Aus tralian association, which is a member of the Australian association has ac cordingly ruled out all title events (with the exception of schoolboy, schoolgirl, and age championships) from its programmes. The South Australian Hardcourt League has no connection with the South Australian Tennis Association. Although it can conduct a tournament if it so desires, it is not competent for it to hold an official State competi tion. Members of metropolitan clubs and associations affiliate^ with the South Australian Lawn Tennis Association are not permitted to compete in tourna ments which have not been sanctioned by rt Hardcourt League's Reply Officials of the South Australian Hardcourt Tennis League, when shown Mr. Angus' statement, made the fol lowing comment: — The statement lc inlsleadlng. Actually, the league will conduct the 'S-A. Hardcourt Ten nis League junior hardcourt championships,' which is the title appearing on the official entry forms. As this league fixture is open to all Junior players, irrespective of whether they come under the dictatorial bar of the 8.AX.T.A. or not, the league feels that its hjfrdcourt titles win carry at least as much prestige as the 1940 grass-court age championships con ducted by the S.A.T.TJU In which, inciden tally, the league encouraged Its juniors to compete. Like the South Australian Lawn Tennis As sociation, the South Australian Hardcourt Tennis League has followed the wishes of the Lawn Tennis Association ot Australia, and re stricted the Easter event to players under 19 years of age, feeling sure that this will in no degree Interfere with the national war effort, but will rather encourage national fit ness among the young people. As the league consists of 13 metropolitan hardcourt tennis associations (including five of the seven largest), compared with the four hardcourt associations, which are affiliated with the South Australian Lawn Tennis As sociation, the league Is not over-concerned with the South Australian Lawn Tennis As sociation's efforts to prejudice the tournament and thus restrict the game it purports to foster. It Is pointed out that the committee con trolling the tournament has already decided that all profits derived from the fixture shall be devoted to the coaching of Juniors.