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V: General News

Export of Australian Wine.-An' ap

peal to the British Goyernment is made :; by the* London "Wine Trade Beview" to permit the shipment Australian -wines. "^Australia,'/ it says, " lias wiiieto sell,,which:Great Britaamwante. If the wines 4re shipped Australia will get more money to spend «h%ar. work.'

Dismissal of Constable.-The Victor;.. ian -Chief Secretary (Mr. .Bowser) has approvedi«f the, dismissal from .the /po licp -ioree" ;*Seni6r^cbnstablc Hallett, who was vjeeenily fonnd guilty by a deptu#nen^^in^uiry of a charge of . h PTO-ng ^lmpj«^Tly-retauied eertain-par cels containing money; and spirits. Mr. SowBer said that by his dismissal Hal let forfeited ^700, whieh he would have received as -superannuation allowance when he reached the age limit. «.

Profitable Gold Mine.-During the six months ended June 2 a net profit of £127*905. wras made , by the Mount Mor gan . Gold-mining Co. Ltd., .Queensland} JOB against £124,844 for the preceding half year, and a total of £150,000 was ? distributed an dividends.: A ibalanc^ of -$98,735 :was -carried forward to next ac count, and a dividend at the rate of 1/ per share, amounting to-"£50,000, is payable on. August "L The reserve, in surance, and contingent funds, ~ to gether with undivided profitSj. at the

- end of the /term, amounted to £491,438..

Peculiar Domestic-Tragedy.-A pecu

liar -donble^ragedy was revealed at the. inquest at -Parramatta,-N:S.W., regard ing the death of Mrs. Helen MayLadd and infant daughter..; It was stated in evidence by Mr. Ladd that fie returned ; to his home to find his wife lying on

the floor of the bedroom with the baby; beside Ler. His wife stated that she : had fallen out of bed, . and shortly

afterwards both mother and child died. : The coroner found that Mrs.' Ladd had

died from cerebral hemorrhage, and that" the baby had died from exposure, through having fallen out of. bed with

"the -mother. . . '

Actress Weds Soldier.-Miss Emelie ini, leading lady in the drama, ' Tc xe Annie," nowbjeing played at the ag's; Theatre, Melbourne, was mar - »^d last week, at "the registrar 's office,

to laeut. :Harold Wilfred Ellis, of Chats wood, Sydney,' who is on six months"' \furlougii from hiB regiment, the Boyal Field Artillery. Lieutenant Ellis spent three years with his regiment in France., " He was gassed, and went into hospital far 10 mbhths. He had not long "re-. Joined his battery when he was woun ded, and was given six months' fur lough. He met Miss Polini on the steamer coming from America.

Woihen Poor-Buyers.-Mx. VaL Ac

, the Federal Price Commis sioner, during a conversational . inter lude in the commission's inquiry at

BySney.. laafc Wednesday, expressed the 'opinion that the poorest buyer was the " avejfags^ womaau It flid not matter

whethershe was buying ineat or boots. Any pewon "who tried to convince him -that the average woman wt£s a good -

yer /had ahard contract. The man:

jftho talkedanoat, J ol mao ::w&s not" one; who

- gave her a square deal. He expressed

the ©pinion that any one of themxiould -? sell a woman thirdrgrade : meat and

convince her that it was first quality.

New Automatic "Browning."-The. -aewlight ajitomatie Browning rifle,

?which" is intended more espMially fotr charging infantry, weighs *>ut 151b:, and can be used in eveiyjs^y. as. an ordinary

. It iylffig the United States ser vice ..'30 calibre ammuiiition. The gun ner carries 120 rounds of. ammunition, and his two assistants are supplied : with 400 and ?40 fcnads respectively, . loaded in .magazines which weigh lib. ? 7oz. The firing mechanism is operated

by gas taken from the barrel, which-is air-cooled. The heavy-duty Browning Is water-cooled, and one of them re< cently fired 20,000' rounds in 48<

16sec. withbut three ^toppa^es^ and" these were caused by defective cart ridges. Stripped of the cooler, this gun weighs 22§lb. An official, demon stration with' both guns was recently' given'before <the military at Washing

ton. _x ,

American Catholics.-Cardinal iJames -Gibbons (Catholic Archbishop of Balti more), Cardinal John M.jFailey (Cath* ©lie Archbishop -of, New Yor]k}, find ' CardinalJ W. H. O 'Conneli (Catholic

Archbishop of Boston) ' have" publicly prayed for tlie success of the. American arms & a joint apffeal they Baid

the moment that our .' country . made the rmomentons decision to enter

the conflict the whole Catholic popula tion of Ainierica enthnBiastically and v wholeheartedly-accepted their fullahare

of work and sacrifice. They unstint

edly put forth all'their resources^ to - stand with all the other Americans iii

the defence of the sacred principles, of light;:: Animated v by -an undauntet L spirifji.lct the whole nation-turn to-'Goti 1 ^in prayer-^whHe our army courageously

-confronts jMie %oe^ While^we use every - possible1 source of c«ur material power,

let JOB fortify it .by ..the greatest oi ail v;.S^ritiM:powerr-^prayer.''' :

'Safety Itotches.-toporters and dis tribators of saf«ty 'matchjjs are not in a K^py potion under thie Goveriiment

... '

; "supply -for'the'AustrahaSi' mSrk^l^

orders were placed in that countiy a freight, basis

.... Japanese freight market, however^ has

been advancing appreciably, presiifn ably owing to the actions of ''freight -brokers," and rbuyers find that some matches now landing carry a freight rate of £14 per ton, bringing the land-, ed cost to about 6/2 per gross. Al though Australian manufacturers are able to meet about 3tj per cent, of con-, sumers^ demands, the additional sell ing rate of the imported article is hin dering trade. It is to be hoped, how ; iever, that this will have the effect of.

anstilling ^.economy in the use1 of safety watches, and do away with the extra pa gahce whieh js generally noticeable.

Oneiefihfe fences on the steeplechase course* at FlemSngtori^ was tampered with prior to "the 'Grand Rational «tee ~ plechase. The- discoyery hae caused a

teaeatioa m tgrf giroles ^lelbounie.