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Birtles, Commonwealth Wanderer,

Now Cast in 'That Certain Something'

DIRECTOR Clarence Badger, making 'That Certain Something' at Pagewood Studios, Sydney, was con- fronted with a problem of securing an Australian bush type for the picture. He wanted a man whose face was

lined by the hot sun and wind of the Australian outback, and he wanted him to be the real thing. Mr. Badger had interviewed dozens of applicants for the part and had not found his man, when it was suggested to him that the very man he required was in Sydney. The man was Francis Birtles, known for his travels in the Commonwealth over the past 30 years. Francis Birtles first made himself known when he travelled round Australia on a bicycle many years ago. Later on he went round in an old Ford, and still later, in a modern caravan. He has been in the Kimberleys, in the Gulf country. Central Australia, and the rugged Arnhem Land of the Northern Territory.

In 'That Certain Something' he plays the part of a bushman on a visit to the city. After he had been round the studio for a few days, someone asked him did he feel that he wanted to get back to the bush again. Birtles, who had been weathered by sun and desert, said: 'Yes, I'd like to get away from the heat of those lights in the studio.'

FRANCIS BIRTLES in a scene in the Sydney -made 'That Cer tain Something.'

FRANCIS BIRTLES in a scene in the Sydney -made 'That Cer tain Something.'