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Tho following handicaps have been de- clared for the Hobart Trotting Club's meeting on Saturday next: -

Third Class Division, 1J mile (limit, 4 42).-Minnie May, Bess, Len Rose, Roan Eagle, scr.; Miss Wait-a-while, Polly, Mummel Boy, 15; You Owe Me, 45; Pre- sident Lincoln, Clievcmont, Princess, Glen Royal, Fitzroy, 60; Bright Honour, Jacko, Empress. Auld Scottie, Darter, 90; Nipper B.. Eric B., Maud, 120.

Second Class Division, li milo (limit, 4 30).-Grey Boy, Rosie Belle, scratch; Jack II., SO; Dolly M., Bay Dolly, Stella, Tracey Boy, 60; Fenton Boy, Little, Kitty, Innisfallen, Lady Elmo, Vera, 75; Logan Boy, Tom II., 90; Wynyard Lnd, 105; Kentucky Lass, 135 j Rajah of Bhang. 150. .' . ,

First Class Division, le milo (limit, 4.13J).-Folly, Chlorine, Darkio Sam, scratch; -Owyz, Dinah Rose, Myall, 15; Brandv, His Majesty, 30; Chester, 45;

Miss T-i»'*- The Grey, Tuxy, 75; C.J.R., 90; M '?"i-,. 165; Nnney Huon, Colenso, 185; Highlander, 220; Not Yet, 260.

Third Class Division, 2 miles (limit, 6,18),-Minnie May, Bess, Len Rose, Roan Eagle, scratch ; Miss Wait-a-while, Polly, 20; You Owe Me, 60; President Lincoln, Glen Royal, Princess, Clievemont, Fitz- roy. 80; Bright Honour, Auld Scottie, Empress, Darter, 120; Eric B., Maud, 160.

Second Class Division, 2 miles (limit, 6min.).-Darktown, Rosie Bello, scratch; Jack II., Minnehaha, 40; ' Bay Dolly, Dolly M., Stella, Tracey Boy, 80; Lady Elmo, Little, Kitty. 100; Innisfallon, Fenton Boy, 100; Tom II., Logan Boy, 120; Cast Steel, 160; Kentucky Lass, 180; Rajah of Bhong-, 200.

First Class Division, 2 miles (limit, 5.38).-Folly, Chlorine, Darkip Sam, scratch; Doubtful, Owyz,- Dinah Rose, Myall, 20: Brandy, -His Majesty, 40; Chester, Woodbanks, 60; MÍ6S Time, Tho Groy, 100; C.J.R., Cocil R., 120; Mead- ows, 220; Nancy Huon, 240; Pretty Polly, 250; Not Yet, 350.

J. REYNOLDS, Handicapped


MELBOURNE, September 4.

Perfect' weather prevailed to-day for the Caulfield races, which attracted a good attendance. Results:-.


2 miles and 64yds.

Stock Bros.' Lost Mistake, by Mistake

-Maori Lass, 11.5 (R. Koops). 1 Currie's Sinderby, 9.7 (F. Burn) .' 2 Kelly's Portlight, 11.7 (Houseman) ... 8

Other starters: Regret (G. Avery), Red Fly (P. Guinane), Mundalla (G. Koops), Benburb (J. Edwards), Kuotter (T. Kyle), Wyangerie (H. Morgan), Louise (J. Ryan), Amiable, 31b. over (D. Coleman), Yurong (G. McVicknr).

Betting: 4 te 1 agst Sinderby; 5 to 1 LastMistako; 0 to 1 Rod Fly and Port light; 7 to 1 Louise; 8 to 1 Knottor.

As soon as they settled down, Yurong went to tho front, and led into the straight, but beforo reaching the judge's

box Knottor assumed command from Red Fly,1 Portlight, and Last Mistake. Ben- burb fell at tho first hurdle out of the straight. Portlight took chargo along the back, and showed the way round the farturn to Last Mistako, Knottor, Wyan- gerie, and Sinderby. Last Mistako ran to tho front nt tile homo turn, and won comfortably by three-quarters of a length from Sipdorby. A length and three quarters separated second and third,

Louise was fourth, Wyangerie fifth, Knottor sixth, with Yurong and Mun- dalla last. Time, 3min. 58sec.


