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'NOW SHOWING (VftW^ A SUEPRISE STAB IN A SURPRISE PICTURE! \ T ?l 1^1 tfftl JJ All Brisbane Ik now Talking of fhU deter and lllllllUl viraclom new star, and the Entertainment Qualillck 11111 1 VtJ of the Picture. /^SflflHPflflB ^K^^*^., 5A,tK^^^^BHBf : ' ! ?? 1^F:?*'f PtUtt 1 1 Ml 'SCREEN TEST' NEXT FRIDAY! ALL THE GLAMOUR AND NOVELTY OF A HOLLYWOOD MOVIE STUDIO BROUGHT TO THE STAGE OF THE WINTERGARDEN ! 3 Sessions daily. New Universal, , Pictures, U.S.A., commissions Australia's own Producer-Genius to commence his Nation-wide talent Quest: CHARLES CHAUVEL ^' with his £4000 HOLLYWOOD CAMERA ! YOUR golden opportunity to enter the Quest itself, or to sit among the - audience, and experience the thrill of Civic pride as you SEE BRISBANE'S BEAUTIFUL GIRLS BEING GROOMED FOR STARDOM ! Entrants I be photographed by Ploy Cooper Studios. Official Quest Photographer, at no charge to YOU! Secure your entry forms at Win ter Garden now! j Associate Screen Entertainment JOHN BOLES AND MADGE EVANS IN 'SINNERS in PARADISE' |

k *IHI flCvll lij&\ A TRIUMPH IN SONG! ' '} ? 4l«d)0M4LD#EDDY * i -«. WAITER PIOGEON- LEO CARRILIO- BUDDY EBSEN t AUo— 'What Price Safely' (Crime Doesn't W\ /l\ r, -t Pmj). 'How to Eilit » Baby' (Eobt. Bench- K, j( M ley). Hetrotone Air Mall News. ' 1/1 ^^aK^X'^%, ' 'The Girl of the Golden Weat' li Ml JOaWSHwm ?;: termed at U.S, S.40, 5.31. ul «.S5. I v'il'mP^B |lnW, IB) ? |

Ill I the Miniature Kodaks -'--x^/ I of...Kod^D«i.r..nd KODAK (A/i«'a) Ply. Ltd. II I __^^^fl^^. 250/252 QUEEN STREET, BRISBANE 1 1 HI ^^^^??Rn And at Toovoomha, Townsville 6 Rockhlmpton l^fl-aJgWgSgBgafeOj Be,™ I, w,,h f/3.3 lens; I frail »w^,t li ^^^^^|^^ ^^ A brilliant example of