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Today's Lacrosse Leaves 4 the Same

Today's lacrosse has not altered the final four, Brighton being minor premiers, followed by St. Peter's (Glenelg), East Torrens, and West Torrens.

VO matches will be Dlaved next

Saturday, as a chosen lacrosse team will play at the Adelaide Oval in the amateur sports carnival. Semi-finals will be played on Saturday, August 17. In a game of fluctuating fortunes East Torrens defeated North Adelaide in a .close game at Medindie. Torrens were first to attack. They led two goals to nil, but North, finding their feet, scored four goals on end, and scores at the end of the first quarter were one goal in North's favor. Both sides attacked strongly in the second quarter, in which North in creased their lead to three goals. Torrens. however, found their form in the third quarter, and scored seven goals, to lead by two goals at the final change. Torrens were finishing better than their opponents, but found the back line, supported by Worley in goals,

still in good form, and although Tor rens had most of the play, they could manage only one goal. North, whose form in the forward lines had fallen away, could not increase their score, and the game ended with the score: — Torrens. 15: North Adelaide, 12. BRIGHTON DEFEATED At the Wlgley Reserve St. Peter's sur prised by the ease with which they defeated the minor' premiers. Although it was ex pected that St. Peter's would succeed against the weakened Brighton side. It was hardly expected that they would inflict such a heavy defeat on their opponents. This was Brigh ton's first defeat since the first match of the minor round In 1937. Brighton could manage only one goal. The Brighton forwards were lost without R. Jen kins. St. Peter's scored consistently through out to win by 13 goals. Sturt surprised West Torrens at the Unley Oval, and in a low scoring game Torrens had to thank the lead they gained In the first half for their win. Torrens attacked strongly in the first half, and It was only the good defence of the Sturt backs that kept them down to four goals. After half-time the Sturt forward play improved, and each side scored two goals to make the final scores. Torrens 6. Sturt 2. A GRADE East Torrens, 15. d. North Adelaide, 12. Goalthrowers — Winners: Graham (5), Butler (4). Gorman, Symonds (each 3). Losers: Buttrose (6), Lee. Fallon (each 2), James, May. Best Players — Winners: Butler. Gra ham. Parsons, W. Selth. Losers: Buttrose. Worley, May, Miller. Gandy. West Torrens, 6, d. Start 2. Goalthrowers —Winners: Bishop, Hounslow (each 2), Park, Johnson. Losers: Abbott. Stephen. Best Players — Winners: Blackmore, Goring, Fau ser, H. Hewitson, Bishop. Losers: Harris. Stephen, Cathie. Abbott, Holloway. St. Peter's. Glenelg, 14, d. Brighton, 1. Goalthrowers — Winners: Robinson (6), Phil lips, Gltsham (each 3), Wilson (2). Losers: H. Francis. Best Players — Winners: Gitsham, Wilson, J. and W. Lamerton. Robinson. Losers: Vinall, Vial, Shelley. Weeden. Edwards. B GRADE — RED SECTION Legacy Club, 11, d. West Torrens, 9. Goal throwersA-Winners: Hill (6). Bagshaw (21. Edwards, Gipps, Woods. Losers: White (2i. Tainsh, Mutton. one knocked in. Best Players — Winners'. Bagshaw. Cummlngs, McLeod. Losers: V. and R. Blackmore, Mut ton. Port Adelaide. 27, d. North Adelaide. 3. Goalthrowers — Winners: Horseman, McPherson (each 10). Bower (41, Harvey, J. and L. Skinner. Best Players — Winners: All played well. Losers: Holloway, Gully, Martin. St. Peter's. Glenelg, II, d. Brighton. 3. Goalthrowers — Winners : Smith, McDougall (each 4), Barnes (2). Bryan. Losers: Car men (2). Bennett. Best Players — Winners: Barnes, Shelley. McDougall. Losers: Gregory, J. Muggleton. Vial. C GRADE Legacy Clob, IB; St. Peter's (Glenelg), 2. Goalthrowers— Winners: Mtlde (10). Lap thorne -7i, Wellcoat -2I. Losers: Grubb. Sanderson. Best Players— Winners: Green halgh. Gebhardt, Breznmer. Losers: Sanderson, Job, Simpson. D GRADE East Torrens, 9; Stnrt, 8. Goalthrowers — Winners: Nolan (41. Gilrmore. Penny (3). Dunn. Losers: Neale -5-, Lewis, Stubbs, Canaway. Best Players — Winners: Gilsmore, Rossi ter. Penny. Losers: Neale. Cook, Harryse. Goodwood, 17; Port Adelaide, 2. Goal throwers— Winners: G. Hewlett (7), Scougal (5). H. Hewlett (3). Attrill. Morrow. Loserr: Hawson. Lynch. Best Players — Winners: H. Hewlett, Cotter, Owens. Losers: Lynch, Haw son, K. Forrest. SCHOOLBOYS Secondary Schools Glenelg, :«; Nallsworth, 8. Goalthrowers— Winners: Penley (9), Smith (6t. Offler, Weeks 14). Hill (3 1. Chatterton, Stevens -2). Wel ford, Davlson, Low; one knocked in. Losers: Ingham (3), Fimeri (2i, Simpson; two knocked in. Best Players — Winners: All played well. Losers: Power. Hilton, Oliver. Brighton, 14; Unley High No. 1, 13. Goal throwers — Winners: Gooly (7-, Haydon (5), Mitton. Tregllgas. Losers: Selth -5). Herbert. Brown (3). Shelley (2). Best Players— Win- ners: Haydon, Mitton, Mitchell. Losers: Herbert, Selth, Shelley. Unley High, 14; Goodwood. 8. Goalthrow ers— Unley High: M. Srzich, B. Srzlch (S), J. Srzich (2i. McMillan; one knocked in. Good wood: Whitington, Weal, Bruce (2), Brunton and Rowe. Primary Grade Rose Park, 7; Thebarton, 2. Goal throwers — Winners: Behrant -4P Veale Han sen, Renfrey. Claridge. Gill f3-, Higes; one knocked In. Losers: Challen, Matthewson Best Players— Winners: Behrant. Veale. Ren frey. Losers: Johns. Hockings. Rivett.