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Sorell and Clarence meet at Sorell this afternoon in tho Hean pennant competi- tion. A special train, connecting with the 1.10 p.m. steamer from Hobart, loaves Bellorivo at 1.30. The match promises to bo largely attended.

Oatlands and Beaconsfield play the final match for the Oatlands shield this scn6on nt Oatlands to-day.

The lads belonging lo St. Mary s school are having an outing to Brighton to-day. The headmaster (Mr. Thomas Mitcholl) has arranged a football match against Brighton State-school, and tho boys aro looking forward to the event with great



Football in its first-class aspect in Ho- bart has reached the end for 1909, and despite continual unpleasant weather the season was remarkably successful, the financial roturns eclipsing all previous records. It is customary to deliver a panegyric when the football labours have ceased, but in this instance it needs only to be a brief one, for the matches have

been fully reviewed as they progressed, and theie is very little it any fresh ground to break. First and ioremost amongst the triumphs of the season .was the winning of the local and State pre lniershins by Cananore Club, the mombers of .which, after a winless experience in 1908, became a very live and businesslike organisation. Putting soul and energy into their work, Oananoro secured the services of Bruce Carter as coach, anu elected the ex-Victorian (J. Gardiner) captain. T^he result proved successful beyond expectations, and the example set by the joung senior clu'b will cortainly be followed by others in future. As a matter of fact, proposals for engaging coaches for next season axe already being discubsed, and it is to -bo hoped capable

men will bo available.

Should next year seo each club pos- sessing a coach, efforts should bo made whereoy they may spend portion of their hmo teaching the young idea at our pub ho and private schools. Towards this end tho league might devote some finan- cial assistance in maintaining propaganda work. For instance, the Lefroy coach could, say, look after a couple of 'schools, the North Hobart and Cananore tutors could do likewise. If a recognised sys- tem wore carried on among the school lad«, tho game would advance by ¡caps and bounds, and in a few seasons wo should be able to boast a fino lot of pro- mising young players. The time has come when the youth of the conuriunitj must be considered in preference to the heavy, and at times unwarranted, expensa incurred by clubs in hringing country players to bown. It not infrequently happens when a countryman is most urgently needed to help a city club that that is just the very time his own dis- trict requires his services, and this sort of thing has become objectionable to thosG who havo helped in bringing rural foot- ballers into tho limelight of senior and sometimes-representativo football. Every inducement should bo afforded the school footballors to take their places in senior company, and the league might with ad- vantage encourage the competitivo spirit b3- the piesontation of gold medals to the best player of each season in primary and secondary schools' teams. Furthermore, in future seasons, the league should take over the control and management of school matches of a North and South character, and these fixtures should be so arranged that they precede tho trials of skill between the seniors in club and re- presentativo contests. This certainly should be brought into vogue next sea- son, and its inauguration, on the lines laid down, would prove beneficial all round. A conference between the lcaguo and hondmaslers on the matters men- tioned would doubtless oveicome any ob

i jections that may bo raised.

Excepting a visit from the Fitzroy (Vic.) club in June, the season's programme contained nothing of an interstate fla- vour; but an important fixture was the State promiership match, played at Ho- bart on September 4, and which was won by Cannnore, who somowhat easily de- feated the Launceston club. Tho usual exchange visits were mode between North and South teams, and honours wero even, each side winning on its own ant-hill. Owing to unfortunate differences exist- ing on the North-West- Coast it was im- possible to arrange for triangular matches, and a visit from o West Coast com'bina tion lapsed through inability to sond a thoroughly lepresentativo team on tour At the close of the league's roster the City (Launceston) club came South and played an off match with North Hobart, in which the superiority of the visitina plnyois was very pronounced.

Tue proposal . for an amalga- mation ot "A" and "B" league inteiests was discussed early in the season, and a decision was arrived at whereby next year will see the inauguration of junior clubs working in with those of the senior teams. This should form a good feed- ing ground for the bigger instituiton.

A most gratfying feature in connection with the senson was the distribution of a sum of ¿30 amogst several deserving charities. Now that a beginning has been made in this direction tho committee of the league should next season have a rule framed giving power to donate a sum to deserving objects each year, and in this they will have-as they have already the full support and sympathy of foot- ballers generally. In addition to thu charity vote, the league made willing re- sponse to many appeals for financial help fioin junior and Behool organisations.