6 furlongs.

Chirnsido's Queen o' Scots, by Wallaco -Tortile, 7.0, including 2lb. over (C.

Bollon).\.. ... 1 Brown's Spyfoot, 6.10 (C. Andrews)... 2 O'Koefe's Gunpowder, 7.3 (S. Ferguson) 3

Other starters: Siege Moi, 8.6 (E. King); Mcdje, 8.5 (J- Dowling); Belle Sebreicht, 8.5 (G. Ross); Pósito, 8.3 (W. Smart); Herr Mond. 8.3 (R. Lewis); Bonax, 7.3 (C. Cooper); Fairy Bell, 7.12 (C. Andrews); Boniface, 7.10 (J. Harri- son): Theodasia, 6.12 (E. Grace); Kirk maiden, 6.12 (H. Emery); Bnrboriy, 6.12 <F. Harmer); Flavian, 6.11, including lib. over (S. Cusdin); Lord Dudley, 6.7 (J. «'Heffernan); England, 6.7 (T. Monson);

Bonaire, 6.7, inoluding 21b. over (G. Lam- bert); Miss Query, 0.6, including 21b.


Betting: G to 4 agst Queen o' Scots; 7 to 1 Seige Moi) 8 to 1 Gunpowder; 10 to 1 Herr Mond; 14 to 1 Fairy Bell and


Queen o' Scots made all tho running, and won easily by six lengths. Spryfoot beat Gunpowder by eight lengths for se- cond place. Lord Dudley was fourth, Kirkmaiden fifth, Belle Sebreicht sixth, while Bonifnco and Miss Query wore last, lime, 1mm. 17sec.


9 furlongs.

Ellis's Kerlie, by Stepniak-Melodious,

8.3 (R, Cameron). 3 Bradfield's Woorooma, 7.13 (C. An

diews) . 2

Lazarby's Aberdeen, 8.1 (G. Ross) . 2

Other starters:-Truo Scot (F. Burn); Even Time (E. McTaggart); Mola (S. Fergus); Dunolly (F. Clarke); Lo .Tcuno (J Btkershnuk); Akim Foo (E. King); Trelo Vonni (G. Lambert); Mooni (A. Tobin); Boldrowood (A. Bell); Kildean (C Bolton); Blind..Hurry (F. Duncan); Lithgow (T. Manson); Lady Hova (S. Fisher); Santo, lib. over (S. Cusdin); Bonnie Wallaco (E. Grace); Georgia (J. Cain); Cross Step (L. Fisher).

Betting: 7 to 2 agst Woorooma; 5 te'l -Mala; 7 to 1 Dunolly nnd Kerlie; 8 to 1 Truo Scot, Bonnie Wallace; 10 te 1 Aber- deen ; 14 to 1 Trelo Vouni.

Mala jumped away first, and carried on the running along the back and down tho railway side from Boldreivootl, Trelo Vouni, Akim Foo, Kerlie. and Woorooma. Trelo Vouni led round tho turn from Mala, Woorooma, Kerlie, and Aberdeen. The favourite took command at the dis- tance, and led within a short distance of the post, where Kerlie got up and beat , him by a neck. Aberdeen was a length

away third, Mala fourth, True Ccot fittn, Trelo Vouni sixth, and Lithgow last. Time, lmin. 58sec.


About 2 miles.

Stanmoro's Earl of Castles, by Penance

- Eglantine, 9.12 (P. Cosgrove) . » ; Morton's Kuala .> Lumpur, 12.11 (D.

Coleman) . 2

A. Miller'6 Boomerang, 11.3 (T. Mc- .

\ Intosh) .'..'... 3 -. Other starters:-Eucambene (A. Wil , ( liamson); Squirm (II. Morgan); Savorne ; (H. New); King's County (S. Howie);

Findowrie (H. Deeble); Intrepid, 5lb. over < (W. Black); Cuach (J. McVicar).

