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East Torrens Have Narrow Win


TN an exciting lacrosse match today ?*- East Torrens defeated Brighton by three goals and secured the honors for the 1936 nremieEKhin. Thp ffame was

close until the last quarter, when East Torrens scored three goals to one. East Torrens opened the scoring, when Sy monds with two splendid shots found the net. James replied for Brighton, and quarter-time scores were: — East Torrens. 2; Brighton, 1. Brighton opened . the scoring In the second quarter with a goal from R. Jenkins, but Tor rens replied from Hall and Muecke. Towards the end of the term Francis scored for Brigh ton, but Muecke added his second goal, and at half-time the scores were: — Sast Torrens, 5; Brighton, 3. After the interval play was still even and fast. Symonds scored again for Torrens, but Brighton fought bade and M. Jenkins 6cored and then Melbourne, breaking through from defence, got another one for Brighton and they were only one goal behind. Making nice position. Gellert scored from a beautiful pass from Muecke. K. Francis got his second goal Just before time, the scores being: — East Torrens, 7; Brighton, 6. In the last -juarter East Torrens had the advantage for the first time, and after a few minutes Symonds put on his fourth goal, but Brighton were again in the picture when R. Jenkins scored. Torrens by combined play made the position safe with goals from Muecke and C. Gellert. Final scores were: — East Torrens. 10; Brighton, 7. Goalthrowere.— East Torrens — Symonds (4), Muecke (3), C. Gellert (2),.HalL . Brighton— K. Francis, B. Jenkins (each 2), James, Mel bourne, M. Jenkins. Best Players. — East ' Torrens— Symonds, Muecke, C. Gellert, Irving;, Farmer. Brighton —Duffield, Melbourne, R. Jenkins, Swilling, VinalL B GBADE East Torrens, 16; University, 1. Goal throwers. — Bast Torrens — Seholz (7), Vincent (3), JeSery and Graham (each 2). Sheard, HalL University— Kayser. Best Flayers. — East Torrens — Jeffery, Nairne. Vincent. Uni versity — Kelly, Menzies, Ward. West Torrens, 16; Start, I. Goalthrowers. — West Torrens — Hounslow (5). Scroop -4i. Walker (3). Brand (2). Cadman. Sturt— Eickhaver. Best Flayers. — West Torrens — L. HewUson. Medlin. Brand. Sturt— Senior. Pryor. Cook. C GRADE St. Feten (Glenelf), 11; West Torrens, 4. Goalthrowers. — St. Peters — Teague and Robin son (each 4). Lewis (2), Wilson. West Tor rens— Provis, Elyma, Harris. ? Talnsh. Best Players. — St. Peters— Robinson, Patterson. Lewis. West Torrens — Woods, Shawyer. Blackmore. East Torrens, 13: Legacy Club, 8. Goal throwers. — East Torrens— Naughton (7). Wil liams, Ullecrapp, Brooks {each 2). L*t,acy Club— Harvey (4). R. Hill J3), Atkinson. Best Players. — East Torrens — 'Williams. Naughton. Brooks, Gibbs. Ler-acy Club — Harvey. Bob HOI. Camming, W ' .man.