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Carson and Pidgeon pair for eighth time

HOLLYWOOD, Fri.: Oreer Gamon and Walter PidKeon team for the eighth time in 'My Mother and Mr. McOhenney.' It'» the story of a couple who adopt an orphanage child.

f F.ANNE Grain han been *' taught to ariva « J»J7 Pi«fcp-Arrow tourer for her rol# In 'Bfll« on Their To««.' With * riffht-hMid drive »nd revcrte tran» mlMlon the (mya it's like learning to drive all over again. # ? itrtTHOUT tommrnti rf Marilyn Monroe hat receirtd a Utter from 20 marina in Korea voting her 'The girl we would mott like to wrap our arm-blue round.' PHARLES Boyer will star v- in the Stanley Kramer production of 'The Happv Time,' which on stage is Slaying ltd second year in Tew York. ? * ACTOR John Raven is **? one Hollywood bachelor who doesn't try to make an impression on girls by taking them to nightclubs. He says he can save money by cooking their meals himself. 'I've saved enough on my home-cooked meals to make a deposit on a home in the Hollywood hills,' he says. 'The only dis advantage is that I have to wash the dishes.' * ? PRODUCTION of 'Quo x Vadis,' which youll be seeing in Australia next year, is said to have cost £A4 million. Huge sets were built in Rome for the

enactment of tlw drnm«. *nrf cvwyfhlntf w*« done on ? lavish ncalf. About 65,000 ItAliiinff. of nil «f«, were employed an extroA, and 14,000 co* turnm had to be provided. From clrcute* all over Europe 61 lions were rounded up, seven fighting bulls enme from Portugal, and 20 white hor^s from Denmark. * It THE flooding of New York City, the end of the wttitf, and » tftke'Off by a roeketehlp to another planet with 46 »urvivo» are feataret of 'When Worlds Collide.' It's produced by George P*l« who made 'Destination Moon.' Tech nical adviser for the pic ture was Chesley Bonestell, who was associated with Pal in the earlier science film. * * EDUARDO Cansino, Jan., brother of Rita Hay worth, has a featured role In 'Purple Heart Diary' as a wounded soldier. Frances Langford Is the star. * * ELIZABETH Taylor plans to step into the business world as a shop owner ' at Palm Springs. California. She may start a teen-age dress shop in partner ship with Jane Powell.

TfETERAN Finlay Currie, V who has been in Bos ton for a part in 'Walk East on Beacon,' says he has travelled 28,000 miles in about a year making films. From Rome (for 'Quo Vadis') he flew to Australia ('Kangaroo'), then went to Hollywooc ('People Will Talk'), to London ('Ivanhoe'), and then to Boston. 'Not bad going for 73,' says Currie. 'There's noth ing like work to keep you sroung.'

GROUCHO Marx has joined the cast of 'It's Only Money,' which also features Frank Sinatra and Jane Russell. ? ? T URENE Tuttle divided ^ her time between act ing in 'Room for One More' and teaching drama at Southern California University. The film stars Cary Grant and Betsy Drake. ? ? PHE British film 'Brighton Rock,' from Graham Green's novel, is being screened in America as 'Young Scarface.' ? ? A LOT of German extra *r*- would not mind work ing for nothing if every assignment were like the tavern sequence in 'De- cision Before Dawn.' Set designer Ludwig Reiber created a 400-year-old German tavern with deer an tiered chandelier and leaded window pane in Munich. For the extras there were huge steins of beer and plates of steaming boiled beef, potatoes, sauerkraut, and dark bread. Stars of the film are Richard Basehart, Gary Merrill, Oskar Werner, and Hildegarde Neff.

MOVIE tovr Bcenm might not be a* food su the rfl»l thing, but they wet* not boring, rtnid John Derek. He waft replying to Llndn Darnell, who totd reporter* 'you can't get « thrill when you're not In love with the person you're playing opposite.' Drrek said, 'When you get fl good scene that ptays well it's fun. Of course, there are times when it can be difficult. 'Sometimes they will shoot a closeup from the waist up, and \he pair are contorted In an awkward position, but what appears In the camera looks all right.'

Scottish boy's big role T ONDON, Sat.: The *^ longest part any child actor has had on the screen is claimed for a Scottish boy, 6£. He is Jon Whitely, son of an Aberdeen head master, and he plays In 'Hunted', a thriller star ring Dirk Bogarde. Many children had been tested for the part, but all proved unsuitable. Then a friend of director Charles Crichton heard a recording of a 'Children's Hour' program on the BBC. On it Jon had recited Edward Lear's 'The Owl and the Pussycat.' Jon was approached, tested, and won aie rote — ;hat of a boy kidnapped by i man on the tun. Jon £ with Bogarde in f.r&ci ;ically every scene.

I3LAYING a butler and *- taking orders from Phyllis Calvert' in 'Mr. Denning Drives North' is John Stuart. The last time they appeared to gether on the screen was in 'Madonna of the Seven Moons,' in which Stuart played Miss Calvert's hus )and. ? * pETULA Clark has com x posed a 10-minute piano concerto and re corded it on a tape machine. The music- is being orchestrated. When Petula finishes her present film assign ment she will record the piece for the disc company which she and her father have been developing for more than a year. ? * TACK-BOOTED, strutting ' Nazis and men in the blue of the RAF were shar ing drinks at Elstree studios. 'So Little Time , . .,' the story of a Ger man officer and a Belgian Eirl, was being filmed at the same time as the Battle of Britain picture 'Anyels One Five.'

TT looks as if Margaret x Leighton's fortunes are turning for the better. After being the victim of poor casting she has been chosen by Sir Alexander Korda for leading roles in 'Home at Seven' and 'The Holly and the Ivy,' both from plays which have had long runs on the London stage. Sir Ralph Richardson has his original stage role in 'Home at Seven' and trill appear In 'The Holly Bind Ivy,' in which Cella Johnson will also be a star. And this film will be produced by Anatole de Grunwald. who made 'The Winslow Boy' and 'The Queen of Spades.'

BRITISH star Susan Shaw and her actor husband, Albert Lieven, celebrate at London's Albany Club.

BRITISH star Susan Shaw and her actor husband, Albert Lieven, celebrate at London's Albany Club.