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/I FI1\X Jlllv "0

Tho intelligente» tint four of the Uko Don companies hail agreed to annlgamatt wax re ctUed with pleasure hen luxa use it Ina been felt that this til Id has m ver received an) thing like t fair test and lias been pnuuturel\ cou deni ned nie eonijuniis proposing to amalgamate should eich ha\e sume little capital bli Milli

clent in the aggn*gate to gue ut least one of the big mineralised formations a reoxoiubh tomprt

hensivc trial In touching on this Held I nu. sav at the out« t that tit* little work *> fir duie hu* not distlowed the t\istmci of my hndi of ore large (Hough lo l>t pmuhlc still, a number of \erv siti-ifuLton UKKJIH han been obtaineil from \eiiLS um) patches within ¡i few feet of the - fact, tuid tin prospects, generally Hpi-iklng tillite good iiiouuh lo warrant the ixpinditu

considerable capital to tent these big ioit|ier buring ne Mut UM formations at a ri-usonoble di pt li It H a pt.Ltillar feature of the pnspeeling work done at Ki ki Dora tlut It lia.s all teen confimd to tntrfucx tn ne bing md shallow shafts linn lus not jtt been un> Bingle attempt to test the Mit Ub at lOUtt deep bj nu ans of ntuklng ami t ros* w ting, therefore it is not fiir to M\ tint the tU Id Is a faUurt It must bt mm min red tlut e.iry ont of the Lake Dorn companits wis lloittd with only limltul capital and with ptrhiiM two or three exceptions ti» \ wen nil tilled pío Hijctlinj, ' shows when othred to Hit publit \il the purpotu. for w lift li tlu> wen prometed has n t been carriid i nt In neirli inn instuiut wirk u un carried on for a few mont lis urn! tin ii M is pended ut tht wn «tau win re twidnuniu fir i ft w months oi weeks would j ruhibli hue dettrmliicd whit the toni pillie»» sturt ed nut to ¡rive Hie bouth Don (ompjm dron a tunnel 7r>ft to pn>\t a MO full surfait Mmw, and stopped work whin ¡oft linn would hue tupped Hit formation at ahout hOlt ditp Hit Itoial Dora wuk u shift 40ft ou a nice surftet show anti then mispondcd work thom, ii the originU intent

tlu Klmft was bt until for \nd so tn with othtr Muñíanles in the l<nHt\ Not mt of the .Hims has eier iceciwd a filr tut !h>se nn triad Hcttnnl to binnie dislitiirtiued whin (luir Rhans receded In uilm In lommon with al) otlur Btotk»-In fict It nppt md as if the inarkit Hilliup knocket) tin Hi ti! out and Jhit it was ti setlp market and not tin mines whtih nlurch bin win watching and tit pt titling ( n Ila M mut I) t

e\ pet Iori to tut its Udt in u timm I aittr tlrhtug U>tt to get «Oil of lucks When tht tuiintl - lu "1KI (at u tsast of ¿i/« per foot) ordt rs ( mi

smjKtid work Surfite asxiis wire thtuiiin. ., G per cent mppir lu ii mimbir of \eins tt\trtng

',[( In width und tin sin» wis a uri filr di Of ti* companits nilli wurlbu, the North 1>>I has drinn o\ir 100ft in u tf ppi r IK iring f>nn. lion whUh Ins shown \tr> nlti pi ritt s in |liet and it Is Intended to Rink a witi7i in tin lest it i of material Hit Lake Doia a wick or i ii). winn I \Hted tin Held was drhlng a tunnel I eut the big piritlt -*îiï«t f nuatlon it t»i>n dipth nure art pknti of pnutii ii judges wl hut ¡unsted morn i in Uki Don tountn on ti

atniigth of whit the) MW f>t thdii'klns whe . Mu surftiu dLscowiits win flivt timdt and tlough tin) art not quite wtisiud with tlu rt suits of tlu

Ililli work dont to thin ' tlu tU Id a fairer te* gamut Ion will han

ctmildeuti Into direcim Un* \mbow I am MttslUd thnt Laki Dom is nut ni dom with hy uni lilians and though out uí ashioii ti pn*M nt that is not conclude i Wilmet tint it is a duller

also 1M> rtmtmbtnd that Mount li

pronounced 'a dulFtr ' for bticrul j tura before it tot a fair thanet to proie its labu