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  • sonjecad 18 Aug 2009 at 21:58
    Error in Text. NX10792 is Gnr. J. S. CONNOR (not CONDON).James Stanley Connor.
  • sonjecad 18 Aug 2009 at 22:15
    Error in Text. VX40869 Pte N. D. M CONDON. Should be Pte T. D. M. Condon, Terrence Daniel McSweeney Condon.
  • Anonymous 9 Jun 2014 at 00:20
    HGFurze died in his early 40s probably due to his time in changi,
  • Spearth 9 Jun 2014 at 01:21
    Please refer to the Trove Text Correction Guidelines available under Help.

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    SX10134, Pte C. H. G., COOMBES
    should be SX10134, Pte C. H. G., COOMBS.

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The following are additional names to the list of Australian prisoners of war at Singapore. Instalments of the list, as they were received, have appeared earlier this week. Other names are added today, and more will appear as they are received. This list, which concerns Changi camp, does not necessarily exhaust the names in each alphabetical



NX27546, Pte, O. M., CLUNEY. NX55358, Pte, O. R., CLYNE. NX37344, Spr, J. C., COAD.

QX15615, Pte, E. A., COATS.

VX27533, Cpl, L. W. E., COATES.

NX57309, Cpl, B. J., COCHRAN.

NX38952, Pte, R. S. E., COCHRAN. NX32426, Pte, H. N., CODY. NX2165, Pte R. A. CODY. NX72041, Pte, J. T., COE.

VX27707, Pte, J., COFFEY.

NX66916, Pte, G. T. C., COGGAN. QX18697, Pte, C. W., COGGINS. QX21450, Pte, G. R., COGILL. VX39155, Sgt., N. M., COHEN,

NX58087, Dvr., F. G., COLBORNE. VX30682, Cpl, COLE.

QX17206, Pte, D. W., COLEMAN. QX15207, Lieut, E. H., COLEMAN. QX48732, Cpl, E. T., COLENSO. NX55835, Pte, F. L., COLENSO. NX1705, Spr, J, G., COLES.

6X9665, Pte, P. P., COLGAN.

NX42998, Sig, R. H., COLLER. NX71918, Pte, P., COLLESS.

TX4769, Pte, E. A., COLLIDGE.

NX25797, Pte, L. W., COLLINGS. VX61205, Pte, C. A. COLLINS.

WX10282, Pte, C. L., COLLINS. QX16831, Pte, C. N., COLLINS. NX27118, Cpl, H. E., COLLINS.

VX45176, Cpl, H. S., COLLINS. NX45373, Gnr, J., COLLINS.

NX40998, Pte, O. C., COLLINS. NX42137, Sig, T., COLLINS.

WX12012, Spr, W. F., COLLINS. NX76342, Capt, C. H., COLLIS.

NX25454, Pte, F. R. C., COLLYER. VX42358, Pte, J. N., COLLYER.

VX40544, Pte, A. L., COMBE. VX40549, Pte, P. W., COMBE. NX37593, Pte, J., COMMANS.

QX10136, Pte, G. V., COMMENS. NX59604, Dvr, H. G., CONDON.

VX40869, Pte N. D. M., CONDON. NX20974, Pte, F. J., CONLON. NX72576, Pte, E. J., CONN.

NX41637, Cpl, T. J., CONNELL.

WX11675, Pte, H. J., CONNELLY. NX49757 Pte, W., CONNELLY.

VX61873, Pte, J. A., CONNELLY. QX10843, Pte, T. M., CONNOLLY. QX19776, Pte, W., CONNOLLY, NX10792, Gnr, J. S., CONDON. SX10243, Dvr, L. L., CONNOR. QX23578, Pte, P. C., CONRAD.

VX35164, L-Cpl, A. L., CONROY NX44020, Pte, P., CONWAY.

NX76306, Lt R. V., CONWAY.

WX16306, Pte, J., COOK.  

VX22093, Pte, L. N., COOK.

VX51291, Cpl, W. C., COOK. QX6458, Capt, A. P., COOKE. NX32195, Sig, J. W., COOKE.

QX13249, Pte, W. A., COOLEY.

TX3503, L-Cpl, H. W., COOMBE. VX60674, Spr, J. H., COOMBES.

NX37442, Pte, T. J., COOMBES.

SX10134, Pte C. H. G., COOMBES. NX52246, Cpl T. C., COONEY. SX10233, L-Cpl, A. J., COOPER. QX16060 Pte D. N. COOPER.

NX60071, Pte, E. B., COOPER. NX40219, Pte E. C., COOPER. NX12530, Lt J. H., COOPER.

QX11015, Gnr, L. W., COOPER, QX13279, Sgt, L. W., COOPER.

NX39680, Gnr, M. A., COOPER. QX21264, Pte, N. T., COOPER.

NX49889, Pte, S. J. S., COOPER. VX51302, Pte, T. S., COOPER.

VX67697, Staff-Sgt, G. S., COPELAND. VX37137, Pte T., CORNISH.


TX5794, Pte, H., DAVIS.

NX53175, Spr, W. J., DAVIS.

NX45175L, Pte, A. E., DAVIDSON. QX12905, Pte, A. H., DAVISON. VX54262, Pte, B. P., DAVITT.

VX40982, Sig, A. E., DAWSON. QX21878, Pte, J. E., DAVISON. NX44709, Pte, B., DAWSON.

