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  • STURT MADE GAME A DEBACLE 71-Point Win Over Redlegs: Now in Final

    Except for the first term, when they looked so much better than Sturt, Norwood were never in the hunt in the second semi-final today. Beaten for pace and unable to match the Unley men's ... [ILLUSTRATED] [Article] (936 words)
  • Five Men To Be Reported

    After the league semi-final at Adelaide Oval this afternoon, it was stated that five players would be reported for alleged offences— ... [Article] (77 words)
  • W.A. Team Wins A.I.F. Football

    Playing football well up to league standard, the West Australian A.I.F team ran up a lead of 12 points in the first half against ... [Article] (213 words)

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  • Torrens Beat North For B Grade Title

    Torrens comfortably defeated North (minor premiers) at Norwood Oval today and won their first Association premiership since 1935. Torrens were faster to the ball ... [ILLUSTRATED] [Article] (518 words)
  • Umpire Hine Commended

    Sir—It was pleasing at the start of the Port-West match last Saturday to see umpire Hine call the ball up when it was intercepted by ... [Article] (278 words)
  • They Won a Cheer

    CRAWLEY was one of the prime reasons for Norwood's defeat by Sturt today. The young half-back was prominent throughout, his clever ... [Article] (142 words)
  • Cup Events At Loreto

    P. WHITFORD won the senior cup and V. Benger the junior at the annual Loreto Convent sports this afternoon. ... [Article] (473 words)
  • Mining Activity Near Pt. Augusta

    PORT AUGUSTA.—Since the outbreak of the war there has been a steady increase in the demand for a variety of metal. As ... [Article] (187 words)
  • A "Hiding" And Lesson

    "You gave our team a hiding and a lesson," said Kevin Hardiman, the Norwood ... [Article] (70 words)
  • West Chosen To Enter Grand Final

    FAVORITES for the second somi-final and defeated by Sturt. Norwood now face the difficult task of defeating West. ... [Article] (534 words)
  • Essendon Win Final in Melb.

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  • Trophies Given By Diggers at Tobruk

    Two trophies given by former club members now serving at Tobruk were handed over at the presentation of awards to outstanding members of the ... [Article] (157 words)
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