Betting: 5 to 2 agst King's County; 4 » te 1 Squirm; 7 to 1 Boomerang; 8 to 1 i Sa vor no and Eucambene; 10 to 1 Kuala

Lumpur and Earl of Castles; 15 to 1 Findowrie. <

i Saverne fell at the first of the treble.

; King's County pulled up at tho second of »! the trebles, and Intrepid fell at the hill. J Findowrie acted as pacemaker most of 1 the journey from Boomerang, Earl of } Castles, and Kuala- Lumpur. Findowrie

Earl of Castles, and Boomerang were to J gother at the sod wall, but Earl of Castles > took command at the last fence, and won Î, by twelve lengths from Kuala Lumpur, í with four lengths between second and

third. ' Eucambene and Findowrie were ,5 together, fourth; and Cuach and Squirm Í last. Time, 3min, 53isec.


| 1 mile and 1 furlong.

\ Roid's Knox, by'Ranfurly-Molly, 9.4

2 (W. Southey).\. 1 ï , Lynch's Dhobi. 8.7 (S. Cusdin)._... 2 i Macleod's Iolaire, 9.11 (C. Cooper). 3 ' Other starters: Trafalgar, 9.7 (R. I Lewis); Brookong, 8.2 (S. Ferguson); Idyll, .I 8.2 (C. Pratt); Barm, 6.9 (C. Andrews).

| Betting: 2 to 1 agst Knox; 3 to 1 Dhobi j and Trafalgar; 8 Fo 1 Brookong; 12 to 1 ¡ ,,telaire.

* *. Idyll got badly away, and tbe first to ; show out was Barm, who was followed by \ Brookong, Knox, and Trafalgar. When I ifey sot to the back of the course, \ Brookong led from Barm, Knox, and Tra- il falgar, with Idyll still last. ,At tho far % turon Brookong continued in the van, ¡j Barm, Knox, Iolaire, and Dhobi boing i next m that order. Knox joined Brookong

at the railwoy side, the pair being two Î lengths in front of Iolnire and Dhobi. S Dhobi and Knox entered the straight in ä that order, pursued by Brookong and í Iolaire. Dhobi was in front at tho dis-

tance, but Knox challenged him, and won 1 a good race by a neck, with foin- lencths f N between second and third. Barm was Í v íonrth.íTrafnlgar fifth, nnd Idyll last. f v 'lime', lmin. 57isec.

1 WARRISTON WELTER. I .,. 7 furlongs.

f It. McLaur's Malmsey, by Maltster

? Lovolawn, 8.12 (C. Bolton). 1 I MoArthur's Brasseur, 7.6, including


51b. allowance (R. Elders) . 2 Deeming's Perilous, 8.8 (C. Andrews)... 3

Other starters: Mindful, allowed 51b. (J. Ettersbauk), Forgo (F. Sutherland), Token (F. Clarke), Gluo (R. Lewis), Barney O'Hca (W. Redfern), Ngaurohoe (F. Cracknell), Maddon (0. Pratt), Fulminato (W. FouUham), Wnrrayuro (W. Minter), Kambrook (G. Ross), Tea Cosy (G. Harri- son), Gunpowder (E. Grace), Prize Fighter (S. Cusdin), Burston (C. Cooper). C.Q. (W. Smart), Solario (F. Harmer).

Betting: 3 to 1 Mindful; 9 to 2 Malm-_ scv; 5 to 1 Burston; 7 to 1 Perilous! 8 to 1 Fulminator; 12 to 1 C.Q.; 15 to 1 Token and Ngaurahoo ; 20 to 1 Brasseur.

Token got tho best of the start, and, carrying on all the running, entered the straight clear of Brasseur, Malmsey, and Burston. At the distance Brasseur was in

front of Malmsey, but the latter gradu- ally drew away, and won by a length. Perilous, who finished well, was a length and a quarter away, third, Burston was fourth, Token fifth, Gunpowder sixth, and Madelon lost. Time, lmin. 30sec.


