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Family Notices

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fin order to guard ognlnat imposition, notice« ol

Births, Marriages, and Deaths must be autlientl Mtcd by some respectable pcrwu in Melbourne to ensure their insertion.]


LITTLE--MACFARLAN.-On the 2nd June, at the

residence of the bride's sister, Royal-park, bv   the Rev T W McGregor, John, youngest son of Mr Thomas Little, Terang, to Agnes, daughter of the late Mr. James Macfarlan, North Carl- ton


AMESS.-On the 2nd July, at his residence, No  

274 William street, West Melbourne, Alderman Samuel Amess, in his 72nd year  

COURTNEY.-On the 3rd luly, at her residence,  

"\ mino», HO Palmerston stn-et Carlton, Mar tant widow or the late James Courtney Re quloicat in pace

CREED. -On the 2nd July, at Karina, Kew, Annie  

Calder Creed, youngest daughter of Mary and the late John Creed, of Howardvale, Preston,  


DONALDSON. -On tlio 1st lull, at lier residence,    

Marathon, Oaroline street, South lara, Mar

girct Swan Donaldson, dear]} beloved sister of Willi«! > Donaldson ami the late Henry Iveridge D naldson. "\ftcr life's fitful feier sho sleeps

«ill "

FULLER.-On the Ird Julj, 1693 at ho 31 Cre

«lorne street, Hiihmond, Marv Ann, tile bcloicd ivife of Captain Hobert Tullir, master mariner, »ni beloved mother of Mrs O DMUI of Haw fh ni Mrs T It. Lake, Mrs. \\ «lair, Mrs A 1 ator>on Mr It J I uller, of liena, and Mi

\akntine Hiller, of Benn, m her Tilth jear. bo lu e.nith His beloved sleep"

GRIFFITHS.-On the 2nd July, at hir residence,

\i 415 1'unt riai', Iliihmoml, Ann, relict of the late I>aic Grifllllis, aged 08 j ears

JOHNSON -On the 2nd July, 1603, at lils rcsl

time No 121 Hotham street, Last Melbourne, Jum ?* lohnson, aged 77 years

M'CALLUM. -On the 3rd July, at St Kilda street,        

Ilrieliton, elizabeth, the beloved wife of Duncan M ( ilium, aged J.)}ears

MURDOCH.—On the 30th June, at the Camp,    

Castlemaine, John Welsch, the eldest beloved   son of William Begg and Isabella Hannah Mur-   doch, aged 20 years and 10 months.

TIMMS.—On the 1st July, at his father's farm,  

Fern-grove, Poowong, Robert Oliphant, dearly   loved second son of Robert Oliphant Timms,   of Poowong, aged 14 years. Accidentally shot while shooting with young friends. Deeply re-


WILKINSON.—On the 2nd July, at Linton, West-  

bury-street, East St. Kilda, Ann, relict of the   late William A. Wilkinson. R.I.P.

YATES. -On the 2nd July, at his residence, Page  

street Clifton Hill, William Yates boot manu facturer, beloved husband of Charlotte Yates, aged 46. No Flowers.    


CARROLL. -In fad and affectionate memory ot  

Willum Joaiph Cjrroll editor Prahran

couriir" und Maliern 'News," who dipartcd Um life on Fuli J, 1697, at ijunuytildi. Malvern, \ letona HU' I M JO

NICHOLLS.-In lnilng niemorr of Frederick W11

ham Nullo!!«, who diid at lus residence. Milton, I) lilli) -.tricl, West Milhournc, July 4, ltoD

SEMPLE-In «id and affectionate remembrance of      

I iwie, the dcarlv beloved wifo of 1 Semple, who i'<l imd this life at hj luton, July 4, ItAi

TONKIN -In loiing memorj of our dear mother,

who departed from this lifo on tlie 4th Juli ItiÁi (liso our step father Howard Tonkin, win dud June 13, IbW. Inserted bl sorrow Intf chll



AMESS.- The Friends of the late Alderman  

SAMUEL AMESS are respectfully invited to   follow his remains to the place of interment, in the Melboume General Cemetery.