VX22077, L-Cpl, E. S., DAWSON. TX5642, Pte, J. H., DAWSON. VX39083, Pte, L. G., DAWSON. NX26295, WO, L. P., DAWSON. QX12285, Sgt, R., DAWSON. QX10506, Cpl, D. J., DAY.

VX39518, Pte, F. R. J., DAY. NX73293, Pte L., DAY.

SX7812, Pte, V. H., DAY.

NX35446, Pte, W. J., DAY.

QX17677, Cpl, A. T. A. E., DEAN. NX45523, Pte, E. J., DEAN. VX42295, Sgt, J. E., DEAN.

QX9450, Lieut, N. A. G., DEAN. WX6067, Lieut, P. V., DEAN.

VX61259, Sgt, A. R., DEANS. NX38917, Pte, F. D., DEANS. NX29784, Pte, M. L., DEANS.

NX40367, Pte, L., DECASTRES. VX45699, Pte, W. R., DECKER.

VX40791, Cpl, J. W., DEDMAN. VX45312, Pte, E., DEED.

VX29290, Pte, G. M., DEEGAN. VX55805, Pte, E. L., DEER.

NX59094, Pte, O. F., DE GRAY. NX40487, Pte, J. A., DELANEY.

VX60741, Pte, J. E., DELANEY.     VX55449, Pte, R., DELANEY.     NX41677, WO, R. N., DELANEY.

TX4314, Lieut, A. G., DE LITTLE. VX45937, Pte, G. M., DEMAINE. VX35432, Pte, G. J., DENNEHY. VX43579, Pte, A., DENNETT.

QX12605, Pte, O. F., DENNING. X4187, Pte, M. J., DENNISON.

NX10724, Sig, J. R. T., DENT.

QX12327, Pte, N. J., DERRINGTON. NX50211, Pte, H. A., DERWIN. NX68238, Pte, S. J., DESMET.

NX2748, Pte, J. E., DESPOGES. NX55263, Pte, A. E., DETHLOFF.

VX37952, L-Cpl, W. A., DEUCHAR. NX59108, Pte, W. J., DE VELGNE. QX14605, Sgt, H. G., DEVENEY. VX50077, Dvr, W., DEVENEY.

NX68453, Pte, J. C., DEVENISH. NX50492, Pte, D. G., DEVEY. SX3844, Pte. R. J. D.,——.  

QX14400, L-Cpl, L. C., DEWBERRY. NX4394, Pte, C. M., DEWS. NX41616, Cpl, H., DIAL.

VX16481, Lieut, H. F., DICK. QX12069, Sig, R., DENT.

NX70970, Major, R., DICK.

NX68203, L-Sgt, S., DICKENS.

NX7775I, Pte, J., DICKENSON.

NX37616, Pte, A. J., DICKINSON. QX18661, Pte, N. J., DICKENSON. QX13250, Pte, A., DICKSON.

NX39018, Pte, G. M., DICKSON. NX57036, Pte, K. R., DICKSON. NX477, Captain, J. E., DILLON. NX49508, Pte, J. W., DILLON.

NX41568, Pte, J. H. A., DINGWELL. NX26895, Pte J. P., DINEEN.

NX57283, Sgt, F. H., DITCHBURN. NX29682, Pte, J., DIVEN. WX12924, Pte, J., DIXON.

WX8727, L-Cpl, J. C., DIXON. VX46525, Captain, W., DIXON.

Red Cross representative A. G., DOBB. NX39777, Pte, S. J., DOBBS.

NX52489, Cpl, A. E., DOBSON. SX8844, Cpl, A. L., DOBSON.

VX65786, Cpl, H. N., DOBSON. NX28494, Sig, R., DOBSON. WX14856, Pte, DOCKING.

VX42540, Pte, D. M., DODD. NX25874, Cpl, DOIG.

VX27638, Capt, DOLAMORE.

QX6387, S-Chap, M. J., DOLAN NX27207, Gnr, R. J., DOLBEL. NX66641, L-Sgt, J. R., DOLBY. NX57434, Lieut, J. C., DOLE, NX22455, WO, T. G., DOLE.

NX33610, Pte, R. G., DONALD. NX25821, Pte, R. T., DONALD. NX37793, Sgt F. C., DONNAN.

NX70451, Lieut, K. G., DONOHUE. NX42147, Pte, J. W., DONOHUE, NX72712, Spr, G. J., DONOVAN. WX6917, Pte, G. J. DOODSON. NX56858, Pte, L. J. DOOHAN. QX10299, Pte, J. P., DOOLAN.

NX19468, Cpl, J. T. P., DOOLIN. VX50021, Pte, F. G., DORAN. NX39735, Pte, W., DORAN.

NX40545, Pte, O., DORRINGTON. WX6856, Sig, G., DOUGALL. QX9873, Pte, D., DOUGAN.

QX14843, Gnr, J. W., DOUGLAS.

NX52477, Lieut, N. F. DOUGLAS. NX56759, Pte, N. J., DOUGLAS.

NX47903, Pte, R. M., DOUGLAS. NX55044, Pte W. J., DOUGLAS. WX6290, Spr, W. J., DOUGLAS NX34469, Cpl, A. E. R., DONST. NX72607, Dvr, J. W., DOUST. SX11660, Pte, J. P., DOWD.

QX21711, Pte, J. V. J., DOWDE. NX57342, Pte, J. S., DOWAR.

NX51208, Pte, F. E., DOWLEY.

SX10422, Gnr, A. R., DOWNER. X63168, Pte. J. W., DOWNIE.