SYDNEY, September 5.

Tho Moorefield races were held yester- day in fine weather, and in the presence of a largo attendance. The track was a trifle holding. Results:

Hurdle Race, about 2 miles.-Hermes, by Gallinule-The Message. 5yrs., 9.2 (Curtin), 1; Hotstuff, 9.0 (Freeland), 2; Sulu, 9.0 (Curran), 3. Nino others start- ed. Betting: 10 to 1 agst the winner. Won by half a length. Time, 4min. 2soo.

Trial Stakes, 1 mile.-Marcotina. 7.9

Olood), 2; Lady Diplomat, 7.9 (Pike), 2; Sunliko, 7.8 (Gullum), 8. Ten others started. Betting: S to 1 agst tho winner. Won by a length. Time. lmin. 44660.

Flying Handicap, 6 furlongs.-Sunny South, 8.5 (Connell), 1; Poser, 7.4 (Bren- nan), 2; Bangoo, 6.7 (Foley), 3. Fourteen others started. Betting: 5 to 4 agst the winnor. Won by half a length. Time, lmin. 18}sec.

Stewards' Mile.-Confetti, 8.9 (Pike), lj Buckloberry, 8.10 (McLachlan), 2; Vaun tio, 7.7 (Doyle), 3. Eleven others started. Betting: 6 lo 1 agst the winner. Won by ono and a half length. Time, lmin. 4Íisec.

Moorefield Handicap, li milo.-Ambas- sador, by Fortunatus-Ambrosia, 4yrs., 8.10 (Pike), 1; Pharos, 8.7 (McLachlan), 2; Lady Diplomat, 6.8 (Davies), 8. Eleven others started. Botting: 5 to 1 agst the winner. Won by a longth. Time. 2min.


Flying Welter, 6 furlongs.-Brilliant Boy, 8.3 (Wood), 1; Larry, 8.12 (McLach- lan), 2; Lord Hybla, 8.12 (Thomas), 3. Sixteen others started. Botting: 2 to 1 agst the winner. Won by eight lengths. Time, lmin. 18sec.


ADELAIDE, September 5.

The spring meeting of the South Aus- tralian Jockey Club was concluded in fine weather yesterday on the Morphettville

course. The attendance was large. He suits:


Lady Borenico, 7.8 (Morshales) ... ... 1 Prammorei, 7.9 (Krogdahl) ..'. ... 2

Frament, 7.10 (Muirhead) . 3

There weie li others started. Won by half a length. Time lmin. 37sec. Divi- dends, £8 19s. and £3 9s.


Streak, by Prior-Sultana, aged, 10.5

(Violet) . 1

Agent, 10.11 (Butlor) . 2 Barossa, 9.12 (Neale) . 3

Eleven others started. Won bv nine lengths. Time, 4min. 6JSDC. Dividends, JEG 14s. and X1 Is.


Ventualist, 6.12 (Neale) . 1 Tinman, 6.11 (Gilford) . 2 Spinaway, 7.8 (Hopwood). t

Flash, 6.12 (Campbell) . t

Nine others started. Won by four and a half lengths. Spinaway and Flash were a dead-heat TOT third place. Timo, 2min. 49sec. Dividends, £G 19s. and £8



Tarpon, by Sardine-Topsy, aged, 12.2 '

(Butler) .*. 1

Wavcrloy, 9.0 (Bennett) . 2 Pastime, 9.13 (Bracegirdlo) . 3

Four others started. Won by five lengths and a half. Tho favourite, Wolso ley.vran off. Time, 5min. 49soc. Divi- dend, £3 Is.


4£ furlongs.

Ayrloch, 8.7 (Campbell).1

Forever, 7.9 (King) . Í. 2

Eager, 7.10 (Hopwood) . 3

Fifteen started. Won by two lengths. Time, lmin. l^scc. Dividends, £8 2s. and


6 furlongs.

