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Family Notices
The Northern Miner (Charters Towers, Qld. : 1874 - 1954) Saturday 24 April 1880, page 3
Family Notices
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PARK.-Onthe 21st April, at bis residence^
Iiive-and-Let-Iive JAotel, Charters Towera,
the wifeof WfllimnPaifc of A-sdib'jj
T OST, strayed orefcolen .BBIdifite
11 Creek, Cockfield'e, tfb^lgr pedvw^
©ne Bay Fflly, branded AflC near ehonlder,
$Ibd PG5 near Moulder, htld lux, lame in tLe
near fwne foot; aleo one Rack Horse branded
5near %high acui otiier branda and a piece of*
TOpearrwind hiB ne^. jEg feadt lmne. Apply
to PAW^c CeNSOS, icaiiier, Townsvilie, or to
'? ?" £4KEWARD. - _ . .
^r - .'4'?'J 1
PARK.-On the 21st April, at his residence,
Live-and-Let-Live Hotel, Charters Towers,
the wife of William Park of a son.
LOST, strayed or stolen from Millchester
Creek, Cockfield's, about six weeks ago,
one Bay Filly, branded AOC near shoulder,
also PG5 near shoulder, bald face, lame in the
near fore foot; also one Black Horse branded
5 near thigh and other brands and a piece of
rope around his neck. £2 each horse. Apply
to PATRICK CONDON, carrier, Townsville, or to
this Office.

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