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Association Final Four

Torrens Ousted From Top Place: Glenelg's Good Win

Glenelg led throughout the game today to defeat Tor rens, the leaders on the association premiership table, and make secure their hold of fourth place. Glenelg were assisted by faulty forward work by Torrens. The final four are Port, Torrens, Norwood, and Glenelg.

Although North had the better of matters against Norwood in the first tialf, a strong third quarter by Nor wood, in which they added 8—10 to L— 2, allowed them to win by 10 points. Pert overwhelmed Start to win by 33 reals, and displace Torrens from top place on the list.

SOOTH V. WEST (Kensington) _ _ !?* tad 8M *1nal Pta. West . . . . U 4.4 7 S S4 «7 South . . . OJt U U 6.6 43 Goalklekers.— West— Scarman (4), Oaaae tohm, Brown. Langton. GrtlTen. South— F.

Ryan, Scott (each 3), Croft, Muleahy. Best Players.— Wesf^-AU played well.' South Stuart, Todd. Rose. Muleahy, Wesley. Scott. GLENELG V. TOBKENS (Glenelg) 1st to* 3rd Final Pta. Glendr . . S.4 »-9 17.13 20.13 1SS Torrent . . ZJB S-7 18.12 17.21 124 Goalklekers.— Glenelg— BlrreU (6), C. Pln nlngton and Boyle (each 4). Bcott (3), R. Edwards (24. Pike. Torrens— A, Klnlough. (U», 3. Kinlough. MeKensle. Eeraley, Holt. Bray. Quick. Best Players. — Glenelg — Goodwin, Bailey. R. Edward*. Elsdon, Boyle. N. Pin T*ty-1**-* Gregory. Torrens — Quick, Holt, Ssng ster. A. Kinlough. Adcock. Heath. POBT V. STCBT (Alberton). lat 2nd 8rd Final Pta. Part . . . BS 15.13 MM. S4JBB 8*7 Start . . . LB 2JK 8.4 4JE » GoaUddcors. — Port — Brown (7). Ferry and Chapman (each «). Oehme (6). Rlteh (4). MeGorm (3), Schupelius. Bda, Chllp, Wilkin son. Sturt — Beeehlnc (3), Booth, Dole. Beat Players. — Port — MoGorm, Swanson, Oehme. Brown, chapman, rtmg*Tt Sturt — Anderson. Tarwood. Beeehlns. Koehne. Oolg. BudA. If OBWOOD T. NORTH (Prospect) Is* 2n- 3r« Final Pta. Norwaed . *A 3.4 1U« 16J- 111 North . . 7.0 16.B LL7 1BJ1 101 Goalklekers.— Norwood— Harris (4). Basom, Heath (each 3) Holden (3). Price, Hancock, Drew. Harne. North— Spencer (8), Manuel, Manilla. MeGuinnls (each 3). Batt. Strauss. Warland. Richardson. Bast Players.— Norwood AH played wett. North-Oarta. Morton, Burns. Bprawr. Boyle, AfcOralllXuS.

Old Blues in Second Place

St. Peter's Old Collegians take second place in the Amateur League final four as a result of their victory from Sema phore Central today. The Old Blues played brilliant football to win a very keenly contested same by 15 points. University showed that they were rather unlucky to miss a place in the final four by running the undefeated West Adelaide side to a close finish. The students were defeated by nine points. Kenilworth were extended to defeat Exeter, and Prince Alfred Old Colle gians kicked a huge score against Hen ley and Grange. A feature of the Grade A 2 games was the creation of a new amateur goalkicking record by S. Maley, of Walkerville, who has reached 155 goals for the minor round. . The previous record was 139 — kicked by G. Sawley, of Kensington. In this grade WalkervOle comfort ably defeated King's Old Collegians. Pulteney Old Scholars finished a good first season in the league by a win

from Christian Brother** Old Colle gians. Teachers and Rechabites won easily from Holden's and YJ4.CA. respec tively. The final four In each, grade Is as follows: — Grade A L— West Adelaide United, St Peter's Old Collegians, Semaphore Central, Underdale. Grade A fcV-Walkerrffle, Rechabites, Alberton Church United, King's Old Collegians. The semi-finals of each grade will be played next Saturday. Today's results: — -W»JB* Al St. Peter* Old Collegians. 17— 14;. Sema- phore Central, 14—17. West Adelaide United, 11— rT; ttal*»ntty. 10—14. Kenilworth, IS— it; Bnt*r. U— 11. Prince Alfred Old Collegians. 58—30; Hen ley and Orange. 15—17. GBADB AC RecfaaUtes, 30—13; T-M.CA^ 3—8. 1*aehers7CoUege. 35-33: Holden'x, 10—11. Walkenrine. IS— 11; Klnf* Old Collegians. 10—7. Pulteney Old Scholars. M— 14; Christian Brothers' Old Conegieas. 11—11.

