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i|HP|S. NO. 3 irHOW TO FLAM AN EVEN. LEVEL SURF ACf SISW ALOM6 T SOLE OF 'W'E.'r /?' I ' ^^4' IT*. NOT .; / 1 IV ' / 1PPB) TO ~ See that the cutting edg*«f the iron is afthe right depth and is not at an angle to ft» sole of the plane. Sight along . the bottom of the plane. Tr» -^uick, easy *3-Way Adjua menl' on a Pope plane ensures accurate work;vJrog adjustment lor thickness of cut, lateral adjustment of cut ting iron :f or eveYmess 'and . WY' adjusting lever depth of cut. .'?-'??- '... . Correctly regulated in -tbis - way a Pope plane with' its keen, Roekwei! hardnesi leit«d cutting iron maltev good *«?rk' easy on «very type of timber. :? ope planes are made in .Australia' & Guaranteed, lj months by ? Pope Products Limited.

* . - compare SINGER and you'll [;buy:SINCE-T|* THE LARGEST RANOE OF SEWING MACHINES in lilt WwUnLVm Singer has always pioneered the latest developments in sewing machines for every home sewing task. . Singer has always been first in presenting new ideas for making home sewing a simple matter. Another reason why Singer leads ??-, tire fieldV for over 100 years Singer service has stood rjehincr'-every ; machine sold. Singer service is always available for you, anywhere, ? \ anytime. Compare them all ... you'll buy Singer! Dks=9H|(A See the Singer electric port SBr^^ESIllli able— model 201. Used .by Br ^^M^HIr more women than any other T» K^HK^^. machine in the world. Stitch ^^B^BBWmi^iiiii W^Kkw^} mS *s reversible, with vari «^^^gSBHn|^^L able stitch length under 'r^^^^^B^^^^^^^W^^^^^^^H fingertip control. - Here's the handsome ______jJ^^THHj^^n|fH|^^B ? . Singer Cabinet Treadle! fi£||^d ?Hrl HHrlS^^H - r\ For use everywhere, this -'^?jaHwa-.:- Jf^iz£ ^BJi^^B smooth-sewing machine ^^^^a^fflra .^^SB ^HKnBflH . ?: is in a superbly-finished H^8| ,^a» ^BfaasipiHB \ cabinet, which' matches .-''HSKHh -^|B ^BHJpB^ffi * ^ any furniture. ij^^SvH ' ^B^^^^^ ' -.I- THE SINGER HOME BUDGET PIAN now you can own a Singer! Deposits range from as low as £10 with ^£( small monthly, payments. This exclusive Singer Home Budget Plarf fag is controlled within the Singer Organisation/ and therefore costs yoir; |{3w less! Ring your nearest Singer Sewing Centre now and arrange a - +Registered free home trial. - ' . . Trade Marks

SINGER SEWING CENTRES j 221 Adelaide Strej^r^isbahe. B 1945^6-7 . | 215 Sandgate Road, Nondah. MU2594 i 255 Wiclcham Street, Valley: L 1571 J 382 Logan Road, Stone's Corner. XU 4427^ J There are Singer Sewing. Centres in all capital ! cities, leading suburbs and large country J towns. Refer to your telephone directory. J

THE MANAGER, Singer Sewing Machine Co. J Please supply me with free literature on J the large range of Singer models. I Also supply the -address of my nearest } Singer Sewing Centre. ;: { NAME ? i ? i ? J ADDRESS-.: ? ! ? i 6/13 4QSS J