NX58454, Pte, D. F., DOWSETT. NX43496, Pte, A. T., DOYLE. QX9998, L-Cpl. F. J., DOYLE. NX4399, Sgt, H. A., DOYLE.

NX40198, Pte, C. A. R., DRAPER. VX32879, Pte, E., DREW.

QX19043, Dvr, V. D., DREW.

NX19028, Sgt, F. W., DREWE. NX20341, Gnr, O. T., DRIES.

NX21949, Pte, N. D, DRISCOLL. QX10524, Pte, R. J., DRUHEN. NX43419, Pte, E. A., DRUITT,

VX52775, Pte, A. H., DRUMMOND. NX40465, Pte J. M., DRUMMOND. QX1978, Gnr, D., DRURY.

QX17601, Sgt, A. H., DRYSDALE. WX7943, Pte, R., DRYSDALE.   NX41919, Sgt, L., DUESBURY.  

NX34792, Capt, D J., DUFFY. TX2892, Pte, A. F., DUGGAN.

QX20231, Gnr, D. A., DUNBAR.

VX35399, L-Cpl, C. R. DUNCAN. QX15164, Pte, F., DUNCAN.

WX8584, Pte, J. S., DUNCAN.

NX67305, Pte, R. S. D., DUNCOMBE. NX36518, Bdr, D. H., DUNLEVEY. VX30005, Pte, H. F., DUNLEVIE. VX56049, Pte, A. R., DUN. NX70840, Lieut, N., DUN.

NX67305, Pte, R. S. D., DUNN.

VX38170, Pte, C. C. M., DUNNE. VX42079, Pte, J. P., DUNNE. QX19656, Pte, T., DUNNE

VX36958, Pte, J. E., DUNSTAN. VX47212, Pte, W. J., DUPE.

NX68112, Pte, W. G., DURIE.

NX71905, Pte, A. J., DURRINGTON. VX46938, Spr, W. R. K., DUTHIE. NX73333, Pte, D. W., DWARTE. NX31396, Pte, J. M, DWYER. NX51298, Pte, L. J., DWYER. QX19462, Pte, T., DWYER.

NX27317, Pte, A. R., DYER.

QX10929, Capt, D. H. B., DYER NX72429, Pte F. H., DYSON.

QX7332, Lieut, P. D., EALES. NX29836, Pte, R. B., EALES.

QX13530, Cpl, E. S., EAMES.

VX37785, Cpl, E. F., EAMES. NX40728, Pte, W. E., EASEY. NX71211, Sig, J., EASTON.

NX41134, Sgt, W. B., EATHER. NX70758, Lieut, R. W., EATON.

NX30045, Pte, J. N., ECKERSLEY. TX4320, Dvr, N. E., EDDINGTON. NX56350, Pte, G. A., EDDISFORD. VX58115, Sig, J. M., EDDY. QX14698, Pte, I. EDE.

NX30428, Pte, C. J. EDMONDS.

VX43825, Cpl, L. M. EDMUNDS. VX28130, Sig, F. M. EDSALL.

NX11443, Lieut A. C. H., EDWARDS. QX19231, Pte, E. J., EDWARDS.

QX13177, Gnr, F. J., EDWARDS. QX15275, Cpl, H. J., EDWARDS.

NX31626, Pte, J. E., EDWARDS. VX35549, Pte L. G., EDWARDS. QX19962, Pte, T. R., EDWARDS. VX59695, Pte, W. L., EDWARDS. VX34212, Pte, G., EELES.

QX7854, Gnr, F. W., EFFORD.

VX61197, Pte, W. L., ELBOURNE. VX32397, WO, O. F., ELDER. SX11574,Pte, C., ELDRIDGE.  

VX48704, Cpl, H. G., ELKINGTON. WX10438, Pte, A., ELLARD

VX54400, Spr, H., ELLERINGTON.

VX50052, Lieut, A. Y., ELLERMAN. NX50048, Pte, M., ELERMAN.

WX5064, Pte, B. F., ELLIOTT. NX5648, Pte, J. C., ELLIOTT.

WX4506, Capt, J. W. M., ELLIOTT. NX47271, Pte, L., ELLIOTT

QX1714I, Pte, N. R., ELLIOTT. NX57069, Pte, A. J. G., ELLIS. NX31545, Cpl, J. W., ELLIS. VX51559, Pte, J. E., ELSE.

VX56065, Spr, W. A., ELTRINGHAM. VX38986. WO. J. D., EMMETT. NX56590, L-Cpl, A., EMSLIE.

NX49426, Sig, L. W. B., ENGLEDOW. QX20913, Gnr, G. W., ENGLISH. VX48565, Lieut, J. R., ENGLISH. NX54468, Cpl, W., ENNIS.

TX4266, Pte, E. W., ENSLOW.

NX32482, Bdr, C. T., ERICKSON. QX17301, Pte, ERIKSON.

VX40988, Pte, J. E., ERVIN.

NX10901, Pte, C. R., ERWIN. VX41345, Pte, T. E., ESLICK.

NX27279, Pte R. H., ETHERINGTON. QX9402, Pte, R. K., EUSTANCE. NX39567, Sig, M. V., EUTICK. QX20522, Pte, A., EVANS. QX7848;

QX17120, Bdr, C. R., EVANS.

NX40416, Pte, E. L., EVANS. ' NX26000, Pte, F. J., EVANS. NX22637, Pte, G. A., EVANS.