Mcdaglia, by Medallion - Second

Thought, 7.3 (O'Brien) . 1

Padianl, 8.2 (Cox) . 2 Golden Hill, 7.12 (Flynn). 3

Twelve started. Won by half a length. Time, lmin. 21sec. Dividends, .£36 and

£1 15s.



KALGOOHLIE, September 5.

Tho Kalgoorlie Racing Club commenced its nnnunl Cup meeting yesterday. The weather was favourable, and'tho attend- ance was good. Results: -


Loch Shiel, by Lo Var-Nitre, 7.5

(Shedden). 1 Lady Agnes, 9.8 (Marrett) . 2 Hatteras, 8.9 (Sutherland). 3

Other starters: Percival, Ellis, St. Peter, Al, Otira, Agnostic, Flora Mac, Azurine, Independence. Thackeray, Cla- rion, Pearl Maiden,. Misfire, Laughing Water, Stirling, Rosarv, and Path.

Betting: 3 to 1 agst Ellis; 4 to 1 Flora Mac; 25 to 1 Loch Shiel.

Totalisator dividend, ¿0138 18s. Won easily by two lengths, with a head be- tween second and third. Time, lmin. 43


The dividend is a record for West Aus- tralia.


MELBOURNE, Soptembor 5.

Intrepid fell in the Steeplechase nt Caulfield yesterday, and broke his neck.

Through taking off too far at a fence in the Steeplechase at Caulfield yestor day the favourite, King's County, got into the obstacle, and broke his forearm. An effort will be mndo to save him.

First acceptances for the Epsom Metro- politan are duo this afternoon. Socond forfeit is to be declared oa the Thursday preceding each race.

Lochnagah, by Lochnair out of Are- thusa, the property of Mr. J. B. Clift, was awarded champion honours for blood stallion at the recent Gunnedah (N.S.W.) Show. Tho old Prince Charlie horse Lochiel, who was good at any distance from two furlongs to three miles, being dead and gone, it has come to be recog- nised that any stallion decently bred on the mare's side and bv Lochiel or one of his sons, should bo weil patronised at tho


M. Ryan, the Sydney jockey, who was over here riding for Mr. W. N. Willis, is right out of luck. Ho had only just recovered .from one accident when at

Cuntcrbury-park on Saturday he had a collar-bone broken, and received injuries to his back as a result of E.K.W. falling with him in tlio Hurdle Raco. He WBB Tomoved to a hospital. (

A. Stacey, the Adelaide trainor, has, reaohed Caulfield with the racehorses Young Fred (an aged gelding, by Gozo Necklace, brother to the ill-fated Cordon), and an untried three-year-old filly by

Fortune Teller.

Six applications wero received for the position of handicapper to the-Port Ade- laide Pacing Club, which had been ren- dered vacant by the resignation of ' Mr. W. C. Hughes. The committee appoint- ed Mr. P. Goudie.

Concerning the disqualification of the racehorse Ellis in west Australia, the injunction was based on the claim that Lauder was not present during the whole of the inquiry. Rule 18a, which deals with the matter, says:-"No decision given upon any inquiry into any charge or complaint against any person, or into any objection against any horse under

theso rules, shall bo valid or of any effect unless the person against whom tho charge or complaint, or against whoso hoi«! the objection shall havo been made, shall have been afforded an opportunity of-(a) attending the inquiry, (b) hearing all the ovidence given thereat, (c) cross examining all witnesses who shall have given eyidenco thereon, (d) being heard and giving and adducing evidence on his own behalf." It bas been cabled that in tho effort on tho part of the West Australian Turf Club to dissolve the in- junction, the judge said that the stewards had not complied with the rules,, and ehould have given clear and unraistak ablo notice that a complaint was being made against Lauder, in order to ensure his attendance, '

Tho Positano colt, Pósito, has changed hands, his new owner being Mr. J. H. Hindnugh, a well-known sportsman of the Western District of Victoria.

Admiral Hawke, own brother to tho famous maro Pretty Polly, easily defeated tho favourite, Mistrelln (F .Wootton), in the Levant Stakes, of .£1,045, for two year-olds, at Goodwood on July 28. The English public ne\cr seemed to have taken kindly to Admiral Hawke, and ho was neglected in the betting. This bril- liant performance will bring him into greater favour.

