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Lacrosse title to East Torrens .


Tk# A Qf4* ttrmw mfm\*nhip w*« mm totoy by f«tt Torr«*f. Tlwy 4tt««v«f P«ff A4«f«M« 10*5 to «ft MclHfif NMrtHt** «f K«*«ifif - »m Ort(.

Th# f,'offifnrMvw«mtr,h Jubt

W* Ttftphf im t.m wmt «iw» fstrmf. pl«7*n- wm pr*« *rnf**i f.o D Onrnun by Mr .Uit*icp AWwtf. pr#^l d#T»f. of f,h* I-arTm**? A««o dAtlon. r«rt ArfefeMe won tti# II -«r»4* premkrr thlo. Raft Tmtcim w«n tfe* C -*ra4fe :fial, and Brighton the 1) Challenge final* will be played in C and D Grader In the nenior match, Port were tint away and Van Tenac opened the scoring. Taylor equalised for Tor rerw. Play doted up Then the play was closed up by the crowded goal frontfi. Each team goaled again before quarter time, giving a score of two each. The second quarter gave Port a definite edge over Ton-ens. Their bustling forwards forced their oppo nents into flurried play. Van Tenac again scored,

&rid Huwm e-|iJA!M«d. Th*n Otm, with a trm, and Ismcftck, with * fin* antf* that, put Port ftwaf in it two '% rm\ J*Ad at half flrrw. F«d forwards In the third quarter Gor man repeatedly fed the Torrens forward* with Acoring pa****. They made few mistakes and despite excellent sav ing by Pert goalie McCart ney, Torrens had a 7-6 advantage by three-quarter time. Play slowed down in the last quarter as the teams tired, stfnd Port dropped out of the picture. Three more goals to Tor rens put the issue beyond doubt and they won the premiership for the second year in succession. A GRADE East Ton-ens, 10; Port Ade laide, 5. Goalthrowers — East Torrens: Gorman (3). Vlckery. Taylor, Slsson (each 2). Mat thewman. Port Adelaide: Van Tenac (3). Lowcock, Oow. Best Flayers — East Torrens: Gorman,

Curler, ffttgt»*0. him™, Bar hrmt Pntt A4*\ti-t* Urfuft. ««f, MT'oonachv. K FwiMf. wLTnw', P*rr n nunttr Port A*#ttf«#, IS; flffftil**, «. ooalfhrowrft Pnrt A-J*l»ld» Wllil*fn«on ttj, Cefiriftft »Ji. H«rwl»»rtm»rfc. ttnttntm inch a», Mfff*. nnghun: Nrill (3i, McCoy, Bureau, carman. B*it n«jvr#—P-»ft A-f«l*lo#: Coffin*, MmM, Hfffla^n. Wltllamwjfi Brighton: Belwrrlthi. Jordan. Harrl*, Barralt. C GRAftK Rail Torrtn*. M; p«rf *-?? Ial4t, a, Ooalthroweri — Bant Torrent: K. Jonm (7i, Larner (6i, ft. Jonrs. McDonald (each 3i, Porrmtfr. Port Adelaide: R. Pugli rfi). Ltne* (3). B«*t Players — East Torrens: Knox, Larner, Porrmu-r, Otto. K. Jones. Port Adelaide: R. Pugh, A.. Pafh, Hnnderttnark, Inge, Lines. D ORADE Brighton 11, Port Adelaide 1