NX34443, L-Cpl, G. W., EVANS. NX66564, Spr, J. C., EVANS. VX28418, Pte, J. J., EVANS.

QX20587, Pte, J. S., EVANS.

NX23660, Dvr, K. A., EVANS.   VX48571, Pte, R. T., EVANS. VX63468, Sig, T. A., EVANS. NX40476, Pte, V. G., EVANS.

NXTR944, L-Cpl, W. C., EVANS. NX31370, Pte, W. C., EVANS.

TX5131, Pte, W. E., EVANS.   NX68609, L-Cpl, W. T., EVANS. EX9101, Pte, J. C., EWEN.

TX4882, Bdr, L. J., EWINGTON.

VX58479, Cpl, G. W. S., EWINS. VX62179, Pte, R. J., EXON.

QX18761, Gnr, S. G., EYLES.

NX35617, Pte, W. W., PACKENDER. NX70643, Major, K. J., FAGAN.

NX50215, Pte, E. B., FAICHNEY.

VX60599, L-Cpl, L., FAIRBAIRN.   NX67761, Sgt, N., FALK.

VX38676, Sgt, K. H., FANNING.   NX37350 Pte C. J. H. FARLEY.

VX39341, Lieut, R. H., FARNDON. VX45I63, Pte, F. L., FARNES. QX15946, Pte, A, E., FARR.

' NX33353 Pte C. S. FARRAR.

VX60589, Pte, K. H., FARRAR, QX11230, Cpl, J. T., FARREL.

QX23979, Lieut, H., FARRELLY. QX12328, Pte, E., FAUNT.

WXI0560, Spr, E. L., FAUNTLEROY. NX8320, Pte, A. A., FEEHILY. VX61399, Sgt, B. G., FELL. NX27503, Cpl, J. J., FELL.

NX47238, Lieut. M. H., FELSCH. NX69777, Lieut, C., FELTON.

VX22811, Spr, J. W., FENNELL. VX40202, L-Cpl, A. L., FENTON. QX17040, Pte, C. W., FENWICK. NX47143, Sig, P. R.. FENWICK.

QX11482, Pte, C. A. M., FERGUSON.   QX6465, Capt, G. B. FERGUSON.

NX33044, Lieut, G. L., FERGUSON. QX14066, Pte,H. B., FERGUSON. NX32507, Col, V. R., FERN, QX14994, Pte, G., FERNIE. NX71655, Sig, J., FERRIS.

NX8306, Pte, S. J, FERRIS.

NX37485, L-Cpl, A. H., FERRY. NX2589, Pte, M. P. J., FERRY. NX37384, Pte, R. J., FERRY.

NX56958, Cpl, I. S., FICKEL. WX7663, Sgt, H. S., FIDGE. QX18537, Pte, C. M., FIELD.

QX18536, Pte, F. T., FIELD. NX37612, Pte, J. L., FIELD.

WX11179, Capt, F W. S., FINCH NX60532, Sig, J. F., FINCH.

VX60908, Pte, F. C., FINDLAY. NX42133, Pte, W. J., FINLAY. WX7225, Pte, T. E., FIRNS.

VX26704, Cpl, F. K. FISCHER.   VX23831, Pte, N. R., FISCHER. QX18792, Pte, D., FISHER.

NX31835, Pte, H. E., FISHER.

NX29780, Pte, M. R. E., FISHER. NX56868, Pte, A. A. S., FISK. VX41222, Pte, K. H., FISKE.

QX12480, Cpl, A. J., FITZGERALD.

QX6342, Lieut, J. W., FITZGERALD. QX13755, Pte, L. H., FITZGERALD.

VX33222, Pte, M. C., FITZGERALD


WX14459, Gnr, E. M., FITZPATRICK. VX30234, Pte, R., FITZSIMONS. VX44112, Pte, E. H., FIXTER. VX35362, Sig A. K. FLACK.

NX42648, Pte, H. G., FLAHERTY.

NX20022, Pte, B. J. P., FLANAGAN. QX12114, Gen, P. J. J., FLANAGAN. NX37681, Pte, D. P., FLANNERY.

VX61255, WO, J. J., FLAVIN.

NX65I59, Lieut, C. S., FLAWS. VX32305, A. F., FLECKNOE.

NXI5583, WO, B., FLEMING. NX59888, Sig. D. E. FLEMING. NX40644, Pte J., FLEMING.

NX66114, Sgt, H., FLETCHER. VX50917, Pte, J. G., FLETT. NX73973, Pte, M. W., FLEW. TX1924, Pte, A. A., FLINT.

NX26781, Sig, L. N., FLITCROFT.   NX59333, Pte, J. H. P., FLOCKTON. NX53021, L-Cpl, H. E., FLOWER.

VX27026, Pte. W. A., FLOWERS

NX37701, Pte. W. R., FLOWERS

NX25003, Sgt. H. J. FOGARTY. VX62278 WO F. A. FOLEY. NX26573 Pte H. M., FOLEY.

NX40274, L-Cpl, D. D., FOLLINGTON, VX68292, Pte, R. S., FOOTE.   NX72707, Spr, D., FORAN.

SX10344, Pte, F. L., FORBES. NX26230, Cpl, B. V., FORD.

NX13695, Pte, C. F L., FORD. NX69332, Pte, E. H., FORD. VX48755, Pte, R. G., FORD. VX29454, Sig, R. J., FORD.

NX34549, Pte, L. R., FOREMAN.

WX6161, Spr, R. E., FORKNALL. NX52133, Cpl, C. L., FORREST.