The league promiership competition as usual consisted of five rounds of matches, hut owing to Cnnnnoro's success, the pro. vision for a play-off was not requited. A somewhat interesting disenssion arose con- sequent upon a scheme of "possibilities" propounded by "The Mercury," but here, again, tho success of the Cananoro Cluli prevented the issue raised coming before the league for official pronouncement. However, the discussion and arguments that took place on the premiership rules and their correct interpretation should not be in vain. A little simpler languago might, with advantage, be devoted to the premiership rule9, so that footballers and othors may be able to understand.niatters

at a glance.

The hague were fortunate in procuring a capable field umpire in Allen from Melbourne. It is not possible to say that he gave completo satislaction all thiough the season; but it con unhesitatingly b» written down that, on the whole, his de- cisions mot with the general approval of players and public, and all wero convinc- ed that the umpire discharged his ardu- ous duties without fear or favour. Messrs. T. R. Marsden and A. Cook weie the goal officials, and a very ardent lover of tho spott in Mr. John Sharp was the personi fication of punctiliousness in carrying out tho duties appertaining to the office ol honorary timekeeper.

Tin» financial position of the "league, as already mentioned, is sound, thanks to the capable and business-like methods of management adopted by thoso entrusted with tim reins of office. The football trus. tecs will, it is expected, be able to put aside at least ¿250 after all liabilities have boen met, and this should bo causa for much grotifiontion. The committee, on the whole, had little trouble with players, but townfas the close, when tho final flutters saw an inciense in tho strenuousness of the play, it was found expedient to either disqualify for a term or severely admonish players who had, in the heat of battle, exceeded the bounds of propriety. Splendid work was again dono by the officials of the league, and in this connection special mention Jins to he made of tho completeness with which Mr. W. H. Gill conducted the secretarial duties. . His undoubted ability, energy, and organising powers are reflected in tho many successes that havo ibeen achieved during the past few months. As chairman, Mr. John Watt added prestige to tho position, and won tho esteem and confidence alike of footballers and sport- ing folk generally by the couiteous and able way in which ho presided over the league's doliberations Mr. Cecil Crisp's control of the finances carries with it a

happy augury for future prosperity, and whilst he has kept a tight grip of the bawbeçs, he has" at the same time been a very liberal advocate for any expendi- ture that had for its object the better- ment of football. The gentlemen com- posing the managing body of the league havo shown a warm desiie to promote the welfare of the game, in doing which they havo mado manv sacrifices of time and labour that should win the gratitude, es- teem, and respect of footballers through-

out the State.

Below will be found a summarised ac- count of the season's doings by the senior players.



Cannnore, the premier club, played the following matches:

First Round.

May 1.-Won against North Hobart by

, 12.13 (85 points* to 3.8 (20 points). ,

May 15.-Won* against Lefroy by U.9 (65 points) to 6.9 (45 points).

Second Round.

May 2.-Beaton by North Hobart, 7.5 (47 points) to 5.10 (40 points).

June 5.-Beaten by Lefroy, 4.8 (32 points) to 2.8 (20 points).

Third Round.

Juno 12.-Won against North Hobart by 9.9 (G3 points) to 1.11 (17 points).

July 3.-Won against Lefroy by 4.1G (40 points) to 3.2 (20 points).

Fourth Round.

July 10.-Benlcn by North Hobart, 5.9 (39 points) to 3.8 (2G points).

July 31.-Benton by Lefroy, 8.8 (56 points) lo G.9 (45 points). ?

Fifth Round.

August 7.-Won against North Hobart by 3.7 (25 points) to 3-G (24 points).

August 21.-Won against Lefroy by 3,13 (31 points) to 0.6 (G points).

Goalkickers.-F. Burton, 13; Tudor, 8; Bucirde, 6; Lobdalc, 4; K. Bailoy, 3; Ab- salom, 3; Ward, 3; Thompson, 2; Abey, 2; Filgato, 2; Gardiner, 2; Featherstone, 2; Carter, Scanlon, Murdoch, F. Turnor, Donoghue, and Orpwood, '1 each. Total,



First Round.

