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  • Lacrosse Four Changes Changes Brighton In Lead: North Next

    Surprises irv lacrosse matches today, the last series in the minor round, altered the placings in the top four to ... [Article] (596 words)
  • West Beat Norwood Ir Colts Semi-Final

    Played at Norwood Oval this afternoon, the Colts' semifinal match between Norwood and West resulted in a win for West by four points. Scores:— ... [Article] (75 words)
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  • Undefeated Team Wins Shield Again

    For the fourth year in succession. Port Elliot won the premiership of the Great Southern Football Association today. Port Elliot were not defeated this season, and in today's match defeated Encounter Ray by 10-10 to 5 ... [Article] (1295 words)

    MEMBERS OF THE HEATHPOOL AND ADELAIDE TEACHERS' COLLEGE A Grade hockey teams in happy mood for the start of their match in the South Parklands this afternoon. A staff photographer of "The Mail" visits the Parklands every week. Watch out for him next week. ... [ILLUSTRATED] [Article] (91 words)

    WHEN SHOWERS FELL this afternoon, Miss H. Leitch, Heathpool goalie in the hockey match against Adelaide Teachers' ... [ILLUSTRATED] [Article] (86 words)
  • Veteran Wins Cycle Race Moritz Second Fastest MELBOURNE, Saturday.

    Pace and stamina gave Vern Williamson (18 min.),the 46-year-old Richmond wheelman, a five-length- ... [Article] (885 words)
  • Final Four Decided In Baseball

    THE last games in the minor round of district A Grade baseball provided play of a high standard this afternoon. Several results were in doubt until the ... [Article] (801 words)
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  • V.Wallman First In Berri Race BERRI. Saturday.

    The 50-mile Tour of the Murray, conducted today by the Berri Cycling Club, was won by V. Wall-man, whose actual time was 2 hr. ... [Article] (669 words)
  • Giant crabs Come By Air

    Latest air travellers from Darwin by Guinea Airways include 14 giant mud crabs, which arrived today still alive after their 1.700 mile ... [Article] (177 words)
  • Going to Shop, But Went to Hospital

    SYDNEY, Saturday.—Hilde Law, 7 of Coniston, was sent on a message today by her parents. On her way to the shop she saw a man sitting outside ... [Article] (110 words)
  • Bicycle Built For Two: Modern Version PERTH. Saturday.

    Misses Vera Harding and Anna Keening who plan to cycle from Perth to Sydney and return, will use a modern version of the bicycle built for two. ... [Article] (99 words)