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  • Glenelg Golf Club Championship to H. Wright Defeats R. D. Crook 4 Up and 3 to Play THIRD SUCCESSIVE VICTORY

    For the third year in succession Harold F. Wright today won the Glenelg Golf Club championship. He defeated R. D. Crook four up and three to play. Wright was steadier throughout, particularly around ... [Article] (2870 words)
  • Eyes on Big Golf Titles McMahon's Plans For Championships

    Winner of the State professional golf title four times, Fergus McMahon, the Myer Emporium professional, hopes to visit Sydney for the Australian open ... [ILLUSTRATED] [Article] (200 words)
  • CLOSE FINISHES IN JUNIOR FINAL ROUND Two Association Teams Visit Country Centres

    Close contests marked most of the challenge, final, and semi-final games in the junior football association today. With their metropolitan series completed, two association teams visited country centres and played combined ... [Article] (213 words)
  • Furler's Hints to Country Players Points for Wet Weather

    LACK of rain this season has made football faster and more open than in previous years, but when the game has to be played in rain and ... [Article] (279 words)
  • Horse Riders Have Run in Foothills

    Members of the Adelaide Horse Riding Club followed a track chosen by Miss Hope Crampton, who took the lead with the master (Mr. A. C. ... [Article] (138 words)
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