QX15179, Pte, L. D., FORRESTER.

VX44899, WO, I. C. H., FORSYTH.

VX42739, Major, R. G. M., FORSYTH. NX19245, Pte, I., FORWARD. NX37294, Pte, K., FORWARD. TX4726, Pte, A. J., FOSTER.

VX12581, L-Cpl, J. A., FOSTER. VX45028, Pte, J. G., FOSTER.

NX68655, Pte, R. C. W., FOSTER. VX63764, Pte, J. H., FOSTER. NX35618, Pte, R. L., FOSTER.

NX25334, Pte, R. W., FOSTER. NX43430, Pte, A. L., FOX.

QX6457, Capt, A. M., FOX. VX47584, Pte, F. W., FOX.

NX4685, Pte, G. W. T., FOX. NX53423, Pte, H. C., FOX.

WX10338, Pte, N. A., FOX. NX61312, Sgt, R. C., FOX. QX10492, Pte, R. L., FOX. QX9876, Cpl, C., FRAME.

WX8554, Spr, V. J., FRANCIAS. VX85866, Pte, E., FRANCIS.

NX59822, Sgt H. R., FRANCIS.

VX39980, Pte, R. A., FRANCIS.

NX31772, Pte, A. F., FRANKEL.

QX22238, Cpl, C. S. B., FRANKLIN. VX27091, Pte, N. F., FRANKLIN. NX36105, Cpl D. C., FRASER.

NX40359 Pte D. M. FRASER. NX42333, Pte H., FRASER.

NX69306, Pte, W. J., FRASER.

NX59328, L-Cpl, A. T., FRATER. QX13336, Pte, L. J., FRAY.

QX11505, Sgt, L. G. J., FREELAND. NX57433, WO, A. D., FREEMAN. VX20690, Pte, A. H., FREEMAN.

VX25844, L-Cpl, B. E., FREEMAN. NX38323, Pte, H. E., FREEMAN.

VX52553, Pte, W. G., FREEMAN. NX37311 Pte H. J. S FRENCH. QX19566, Gnr, J. J., FRENCH. NX48145, Pte, L., FRENCH.

NX69403, Pte, D. W., FRENEY. NX65962, Sgt, R. L., FRIEND. NX34373, Pte, R. G., FRITH

WX15422, Pte, B. M., FROST. NX59983, Cpl, C. R., FROST.

VX51580, L-Cpl, E. D. E. O., FROST. NX10701, Pte, M. L., FROST. WX15933, S-Sgt, A. H., FRY. VX60185, Pte, T. J., FRY.

NX26673, Gnr, H. G., FRYER.

VX41161, Pte, J. W. H., FULFORD. NX52162, Dvr, A., FULLER.

WX8119, Sgt, R. C., FULLERTON. NX59623, Pte, J, A., FURNTY.

VX26822, Pte, C. R., FURPHY.

VX48394, Pte, H. G., FURZE.   NX26468, Pte, R, W. J., FUSSELL.

VX58345 WO S. GABBS.

VX59314 Pte G. E. GADD.

NX26103, S-Sgt, J. B., GADEN.

NX71862, Pte, L, G., GAFFNEY, VX39021, Capt, N. J., GAHAN. VX35136, Bdr, S. T., GAINEY.

VX34532, Pte, F. E. O., GALE.

VX43746, Pte, L. G., GALLACHER. WX8515 Spr F. GALLAGHER.

NX54682, Pte, W. O., GALLAGHER. NX47531, Pte, G. H., GALLARD.

NX70416, Lieut-Col, GALLEGHAN. NX33522, Dvr, A., GALLOWAY.

VX26489, Pte, A., GALVIN.   VX41648, Dvr, M. J. S, GALVIN. WX9132, Pte A. R., GAMBLE. QX9872, Pte, N., GAMBLE.

QX2370, Pte, V. C., GAMBLING. QX6333, Maj, A. P., GARDE.

NX52269, Cpl, E. A., GARDINER.

NX49262, Pte, R. E., GARDINER.   VX21394, WO, H. T. H., GARDINER.   NX55709, Pte, G. L., GARDNER. VX63745, Pte, W., GARDNER.

NX46158, Pte, W. J., GARDNER. VX32805, Pte, H. S. GARGAN.

NX66311, Pte, S. H., GARLAND. NX20466, Lieut, A. M., GARNER NX36285, Sgt, D. F., GARNEL. NX35213, Pte, J. P., GARNER. NX68575, Pte, G., GARNETT.

NX47435, Pte, M., GARRARD.   NX71871, Pte, C. J., GARNETT. VX61466, Pte, C. R., GARRETT. NX51364, Pte, J. H., GARRETT. QX16109, Lieut, N. S., GARVEY. SX13268, Dvr, A. O., GASMIER. SX10425, Dvr, W. G., GASS. NX34317 Pte W. BATES. NX36384, Sig, J., GAULT.

QX17388, Gnr, A. G., GAULT.

NX71311, Pte, E. R., GAYFORD. NX20157, Pte, W. R., GAYFORD. QX10725, Pte, G. M., GEAR. Lieut, N. B. C., GEIKIE.

NX13907 Pte A. GENTLE

VX44850 Sgt J. P. GEOGHEGAH. NX32412, Pte, M. R., GEOGHEGAN. WX8553, Cpl, D. A. GEORGE.

QX21301, Pte, B. K., GERADY.

