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\ camp 01 in traction for officers and non-comm -stoned officer» 01 the "th Regí

ment MR will be formed at the Ci'v Oval on Mondai and will be continued during

the week

\ case of some inter., t to holder ot resi

dence area* wa dealt with at the \\ arden s Court on Niturdai Mr V P craith 01 Clarendon sought an injunction against Mrs Elzabcth Rv-n to prevent defendant proceed ng with the registration ot i red dence irea on the ground tnat the land was embodied in certain propcrtv for which apphcan had a prior registntton Mr T \ Robertson appeared for the applican

and Mr T B Pearson for the defence In cross-eximmation the applicant admitted that he had not resided on tlie ground since registration Mr Dickson, the warden was about to dismiss tlie application when Mr Robertson asked that a case should be stated Mr Dickson decided to adop" this

cour e

Earl} on "aturdav morning a fire broke

out at the tesidence of Mr Steele Pleasant street The cit3 brigade was summoned, but the building which was of weather board burnt so rapidly that nothing could

be «aved Mr« Meela and her fanulv escaped from the house with difficulty The building was insured in the Norwich Union tor £120 and the furniture for £5o but the owner who is at a lo«s to account for the ongin of the fire state» that the damage is not nearlv covered

Gerald O Dea a pupil 01 St Patrick's College Ballarat, has i-ecnred a state Um vere- j exhibition tenable for fire vears \ oung O Dea who isa son ot Councillor O Dea of Bungaree is 15 rears of age

The Pro estant temperance societies ot the distnet have invited the Rev lather

Hays, who ia at present in Melbourne to visit Ballarat and speak under their aus pices On Saturday Father Hay* notified that he would accept the invitation of the Protestants No definite date has been fixed but it will probably be about Feb

ruar} 21

.Vbou,. midnight on Saturdav an old man named Fvan Hughes was found near the Howitt stree., railwav crossing suffering from a severe cut on the head Hughe-,

who had apparent*! fallen down wastteated

at the hospital

In accordance with a ruling bv Telix, of The Australasian the disputed cricket match between Soldier» Hill and Ballara» Citv was resumed on Saturday Ballara v C¡tv won bj an innings and 59 runs the scores being-Soldiers Hill firs innings 53 second innings 02 Ballarat Citj first in nings 174 V remarkable featuie of the olav was the bowling o' S Stephens of tlie Ballarat Citv who during -Soldier» Hills second innings secured the 10 wickets for 29 runs Stevens was presen ed bv his club mates wita i hat In the match Ballarat v Golden Citv Golden Citv won by 34 run» The «cores were -Golden Citv-Fust innings 83 second innings 190 Ballarat Firs innings 1~4 second innings 6a


On <*at*rrda\ night a seven roomed wea hcrboard house on ned and occupied bv Mr Ansbs -of Bond street, was de stroied bv fire The furniture was also



\n unoccupied weatherboard cottiîc owned bl Air \\ Kjng was burnt on Fn dav night It is thought that the fire was started bv some swagmen


For some time past it has been rumoured

that Mr. H. V . McKay has contemplated

removing his Sunshine Harvester Works to Braybrook. When approached in reference

to the matter, Mr. McKay said he was not   then prepared to speak definitely; but on Saturday evening, when the employes were assembled at a social gathering, he stated that as soon as possible the plant would be removed to Braybrook, where in future the Sunshine harvesters would be manufac- tured. As the works employ over 300 men, their removal from this city is regarded locally with some concern. It is understood that by the removal Mr. McKay hopes to save carriage from Melbourne on coal, and certain raw material, while the same car- riage on the finished article intended for export will also be saved Mr. McKay is also hopeful that as Braybrook is a shire, the provisions of the Factories Act may not be applied so rigorously as in Ballarat.