May 1.-Beaten by Cananore, 12.13 (85 points) to 3.8 (26 points).

May 8.-Won against Lefroy by 8.11 (59 points) to 4.8 (32 points).

Second Round.

May 23.-Won against Cananore by 7.5 (47' points) to 5.10 (30 points). '

May 29.-Won against, Xof roy hy 9.13 (67 points) to 6.10 (46 points).

Third Round.

June 12.-Beaten bv Cananore by 9.9 (63 points) to 1.11 (17 points).

Juno 26.-Beaten by Lefroy, 9.14 (08 points) to 8.7 (25 points). ¡, v

Fourth Round.

July 10.-Won againstiCnranoro hy 5.3 (39 points) to 3.8 (26-paiñts).

iJuly 17_Beaton by lief roy by 5.8 (38 points) to 5 bohinds (5 points).

Fifth Round.

August 7.-i-Bcaton by ' '. nanore, by 3 7 (2A points) to 3.6 (24 point").

August 14.-Won again-it lefroy by 7.8 (50 points) to 2.7 (19 points).

Goalkiokors.-Cook, 12; Watchorn, 8; R. Langford, 7; Ern. Russell, 3; Lee, 3; R. Jones, 3; S. Russoll, 3; Ed. Rushall,

2- A. Langford, Jorr, Jeffrey, Brain, and j W. Dodge, 1 each. Total, 40.


First Rounds

May 8.-Beaten by North Hobart, 8.11 (59 points), to 4,8 (32 points).

.May 15.-Beaten by,Cananore, 9.9 (63 points), to 6,9 (45 points).

Second Round.

May 29.-Beaten by North Hobart, 9.13 (67 points), to 6.10 (46 points).

Juno 5.--Won against Cananore, 4.8 (32 points), to 2,8 (20 points).

Third Round.

June 28.-Won against North Hobart, 9.14 (68 points), to 3.7 (25 points).

July 3.-Beaten by Cananore, 4.16 (40

points), to 3.2 (20 points).

Fourth Round.

July 17.-Won against North Hobart, 5.8 (38 points), to 5 behinds (5 points).

July 31.-Won against Cananore, 8.8 (56 points), to 6.9 (45 points).


August 14.-Beaten bj North Hobart by 7.8 (50 points) to 2.7 (19 points).

August 21.-Beaten -by Cananore, 3.13 (31 points), to 6 behinds (6 points).

Goal-kickers.-Vincent, 10; Pennicott, 7; Hill, 5; Oliphant, 5; Abel, 4; Green- land, 4; Reid, 3; Bostick. 2; Kelly, 2; Molross, 2; Mitchell, Carroll, and Ander- son, 1 each. Total, 47.



a.b. - | " «. | * « _a g 3 a g g

Cannnore . 10 0 4 0 28 16 North Hobart. 10 5 5 0 28 14 Lofroy,. 10 4 6 0 28 12

WINNERS OF PREMIERSHIPS. 1881-Railway. 1898-Railway, 1882-Railway. 1897-Hohart. 1883-Railway. 1898-Lefroy. 1884-Cricketers. 1899-Lofroy.

1885-Holebrook. - - 1900-Wellington. 1886-City. ' 1901r-Lefroy.

1887-Railway. "''-MIß-North,- Hobart. 188S-<City. 1903-Wellington. 1880-Railway. 1904-Wellington.

1890-Holebrook. 1905-North Hobart. 1891-Holebrook. 1906-Derwent. 1892-City. 1907-Lefroy.

1893-City. 1908-North Hobart. 1894- Railway. 1909-Cananore. 1895-Bailwuy.


September i (nt Hobart).-Cannnore (premiers Tasmanian Football League! defeated Launceston .(premiers Northern Tasmanian Football Association) by 6 goals 10 behind- (16 points) to 2 ¡¡oils 6 be- hind« (l8 points). Goalkickers for'Üana aore: Waid (i!, Gardiner, and Tiylor.


June 19-Fitzroy (Vic), 8.25 (73 points); South Tasmania, 2.6 (l8 points). Fitzroy won by 55 points. Gardiner ikeked the goals for South Tasmania.


