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FaotbaîS Notes.

¡ [BrKovBxJ

Two very good tassels were witnessed la*t »SaciTFckr, those of West Perth against ^oufcii Fremantle, at the Fre- mantle Oval j and East Fremantle j against Perth on the Association I Ground. The "clerk of the weather"

being, in a bad feu mor, the ground was in a better condition for swimming contests than footbaüF, the "leather being like a huge bladder ; no good football could be expected. West Perth took the field witfe I& aten, but before the game had finished were 27 strong- The play was very even right throughout, and was wen in the first, quarter, when South by some of their sadden rallies made thing? very wflKag

indeed. The handball oí the West's : was very effective;, and in this depaort I ment they fairly outclassed) then* op

¡ponents. The sane, however, cannot ¡be said about the forward*), who were to be seen- all over- the groand,, except jin their proper places- iSoirtb wo» hy 12 points;. Chadwisk, as nmpirei-wa»

a little better than usual..

The match Perth against East's was fast, furiouaj. and exalting t&poughecd^ and a good' exhibition of Australia's national gane,- considering the bad state of " the weather and' ground.. There-was nothing, to choose* between the teams? and the consistent way in which the'Perth:, men tum np to matones,.and' when there tfie'adhuraBfa way they-; play, reflects the greatest credit on' ttl tir team. Griffin played for the first time for Perth, and distin- guished i himself. Forrest (a High School' boy) played exceedingly well, and merited his-inclusion in the teas»

Perthi in the-last qusifcr had things &\ thein own < way,, bud fcaear nesta*, s* forward1 was very evident. East t> won by repeints.-.

The combined Metropolitan team left Perth per goldfields express OB Monday night. Messrs. Capp, Duff and Abell accompanied thean All of those chosen were there, and judging from .appearances^ would enjoy them- selves- OH! thé journey «tp< At least, signs- were -not wanting^ihat they would- enjoy»- themselves, »br- T saw many-oh, so manip-préparions*

- The-Association ©round* witnesseáa strange! spectacle on Wednesday last.

There-the. Supreme t*^u^ ¿pntend<ed.í ^r'^é0^ey in football' with *fce -Mines Tï^^rtment ;The Onlooker^, if not numerous, were- deciifedly select. The Chief Clerk of the Snpoem» Court anxiously awaited the issuet, and* con- fided tohismutualfriend the^OfiicraJ Re- ceiver the judgment,'/" our men ought ito win." This the. latter appeared to think problematical,, and the eyes of both rained over the players with approving and disapproving gestares. The Curato» of Intestate Estates (a

name- which in its combination of

words is extremely barbarie)* arrived late, but after watching the mateh for some time began naeditating-jipoo the O^ Uss of football,, and whelrher or hot this particular mateh would cause his department more- work and worry.

The Librarian of tine Court was . seen

in close, consultation with the 'Deputy Registrar of Bills of Sale-, and the former was heard to say that the time was opportune for faking a few notes for bis new work on "The Influence

of Cursing on the Breed--of Bull-pups." Meantime the struggle in the field grew fast and furioses- Man after man went down o» either side. Both - 'teams,, however, knew that the eyes of 'the wodi- were »po» them-at any rate,, i£they didn't know it, the affec- tation of some players would lead us to believe sot ** Now' backward and

! now forward "moved the mass of men. and boys- A Supieme Court officec : seized the ball. Fpr a moment he : held it steadfast, but the eyes of the . umpire- were upon him, and 'then hia foot was lifted to kick, and he kicked* It is generally understood that kicking j is dooe with one foot. This is, hovt j'ever, ara antiquated rule no longer [ followed. The player raised one foot, : then the other, and placing his back carefully in the mud by means of a

series of evolutions too difficult tx» be

followed by the average onlooker, pro pelled it forward. The result, ifr" not as effective as might be, wa» ex- tremely picturesque. In icself ife com- bined the elements of force and hsmor

-a combination very often absent

from the football feld.

At a critical stage Of the garnie the ' - disinterested critic arrived. . Sis. occu- pation by day would be hardi to. deter- mine, but in his judgment, the game was a " rum un." " That man," he remarked, indicating a prominent Mines official, " is too slow to pour out treacle on a cold day. That bloke there," he added, " ought to take his guernsey and socks oft" "Now, then, buck np, or you won't play with Perth any more. None of year bally bluff.7* " How's that, umpire? " and the umpire thereupon gave a free- kick. In fact, the game was one of free kicks. Players fell and players rose. Some sat on the ball, some carried it, some threw it, and some, didn't get a chance. Those who didn't do these thongs waited for those who did, and if wait- ing became tedious they sat down. The umpire walked (didn't nm, he had no occasion) with stately stride, and the vast responsibility of his position was manifest on hia worried visage. His fairness no one could gainsay. If he were in doubt he told the truth, and the truth meant a free kick. As this seemed to be the object of the game, some were satisfied and some Weren't. But as satisfaction

and dissatisfaction were about equal ' on either side, one cancelled the other and the result was nfl. The gaaae closed with the following result:-. Supreme Court, I goal 5 behinds ; Mines Department, 1 goal 5 behinds.

Mad mi Lever, Lady Specialist, ?3S Hay st., Perth.-Advt. '

üaües.-If you are in doubt, consult Madam Lsver, 638 Hay-st., Perth.-Advt.