His Majesty King Edward VII. and Queen Alexandra were present to see Minoru win tho Sussex Stakes at Good vpood last month in a common canteT. It was a race with pennlties, and Minoru carried 9.8. Only two others 9tarted Préster- Jack npd Verney.

As learned by cable, Flavel shares favouritism with Bluo Book for the A.J.C Metropolitan. This is how "Mil- roy" of the ..Sydney Mail" sums up tho chances of Mr. S. M. Wilson's horse: - "Flavel is a Flnvus, bred by Mr. E. R. White at Merton, and is out of Lady Kernel, by Prince Chester from the Goldsbrough mare Philopena, one of the Cocoanut tribe, which has produced many good racehorses, including, of course, such smashers ne Navigator, Trident, Coil. .Cobbitty, and Cocos. In Tas- mania Flavol was as good as the best of the locals, bat Jack Smith gave him 121b7 and an easy beating in the Hobart Cup, which sounds anything but reassuring. Of course, the colt may have n.nde con- siderable progress, which doubtless he has, since he met the erratic littlo Vic- torian, who, to my way of thinking, is always a bad horse when ho meets a good one that will go at him and put rude questions to him before ho has time to think. After the Hobart meeting Flu vel went on to Launceston, and was de- feated in the Cup by Golden Gate, a colt of his own ago, to whom ho was conceding 31b., and whom ho beat in the Hobart Cup at a difference of a pound in his fav- our. There is nothing very attractive about the turf record of Golden Gate, ex-, cept as a six-furlong sprinter, but all the' same ho and Flavel both defeated De lenda in the Launceston Cup, giving him weight. Dolenda-then came back to Mel- bourne, and should have won, some people think, tho Australian Cup from Pendil, who was giving him a pound. In this race Flavel was out of a place with 6.12, and, judging by his appearance when he came to Sydney Inter ne could not hove been in the best of nick, for ho looked very washed ont and weak when ho arrived at Randwick, and it took Kelso samo time to get him into any- thing like bloom again. Thero was some talk a while back of Ambassador being Kelso's sheet anchor, aad a good one at that, for ope of tho spring handicaps, ? if not the double; but his running nt Rose- hill puts him right out of consideration

for eithor of these evants. For six fur- longs of the mile . which ho was called upon to negotiate at Rosehill Ambassa- dor was pulling Pike out of the saddle,

but when it came to tho finish bo melted away uko snow before fire, and finished badly behind the unexpected Master


In Hungary and Austria thoroughbfeds imported as foals with their dams acquire all the rights of native horses; thorefors they are qualified to take part in all races, but when imported without dam.oi later during their yearling days, they can- not qualify for all races-only for a small proportion of them. Last year Mr. do Szcmere brought in a motion to enable owners to buy yearlings in foreign coun- tries, and to grant to those the qualifica- tion of native horses, supposing the owners are willing to pay an import tax of 250SOVS. per head. At a recent meet- ing of tbo Hungarian Jockey Club the Szemero proposal (as it was called) was carried, but, with a view to future brood mares, granted only for fillies, opening to them nearly all tho greater events that ^a're "for Continental-bred horses, except French-bred ones." Colts are debarred this favour. The amount of tho paid im- port taxes will bo used -for breeding pur- poses, chiefly for importing mares, and fjrst-class stallion«

Tho death of Mr. R. M. Morton last week removes the oldest continuous mem- ber of the Canterbury (N.Z.) Jockey Club, ho having been elected in 1858 or 1859. For many years ho wa« a fteward and a commiiteoman, and rendered yeoman ser- vice on the course committee, ,nnd took a prominent part in planting the race- course resoryo. In the old days Mr. Mor- ten was an owner of racing stock, and in 1870 his filly Maid of the Mist ran third in the Canterbury Derby to Mr. Douglas'« Malabar, Mr. Brabazon's Waterwitch be- ing second.