NX56110, Cpl, R. F., GERHARD. NX26958, Pte, C. A., GERSTING. VX48348, - W. F., GIBB. VX39429, Pte, T., GIBBONS.

WX153I7 Spr A. L. GIBBS. .

VX22562 Pte G. H. GIBBS. ' > VX58936, Pte, H., GIBLE.

NX33842, Gnr, B., GIBSON.

NX35148, Captain, H. M., GIBSON. NX31612, Lieut, J. E. M., GIBSON. VX39016, Captain, N. M., GIBSON. NX58445 Sig R. C. GIBSON.   VX31214, Sig, R. F., GIBSON.

NX60390, Lieut, R. G., GIBSON. NX44367, Pte, W. M., GIBSON. NX48749, Pte, M. V., GIFFORD.

NX59100, Pte, A. J., GILBERT.   NX41839, Cpl, A. L., GILBERT.     QX14369, L-Sgt, C. R., GILBERT.

WX9838, Pte, G. S., GILBERT.     NX33276, Pte, M. A., GILBY. SX1062, Pte, F. A., GILES.

VX39179, Pte, G. A. J., GILES   SX8387, Pte, R., GILES.

VX45029, Pte, A. F., GILL.

QX21687, Pte, G. H., GILL. NX37308, Pte, L. B., GILL.

WX64723, Pte, L. M., GILL. QX10305, Pte, R. H., GILL.

VX22195, Pte, F. R., GILLEN.

NX65334, WO, J. M., GILLESPIE. NX45518, Pte, B. G., GILLETT.   WX7108 Spr T. H. GILLETT. VX448S2 Pte J. F. GILLIES.

TX6100, Lieut, J. W., GILLIES.

VX18441, Gnr, R. G., GILLINGS.

VX34274, Cpl, W., V., GILMARTIN. NX31253, Cpl, S. L., GILMORE. NX31033, Pte, A. J., GIMBERT.

NX38971, Cpl, G. H. F., GLADEN, QX14764, Gnr, J. G., GLANCY. QX14806, Sgt, L., GLASSON.

VX54556, Pte, J. T., GLEESON. WX16378, Pte, S. J., GLEESON. NX57526, Sgt, H., GLENCROSS. VX46236, Dvr, J., GLOVER.

NX68619, Pte, V. G., GLOVER. VX57991, Pte, H., GLYNN.

NX45858, Pte, A. J., GOBLE. NX45856, Pte, A. J., GOBLE.

NX47319, Pte, R. O., GODBOLT.

NX70469, Lieut, J. A., GODDEN. NX23737, Pte T. N., GODWIN.

8X12167, Pte, A. G., GOLDING. TX8051, Pte, J. G., GOLDING. NX43942, Pte S., GOLDMAN.

NX18298, Pte K., GOLDSMITH. NX44038, Cpl J., GOLDSTEIN. NX38124, Pte A., GOOD. AET. SX9020, L-Cpl, C. G., GOODE.

VX50717, Spr, W. T., GOODGER.

QX21439, Pte, J. R., GOODRICH. TX1906, Lieut, S. J., GOODRICH. NX48657, Sgt, D. E., GOODWIN NX26539, Pte, J. A., GOODWIN.

NX57817 Dvr R. GOODWIN. QX17001 Lieut R. M. GOODWIN. SX2654 Pte W. C. GOODWIN.

QX18518 Pte N. D. GOOSTREY. QX14624, Cpl, A. C., GORDON.

NX71149 Lieut A. L. GORDON. NX49906, Pte, D. L., GORDON. VX82951, Pte, GORDON.

NX52025, Spr, T. M., GORDON.   NGX33, WO, W. M. I., GORDON NX56737, Pte, O. A. C., GORE. QX18491, Pte, N. F., GORE.

NX35764 Pte J. P. GORHAM.

NX53442 Pte W. J. GORMAN. WX9336, Cpl, J., GORRIDGE. NX67242, Pte, S. F., GOSS.

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QX11433, Cpl, H., GOSSNER. WX8582, Pte, N. A., GOUGH.

NX43475, Pte, R. G., GOUGH. QX155H9, Pte, H. R., GOULD. VX35947, Pte, R. E., GOULD

VX34392, Pte, A. P., GOULDEN,

NX2729, Pte, R. E., GOULDING. QX10066, Cpl, W. A., GOULDS.

NX26538, Lieut, G. E., GOURLEY, VX29211, Pte, N. C., GOYNE. NX56833, Pte, A., GRAHAM.

NX40670, Cpl, A. G., GRAHAM. VX38027, Spr, A. H., GRAHAM.

QX13231, Pte, A. J. M., GRAHAM.

VX17328, S-Sgt, A. W., GRAHAM. NX76215, Lieut, E. D., GRAHAM. VX1266, Spr, O. F., GRAHAM, NX1685, Cpl, T. G., GRAHAM.

NX58422, WO, W. A., GRAHAM. NX5675, W. R., GRAHAM.

NX47218, Pte, S. H., GRAINGER, NX57578, Sgt, D. H., GRANT. VX31415, Cpl F. J., GRANT.

QX20516, Pte, J. C., GRANT. QX10128, Gnr, S. E., GRANT. NX47498, Cpl, T. S., GRANT. VX58101, Cpl, C. M., GRAY. WX5213, Spr, G. U., GRAY.

NX70445, Lieut, J. H. G., GRAY. NX33809, Cpl, K. A., GRAY.

QX13825, Gnr, N. T., GRAY, NX57786, Pte, W. S., GRAY. NX48980, Pte, W. T., GRAY.