June 7 (at Hobart).-South, 15.19 (109 points); North, 6.5 (41 points). South won by 68 points. ,

July 24 (at Launceston).-North, 3.8 (26 points); South, 3.6 (21 points). North won by 2 points.

Matches played, 38. South, 27 wins; North, 8. Thiee games have been drawn.



R. Langford, 7; Lee, 3; Gardiner, 2; R. Jones, Jory, Murdoch, Brain, S. Rus- sell, Waid, Vincent, and Carter, 1 eaoh. Total 20. _



The associated State-schools of Hobart have brought their football season to a close. "The Mercury" shield, for which tho school teams have been competing, has been secured for the second timo by the Battery Point school. At the Goul bum-stieet school last evening a function was held for the purpose of presenting the shield. Mr. C. R. Davies, of, "The Mer-

cury," presided, aird there were also pre-

sent:-Messrs. R. Smith and T. W. Blai kio (Battery Point), P. Newitt (New Town), T. B. Reid (Glenorchy), N. H. Edwards (Goulburn-street), and P. Hughes (Training Collcgo), while an apol- ogy wa9 received from Mr. G. V. Brooke. There were also present a large number of boys and girls from tho > different

schools. . '.)."

Mr. Edwards, who is secretary of the association, briefly referred to tho doings of tho season. The best performance of the season, he thought, was the defeat of Friends' High School by tho Southern "A" team. They were indebted to the Tasmanian League, and also to Mr. Lucas, for their assistance. Ho made special "mention of the services rendered by Mr. Hughes as lion, coach, who had* had in hand tho Battery Point school and the representative team.

Mr. C. R. Davies, iu making the pre- sentation, said that it was a pleasant duty, on behalf of "The Mercury" Pro- prietary, to present the shield lo the Bat- tery Point school team. The team, had put up a very creditable performance, and had gone right through the season with oniy one loss. It showed that they had been persevering and determined in their efforts. He hoped that tho' boys of tho other schools would put their should- ers to the wheel in the endeavour to wrest the shield from Battery Point, who had secured it two years in succession. He congratulated the boys as a -whole on their excellent performance against the* Northerners, whom they defeated twice during the season. A great deal of credit was due to the sports masters who had interested themselves in the boys. In time to como the boys would be called upon to fill the ranks of the senior football clubs, and the training they were now receiving would be of great assistance to them. He hoped that they would not forget what they were at pro sent learning, and that they w'ould play always a manly and sporting game.

Mr. Davies then handed the shield to the members of the Battery Point team.

Mr. Blaikie, in returning thanks on bo half of the recipients, said that tli6 matches had been fought in a manly and sportsmanlike spirit. Tho Batter}- Point team had worked hard to secure the


Mr. R. Smith moved a hearty vote of thanks io "The Mercury," the proprietors of which, he said, had done a great deal to encourage football and other sports throughout Tasmania, Sir Geo. Davies

had himself been a fine cricketer, nnd ho had kopt the love for sport, and still did all he could to encourage it. Experience told thom that boys and- gjrls wero bet- ter men and women for their indulgence in sport. It taught them to take a knock. Ho was especially pleased to see the interest Mr. Hughes took in the spot ts of the schools.

The vote of thanks to the donors was then carried by acclamation.

On the motion of Mr. R. Smith, a hearty voto of thanks was accorded tho offioials of the association, with which wero braoketed the names of Messrs. Ed- uards, Blaikie, Reid, Newitt, and Hughes

The children indulged in games, and a pleasant evening was brought to a close

with refreshments.

Tho position of the clubs is as follows :

Won. Lost. Points.

I Battery Point . 11 1 22 Glenorchy. ... ... 9 3 l8 Central. 7 5 14 Trinity Hill . 7 5 . 14 New Town ... 6 6 12 Goulburn-st. 2 10 4 S. Hobart. ". ... 0 12 -

This is tho second season the shield has been in existence.


LAUNCESTON, September 24.

The Beaconsfield football team arrived to-night, and joined the mail train for tho South. To-morrow they play a match against Oatlands for the Oatlands shield,