Qialleiiffe' Game Ends in Draw

Semi-final and final games in junior associations today 'resulted in some close matches with- little to spare be tween many of the rival teams. In the fourth division of the United Church Association St. ?- Peters Pres byterian and 'St Giles* Presbyterian met in the challenge match. A draw resulted. The Colts league match at the Ade laide Oval resulted in a runaway vic tory for North over Glenelg, the final scores being 16—14 to 4 points. Colts' League North, 16—14; Glenelg, 4 points. Torrens, 7—13; West, 3—6. United Church Division O. ?-Otiose, 10 — 7; Norwood and Kensington, 7—14. SfriafM m. Port Adelaide Presbyterian. 13—13; All Soul's, 4—8. Division XT. St Peters Presbyterian, 13—8, drew with St. Giles*. 11—11. Adelaide and Suburban Na.' 1 DIVISION GRAND FINAL Brunswick. 18—13; Colonel Light Gardens. 12—10. Adelaide Plains GRAND FINAL Waslers. 9—8; Long Plains, 6—13.

Glenelg BUdHKuO, IB— 14; Start, T— T- Goal klckers.—Blaclcwoo-I— J. Hewett (6), Obapmaa, R. RftdfonL K. Radford (each 3). H/Wateh maa, Bartlett, W. Hewitt. Sturt— X. Thomp son. S. Foster, Ormond (each 3). W. R&yner. Best Players.— Blackwood—K. Radlorf. H. Chapman, Bartlett. Sturt— Egan, F. Edwards. S. Miller. Final BeraeOm, S— 12: St. eonar£s CoIU, S— 10. Goalklckers. — Reynella— Wooleock (5). Good, Adams. Booth. East Torrens Norwood Union. IS— IS; Glearar, ft— «. Goel fctckers.— Norwood Union— PUklngton -4), SUlte, Hockley (each 3). Thomas (3). grants, GJenroy — Barry (3). McDonald (3), Putland, Olds, Hobby,. Warren. Payneham, 20— IS; Modbary. 15—16. Goal kickers.— Payneham— R. Le Comu (S), Croft (4). S. Le Comu (3). Loader, Harm. Mundy (3). Robertson. Modbury— E. Harris -6), Wear (3). Callinan, Leaver, wflkte (3). Best Flayer*. — Payneham — Williams, leader, Robertson. 8. Le Cornu. Modbury— Harris Boord, Bunny, Wilton. North Adelaide District Final Prospect, 10—6; Kilourn, «— «, OoaUdckers. —Prospect— Atkinson, Patterson, Hamer, Cox (each 3), Drew, Olds. Beat Players. — Prospect — Patterson, Olds. Loverldge, Penaluna, Talsh. Adelaide Plains GRAND TONAL Wasleys. 9 — 8; L«nc Plains, 6—12. Best Players.— Wasfeys— Buggs, Car michaeL, Dunn, Selick, Moyle. Long Plains — Hallion. Hall. Zanker, and Young. Northern Areas FINAL Georgetown, i«— o; Cattvwie, IS— II. Best Players. — Georgetown — Carmody. Noonan, Page, Myatt, Donhardt. wmdns. Caltowle— L. Holland. Haren (3). Sltlor. Hartwlg, Baler.