VX48189, Pte, L. M., GREAVES. VX39305, Sgt A. F., GREEN. VX39507 Pte, H. E., GREEN.

NX41959, Pte, H. R., GREEN. VXN0384, Pte, L. J., GREEN.

VX45936, Sig, R. H., GREEN. NX53889, Cpl, W., GREEN.

NX5B630, Pte, J., GREENAN.

NX27076, Pte, A. K., GREENHALGH. VX30279, Pte, V. M., GREENING.

NX48532, Pte, M., GREENSTREET.

QX15856, Pte, W. J., GREENWAY.     NX58157, Pte, F. J., GREENWOOD. VX38998, Sgt, H. J., GREENWOOD. SX11623, Pte, J. S., GREENWOOD. NX70441, Lieut, B. J. K., GREER. WX9202, Pte R. K., GREGORY. QX21271, Pte, P., GRENBERG.

VX36294, Pte, R. A., GRENFELL. NX77771, Pte, B., GREENLUND. QX19479, Pte, C. J., GREVETT. NX53552, Pte, G. R., GRIEVE.

NX47100, Lieut W. H., GRIEVE. QX17844, Lieut, C., GRIFFIN. NX69235, Sgt, C. D., GRIFFIN. NX72845, Pte, G. R., GRIFFIN.

B3/58, Mr. V. M., GRIFFIN, war artist. VX48828, Lieut, G. R., GRIFFITH. NX36301, Pte A., GRIFFITHS.

QX6943, Pte, B. C., GRIFFITHS.

NX53484, Pte E. J., GRIFFITHS.   NX28271, Sgt G., GRTFITHS.

VX32432, Sig, G. T. G., GRIFFITHS. NX28981, Gnr J. L., GRIFFITHS. QX10530, Gnr, H. G., GROOM. SX8051, Dvr, L. L., GROSSER.

QX18664, Pte, E. T., GROSSKRUITZ. VX60402, Pte, F. W., GROVE. QX15540, Pte, J. B., GROVE.

VX38436, Gnr, A. T., GROVES. QVX23894, Spr, M. H., GRULKE. VX25099, Pte, N. A., GRYLLS.

B3/11 Red Cross Commissioner W. J. O.


NX56560, Sgt, S. E., GUINANE. NX76596, Major, C. E. M., GUNTHER. QX15831, Pte, W. J., GUTHRAY.

WX3450, Capt, G. W., GWYNNE.


NX71148, Lieut, V. C., HACKNEY. VX61687, Pte, T. H., HADDEN. NX18973, Pte C. R., HAGAN.

VX19881, Pte R. W., HAGGER. VX47208, Sgt J. T., HAIG. QX12232, Pte A. E., HAIN.

VX35104, Gnr, R. H., HADMES. 8X4079, Pte, J. V., HAINES.

NX34506, Pte, D. J., HALCROFT. TX8388, Pte, G. E. A., HALE. 8X10139, Pte, J. E., HALE. TX2965, Pte, C. C., HALL.

NX71330, Dvr, C. G., HALL. QX16944, Pte G., HALL.

NX71957, Pte, H. F., HALL. QX13025, Pte, N. M., HALL.

NX29973, Cpl, R. T. S., HALL. TX4822, Pte, F. J., HALLEY.

NX40480, Pte, S. B., HALLIDAY. NX51440, WO, A., HALLORAN.

NX30498, L-Cpl, N. C., HALLS. WX15029, Spr, W. J., HALSE.

WX4991, L-Sgt, E. E., HAMBLEY. NX72716, Spr, A., HAMBLIN.

NX68782, Dvr, A. G. H., HAMER.

NX71131, Capt, A. R., HAMILTON. VX55764, Pte, D. L., HAMILTON. NX58752, Cpl, C. J., HAMTLTON.

VX39458, L-Cpl, F. F., HAMILTON. VX22814, Pte, J., HAMILTON.

VX42852, WO, J. M., HAMILTON.

VX29258, Sig, T. A. J., HAMILTON. NX40925, Pte, J., HAMMOND.

VX48667, Pte, K. J., HAMMOND. TX3405, Sig, A. E., HAMPTON.

NX72728, Pte, N. H., HAMPTON. NX45024, Pte, G, W., HANCOCK, QX14652, S-Sgt, A. F., HANELT.

B/501, Mr I. R., HANGER. YMCA. QX22757, Pte, R. W., HANLEY.

NX23526, S-Sgt, K. S., HANLIE. NX30821, Pte, L. R., HANLON. VX45943, Pte, C. J., HANN.

QX23110, Pte, R. G., HANNA.

QX19290, Pte, E, H., HANNAM.

QX6472, Capt, S. L., HANNAM. NX29810, Pte, F. P., HANNAN.

NX34297, Sgt, C. W., HANNEMAN. VX20557, Pte, E. J., HANNS.

VX25723, Pte, C. C., HANSEN.

VX37875, Pte, L. C., HANSON.

QX6307, Capt, J. F., HARDACRE. NX19398, Pte, A. H., HARDING. NX67798, Sgt, J. R., HARDING. NX42612, Sig, M. C., HARDING.

NX50687, Pte, J. K., HARDMAN. TX4789, M. G., HARDMAN. NX47343, Pte C. V., HARDY.

QX11118, Pte, C., HARGREAVES.

VX42538, Cpl, J. R., HARGREAVES. NX54276, Pte, P. A., HARKINS.

