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  • NORTH'S WIN DUE TO HANDLING OF WET BALL Accurate Kicking For Goal By Both Teams

    In a closely fought match North safely held West in the last quarter, and although only two goals separated the teams at the finish, North never looked in danger of defeat. ... [Article] (700 words)
  • Kittens Born In a Tree ONE FALLS IN A MAN'S LAP

    While a man was sitting beneath a chestnut tree in Golden Green road, London, something fell in his lap. To his astonishment he found it was a ... [Article] (240 words)
  • Advertising

    ... [Advertising] (256 words)
  • L.T.A. and Hardcourt Men at Tennis

    J. BEDDIN (left) and G. Baker playing for the Hardcourt Associations in the match against a team from the Lawn Tennis Association at Wayville this afternoon. ... [ILLUSTRATED] [Article] (58 words)
  • C.O.D. is Rule Of Harley Street

    Harley Street's terms are cash on delivery. "If you have the misfortune to call in a Harley Street specialist," said Mr.! ... [Article] (243 words)

    Automatic counting of going in labour exchanges in Britain is to be tried so that the clerks may give more time to the work of finding jobs for the ... [Article] (150 words)
  • Surprises In Victorian League Round

    MELBOURNE, Saturday.—Although the composition of the final four cannot be altered, there were mild surprises in the series of league matches ... [Article] (207 words)
  • Husband's Ban On Lipstick CRUELTY PLEA FOR SEPARATION

    Should a wife use lipstick if her husband objects? This was the problem placed before the Bench at Bournemouth, England ... [Article] (260 words)
  • Why Radio Announcer Was Dismissed

    Because one British Broadcasting Corporation announcer used too much intonation he was sacked, it was disclosed in England recently. ... [Article] (92 words)
  • LORDS HAVE FINAL SAY Free Herbalist

    Overruling a verdict of York Assizes, supported by the Court of Criminal Appeal, the House of Lords set free William Maxwell, a 75-year-old Hull ... [Article] (338 words)
  • BIGAMIST WHO WAS BOASTFUL "Career as Racy as Life Of Henry VIII."

    A public school and university man, aged 33, who boasted when arrested that his career had been "as racy as "The Private Life of Henry the ... [Article] (341 words)
  • Infection Called Motorists' Eye

    Dr. Couchet, the French specialist, has directed attention to "motorists' eye," an affection caused by dust and strain. "It is important," he says, "to ... [Article] (76 words)
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  • ANOTHER DRAW IN JUNIOR FINAL GAME Willunga Ties With Hillside

    ... [ILLUSTRATED] [Detailed lists, results, guides] (1770 words)
  • Furler's Hints to Country Players Give Your Leader Loyalty

    EVERY player knows that a captain's job is at times a thankless one. Do not make it any harder by disregarding his wishes. He had your ... [Article] (309 words)

    MOUNT GAMBIER, Saturday—R. Sullivan, the South Gambier centre wingman and rover, was badly injured in the last minutes of the match with ... [Article] (56 words)
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    Awards and presentations of "The Mail" medals to country footballers are creating great interest in football circles outside the metropolitan area ... [Article] (406 words)
  • English School Has Own Aerodrome BOYS BUILD IT

    The interest of youth in aviation is likely to be considerably stimulated by the decision of the authorities at Bryanston School. Blandford (England), to ... [Article] (193 words)
  • DUKE BANS TAXI RANK Artist's View Was Obstructed

    The Duke of Westminster has had a London taxi-cab rank moved—because it obscured the view of an artist says "The Sunday Dispatch." ... [Article] (188 words)
  • Modern Young Lochinvar

    A young man waited patiently outside a bouse in Saugene, Norway, recently, with his eyes fixed on the door. It opened, and a radiant bride ... [Article] (91 words)
  • Grand Final In Association Won by North HANDLE GREASY BALL BETTER

    CONTINUING belter and handling the greasy ball with greater certainty. North decisively won the association grand final at the Adelaide ... [Article] (688 words)
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    Holdfast Bay 11goals, d. East Torrent. 10 goals. Goulthowers.—Holdfast Bay-Turtill (4). Humphries (3). W. Brown (2). McNamara, A. Brown. East Torrens ... [Article] (54 words)