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The North Australian, Ipswich and General Advertiser (Ipswich, Qld. : 1856 - 1862) Tuesday 17 January 1860, page 2
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2012-04-12 14:28:04.0user:public:TrinJunuiy M.— Tana. Tana, cfaamar, 500 tmu. Captain Bell,
tram Sydney on the 6U1. and KewcasJe oa tlie Tth inituu.
l^innnn — UenAS. Bbtiuoii, Lerl, WmU, niampsoa, B«Tnc.
Hn. Byrne and 4 children, Haste- Byrne, and 16 in ttic
Jurasrv 14.— Tcl*gr»pb. TOO tmu. Captain O'EciUr, from
Sidney Jho HUi iuttant. (W* have not nxcirad fan manifest
and lilt of paoangen.)
January 10.— Yarra Yarra, steamar, 500 tmu. Captain Bell,
from Sydney on the 6th, and Newcastle on the 7th instant.
Passengers — Messrs. Baynnon, Levi, Wall, Thompson, Byrne,
Mrs. Byrne and 4 children, Master Byrne, and 16 in the steerage.
Junuary 14.— Telegraph, 700 tons, Captain O'Reilly, from
Sydney the 11th instant. (We have not received her manifest
and list of passengers.)

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