Mount Lofty Final Uraidla, 16—16; Tweedvale, 10—12. Broughton Grand Final Gulnare, 9 — 17; Koolunga, 8—11. Goal tickers. — Gulnare— A. Thomas, Syms, B. Bow man, Wellington -e»ch 3), B. Smart. Kool Lunga— Pedlar. Button (each 3), H, Young, Palmer, M. MuUer, Burford. Best Players.— Gulnare — Wellington. C Thomas, S~ and B. Bowman, Davles, Ashby, A. Smart. Kool lunga— B. Cooper. C. Jones, Whiting, Pedlar, Palmer. Gawler Final WUlaston, 16—8; Rovers, 13—6. Barossa and Light 6EMI-FENAL Angaston, 14—14; Taannda, 11— IK Goal klckers. — Angaston — Dawes (6), Watts (S), Qlatz, Christie, CranbuH. Tanunda— E. Weckert -6), K. Fechner, A. Gilbert (each 2). F. Zander. Best Players.— Angaston— W. Cnnbull, L. Ltoke, S. S&wes, R. Christie, L. Hum, H. Merten, B. Watts. JP.JTemke. Tanunda— B. Weckert, H. Riehter. C. Weckert, P. Zander, L. Riehter, B. Parts, Wafctaer. Quorn FINAL AMmis. 9—14; Bwen, 7— ft. Goalklctera. — Albions— McHqeh -4). G*rrett (3), A. Wil liams. Tates. Shute. Rovers — Graetz (3). French (3). Parsons. Leahy. Best Players. — Albions— A. and J. Williams, McHugh, McLean, French. Shute. O'LouBhMn, lindschiU. Rovers —French. -Stewart. HJnton, Smith. Graetz. Footer. Southern Yorke's Peninsula GRAND FINAL Staaaraiy, 1S-M; West Daltot, IS— 12. Ooalklckars.— Stansbury— Buttfleld. Reynolds (4). D. *Hly (3). Aldenhoven, R. I»ry. West United— Lea O). Newbold. Thompawn. LenneU (each 3). D. Seehan. L. Butschke. Wallace. Hills Central Grand Ftaal Xsingarma. 14—19; Meadows, 8— «. Port Pirie St. Marina. 17— IS; SetoaMSitawa, 6— S. Goalklckers.— St. Mark's— A. Sharpe (8). J. Brady (3). R, Matthews. H. Curthoys -3). H. Bmale, F. Brown. Solomontown— 8. Harmer, S. Connor (3), B. FarrelL Best Players.— Bt. Mark's— R. HonntbaU. P. Sly. T. Harrison, J. Brady. W. Hutehlnaon. H. Curthoys, W. Johns. Solomontown— P. Fawcett, M. Stigwood. S. Warne, 8. Miner. A. Starke, X. Seery. B GBADB Ssls— town. «— 6; St Mark's. 4—8. Murray Lands rwAK IsNMis, 6— IS; Ttb— fa, 4— ?. Oosl Mckers.— Karoonda.— B. Mfflard fS). Skltch Btek*. R. Brant, R. Olllis. Perponda— R. Ritchie (3). TregUgas, Foster. Best Players.— Karooads— J. Graham. Abbott, X-ewis, D. MieU. J. Richardson. Perponda— W. Matthews, A. Wymaa. D. Walker, H. Packer, R. Ritchie. Central Eyre Peninsula Benl-ftaal Tanlnee, 1»— 6; Mlnnlpm S— 12. OoaOdcken. — Tanlnee-^Boe (3). Hogarth. Franklin, John son (3). Windns, Rogers. Holland. .Hissey. Uinnlpa— Sinclair -3), O'Connor (3) t. O'Brien. Smart. Brown. Best Flayers. — Tanlnee — s. and J. wnklnt. Hogarth, Roe, Rogers, mosey. -On- nlna— Wiahart, Sinclair. Smart, JBurto, Den nis, O'Connor. Blue Lake Btae Lake A— flattest. IS— U: Ndbwu Gramai-r Sehvai, 18—11. ' Goalkickers.— Blue Lake— Allen (6). Mlllard (4). A. Sgan (3). Johnston. Croker (3). HerbsL Mitchell. M. Bgan. Grammar School— Galbralth (6), Fewer* (3). Buekland, Topp, Rose (3). New ton. Bert Players.— Blue Lake— M. Bgan. E. Moody. Mitchell, MQlard, Allen, Johnston, HeOregor. Croker. Grammar School— Oal- bralth. Bnekland. Bose, Newton. Tewera, Mills. Loxton SEMI-FINAL Taia, 12—12; Olymplaas, 7—6. Goalktekers.— Pate— L. negert. Taiele (B). C. TMele. A. Ptegert. olympians— King (4). Hondow, Christy, Fiedler. Best Players.— Pata—L. Fie rert, Budiseh, R. Thiele. Olympians — King. CUngberg. Hondow. Eadina Final Ka4lna Central, 11—17; Kadma Memerlal Bigh Sehod. 6— «. Goalklckers.— Central^A. Hewltson (6).' Hicks, Reynolds (3). Foster, Mahood. High School— Reilly (3). Mason (3). Doyle. Best Players.— central— A. hewltson, Foster. M. Raymond. J. Dennis, Llddy, X. May. High School— Woods, Doyle, Remy, Smith. Page. Nankerrls. Bordertown Football TATIAKA ASSOCIATION Second Semi-final Kaalva, 16—12; MandaUa, IS— 18. Goal klckers.— Kaniva— E. Allen ^ (5). S. Allen, W. Sail. Ord, L. Dunn (each 2), P. Williams, G. Greenhlll. Mundalla-^H. Ryan (6). P. Leach. J Huddy. C. Moody (each 2). C. Wlese. S. Mewett. Best Players.— Kanira—J. Oreenhill. I Scott. XL Barton. W. Ord, B. Allen, S. Allen, F. Kelly, G. Hensly. Mundalla ? C. tloody. a. Ryan, R. Crane. P. T-rach. J. Guy, K. Leach, c. Wlese, S. Mewett. Broken Hill Norths, 24—13, l-eat Wests, 12—7; Centrals, 16—6, bea^ Souths, 12—14. Mid-North Grand Final Marrabel, 11— U; Auburn, 4—18. River Murray Flmal Jervois, 11—14; Bamblers, 7—7. Goalklckers. — Jervois— W. Bridger (4), A. Lokan. R. Oak ley (each 3), B. Colby. Ramblers— R. Parker (6). J. Sladden. Best Players. — Jervois— E. sauske, R. Oakley, A Lokan, J. Jarvls, A. Bryan. S. Gregory, W. Bridger. Ramblers— F. Ottle, A. Halliday. C. Norrilh, R. Parker. D. rod F. Button, W. Powell. Great Southern Semi-anal Goolws, S— 16; Port EUlst, 6—6. Goal tlckers.— Ooolwa— J. Lawrence, R. Kdwards (each 3). D. Armfield, Mundy. Port Billot— Bosser, Highman (each 2), N. Clarke. Best Players. — Goolwa — Boy Axmfield, Walter Mundy, Reed, NIckolds, Ogilvie, Armfield. Port Elliot— Boston, Moyla (2). Barton (2), Brewer, Dodd.