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Sturt Victory In A Grade Lacrosse Game

In today's lacrosse challenge match Sturt defeated East Torrens by one goal at the Thebarton Oval. East Tor *?*-?*„ vioW a fnrt.h««r setback in that J.

Muecke, the interstate captain, was not able to play because of influenza. The first quarter was evenly fought and at the bell the score was 2 all. Sturt had had a great number of shots, but were unable to penetrate the East Torrens' defence. The two goals that. Sturt threw were the result of com-' bined play in the forward line. The game was even in the first part of the second quarter, but East Torrens, attacking with vigor, placed their side one goal in the lead. The third quarter | was very haTd and each side scored one goal. Sturt were not showing the form ' they showed, last week. Symonds was; injured and Frank Cook was brought j on to replace him. This meant that the Sturt defence had to be altered, but, by falling back, Sturt were able to cope with the fierce attacks of East Torrens. Third quarter scores were East Torrens 5, Sturt 4. In the last quarter Sturt attacked and East Torrens were hard pressed. Sturts were able to stand the strain better than East Torrens, and scored through Cook and forged ahead. To wards the end of the quarter Gellert scored for East Torrens, but with the racked Sturt backline they could not break through again, and Sturt ran out the winners by one goal. Scores: — A GRADE FINAL Start. 7; East Torrens, 6. Goaltbrowers.— Sturt — S. Cook (5), Shimmin. Haddad. East Torrens— K. Gellert (2). Vincent (2), C. Gel '.ert. Symonds Best Players. — Sturt — C. B. Ridings, Shimmin, Daniel. Giffen, Hosken. East Torrens — Graham, Vincent, Alexander, Clark, G. Hall. ?- GRADE FINAL Start, 18; West Torrens. 7. Goalthrowers. — Sturt— Wicks. Wienert (each 5t, Aylifle (3), O'Malley. Plckhaver (each 2», Thomas. West Torrens — Bishop f4t. Wade, Sauerwald. Rose lcr. Best Players. — Sturt — G. Pickhaver. P. Pickhaver. Thomas, Wicks. West Torrens — Blshoo. Wiseman. Chuhh. Pinlav.