The funeral is appointed to leave his late resi dence No 274 William street. West Melbourne, THIS DAY (Monday, 4th July), at 3 o'clock.  

THOMAS HENRY ALLISON, Undertaker and     Embalmer, 181 Elgin street, Carlton, Derby street,       Collingwood and 307 Victoria street, West Mel bourne near Errol street. Telephone 1182.  

AMESS-Gentlemen attending with carriages

tie funeral of tlie late Alderman SAMUEL AMESS pieuse Instruct their dmirs to fall m   line on tin west side of Willi un stielt, facing


il|i)M\siILMi\ ALLISON', Undertaker, Llgiu ftml, L triton Telephone îio 113-'.

CREED. - Hie Friends of Mrs -md the late     i ' I01IN Clttl D aro respectful!} invited to

11 w ti i rem uns of their late loungist daughter, ii in t ilikr to tin p! ice of lutinticut, the Mel

in i ( mnl Ctinctin

Hu imuril will le ii i her mothers residence irnn lill} -.tnil, Kew, tomorrow (Tueidai, lah ) A . o clock p ni

\ V. PMHJUUA, Undertaker.

FULLER. -The rriemls of Captain KOnrRT    

I I 11 1 li master niirimr, an respectfiilh In i (id to 1 lliw the rennini of his late bcloicd \ ii Min \nn to tlmr lait resting plaie, in tin M II linn t.inoril Corni Ur}

lit I meryl will baie his residence No 31 Cre rn n ti it ltiilimoml To morrow (luebda}, 5lll Juh 1M>«) it 1 o clock

1 II 11 l'INL, lunerol Director, Brunswick

and Mahmoud.

JOHNSON -The riinndi of Hie lite Mr J WII.S

ti IUHNSON in. ri-.|iectftillj muted to follow lis niiiiiii4 to the pim of intirnieiit, in the U mon lan Cemctirj, Kiw

Hit iuiiiral will liaie his late residence, No 121 11 Hutu stud, ljst Milhouriu, 'lilli, U\\ (Mon- da» 4tli lull, lb'ls) at half past ¿ o'clock

l I (UK I li Dick \SON, 1 mbalnur ami Under tikir o Urldgi road, llichmond Ulephoiie


lelonil wife will be interred In tlie llr .lit n ti tuen n

Ile finirai will move from Ills residence, St

hilda Hreit, llngliton, Tomorrow (fuudai), at

2 i ( I ck

M HOW VII, DROS, Lndiilakers, Baj street,

III ldends of the late Mrs ANN GRIFFITHS

iri ri leitfulK InMtcd to follow her remains tin | hu of iutennent, the Boroondara Cenic

? lu«

li funeral lo move from lur late residence, Hi lum roid, llichmond THIS DA\ (Mo ti L 1th lust ) at J o'iloik p m

' "" KING, Uudirtoker Head oltlLc,


ninds of the late Mrs WIGGARN are

>t risiKitfulh inillid to follow hir n ? tin plaie of interment, in the Box Hill

IHIO l'KUSS, Undertaker, Burwood road, Olinfirrie lelcphono No 7, Hawthorn Lïchange


WILKINSON.—The funeral of the late Mrs. A.    

J. WILKINSON will leave St. Mary's Church, Dandenong-road, East St. Kilda, THIS DAY     (Monday, 4th inst.), at 3 o'clock, for the St. Kilda Cemetery. JOHN DALEY, Undertaker, Latrobe and Spring streets, Melbourne.

YATES. The Friends of the late Mr. WILLIAM           YATES are respectfully invited to follow his       remains to the place of internment, the Melbourne   General Cemetery.      

The funeral will leave his late residence, Page street, Clifton Hill, THIS DAY (Monday, July 4,   1898) at 3 o'clock. No flowers..

W. G. RAVEN, Undertaker Head office, 227     Smith-street, Fitzroy. Telephone 1087. Clifton   Hill Carlton, and 383Burwood road, Hawthorn   Tel. 98, Hawthorn Exchange