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No Faith In Tyre Invention

John Boyd Dunlop, inventor of the pneumatic tyre, had little faith in the commercial future of his invention*

This extraordinary fact is revealed by Sir Arthur du Cros in his book, 'Wheels Of Fortune,' which has just been published. 'I do not think my pneumatic . tyre will ever be a commercial success,' he wrote to Harvey du Cros, managing director of the original Dunlop Co. 'But I am at work on something that will be— a spring frame bicycle.' In attempting to produce a spring frame bicycle, Dunlop anticipated modern motor cycle practice by nearly 40 years. . HALF-FORTUNE LOST Sir Arthur du Cros shows that the popular rumor that Dunlop made little profit out of the pneumatic tyre is not true. , ? ' In the original Pneumatic Tyre Co., formed to exploit his inven tion, Dunlop received 3;060 shares, representing 20 per cent of the capital, and £500 in cash. Rather more than six years later the, company was sold fot=ia£3,000,000 cash, a condition of sale beiB&ifflat4friginal shareholders should have the prior right of acquiring shires in -the new company. , - .;; Had Dunlop retained his original 3,000 shares, he would have- received £300,000, But Dunlop had already disposed of half of these. Still he acknowledged that he benefited to the extent of Over £100,000. Before leaving on a motor tour, be sure the car carries, its full complement Of tools.