VX55099, Pte, V. C., HARKNESS.   NX49751, Sig, J., HARMAN.

VX43455,Pte, A. E. P., HARMER.   VX48082, Pte, S. R., HARMER. NX32166, Pte F. E., HARON.

VX15702, Gnr, H. S., HARPER. TX3824, Pte, S, F., HARPER.

NX70194, Capt, W. J., HARPER.

NX68322, Pte, J. L. G., HARRIDGE.   NX68323, Pte, M. V. C., HARRIDGE. NX35952, Pte, A. C., HARRIS. VX51125, Pte, E. D., HARRIS. NX66134, Sig, E. W., HARRIS. QX12911, Pte, G. O., HARRIS.

QX13829, Pte, G. R., HARRIS. NX24089, Cpl, J. E., HARRIS.

VX64218, Pte, K. A., HARRIS.

VX20198, Spr, L., HARRIS.  

SX11343, Pte, I, J., HARRIS. SX21120, Dvr, N., HARRIS.

VX48683, Pte, P. J., HARRIS.

VX65314, Pte, R. B., HARRIS.

VX51124, Pte, R. B., HARRIS.

NX35525, L.-Cpl, J. W., HARRISON. NX76310, Lieut, W. D., HARRISON. VX33472, Spr, N. G., HARRIS.

VX47231, Dvr, C. H., HART.

NX77882 Pte H. J. HART.

QX17918, Pte, T., HART. NX49887, Pte, T., HART.

NX55416, Cpl, L. R. W., HARTSHORNE.

NX51647, Pte, C. A. HARVEY.

NX10381, Sgt, F. HARVEY.  

NX40481, Pte, H. G., HARVEY. NXVX28032, L.-Cpl, H. J., HARVEY. NX57430,Sgt, K. M., HARVEY.   NX19687, Spr, L. C., HARVEY. NX24183, Pte, R. H., HARVEY.

TX4484, Pte, R. J., HARVEY. VX56128, Pte, R. W., HARVEY. VX46329, Gnr, T. J., HARVEY. NX14058, Pte, W. H., HARVEY. NX51618, Lieut, F. G., HARVIE.

NX36058, Pte, G., HARWOOD. NX26357, Gnr, G. J., HARWOOD.

NX39215, Pte, R., HARWOOD.   SX9150, Pte, A. E., HASKELL. SX11056, Pte, R. C., HASKELL.

NX66000, Sgt, J., HASKINS.

QX14103, Pte, G., HASLET.  

NX29450, Pte, W. J., HASLING.

QX20470, Cpl, H. R., HASSETT. TX8347, Pte, C. H., HASTIE. QX15084, Sgt, C. G., HASTINGS.

QX13252, Pte, G., HASTINGS.   VX24952, Cpl, H. R., HATCH. SX10650, Pte, C. R., HATHERALL.

QX14707, Gnr, C. A., HAWKINS. TX4467, Pte, C. E., HAWKINS.   VX32625, Spr, F. G., HAWKINS.


QX6327, Lieut, G. W., HAWKINS. NX66182, Sig, J. B., HAWTIN. NX73765, Pte, V. J., HAWTON.

VX45334, Pte, L. H. D., HAYCOCKS. NX47025, Pte, B. L., HAYES.

QX12316, Pte, T. H., HAYES. VX31763, Pte, V. A., HAYES.

VX62026, Pte, A. H., HAYNES.

QX18622, Gnr, G. A., HAYNES. VX46828, Spr, J. B., HAYNES. WX6906, Spr, H. C., HAYS.

NX17796, Pte, D. H., HAYTER. NX72444, Pte, L. L., HAYTER.

WX8117, Spr, H. G., HAZELGROVE. NX26288, Pte, J., HAZLETT.

NX40291, Pte, J., HAZELWOOD. NX70439, Lieut, HEAD.

NX34763, Major, P. L., HEAD. VX29035, Pte, W. J., HEAL. WX6603, Spr, C. L., HEALY. QX8299, Pte, A. N., HEALY.

VX65606, Pte, W. R., HEARD. VX61193, Pte, L., HEARNE.

VX35048, Pte, M. J. F., HEARNE. NX51706, Pte, A. C., HEATH. VX27436, Pte, A. G., HEATH.

VX56716, Sig, T. W., HEATHCOTE.

VX37560, Pte, J. W., HEAZLEWOOD. NX66705, Pte, R. J., HEBBLEWHITE. VX40388, Sgt, N. R., HEDLEY.

VX46103, Pte, N. E., HEDRICK.

WX14455, L-Sgt, V. F., HEFFERMAN, QX12912, Pte, D. R., HEIDEMAN. QX15910, Pte, M., HEIDKE.

VX60889, Pte, W., HEINRICHSEN.

WX13146, Spr, N. G., HELLMRICH. NX37302, Pte, E. W L., HEMMING. NX52163, Pte, A., HAMPTON.

QX21717, Gnr, H., HELMSLEY.

VX34120, Pte, C. V., HENDER.

NX67547, Cpl, A. R., HENDERSON, NX51589, Pte, E., HENDERSON.

VX31647, Lieut, H. E., HENDERSON. VX32130, Pte, J., HENDERSON.

VX27380, Spr, J. A., HENDERSON. NX50679, Sig, J. W., HENDERSON. NX47024, Pte, R. D., HENDERSON. WX8384, Pte, R. G., HENDERSON. NX35147, Capt, P. I. A., HENDRY.

NX70443, Lieut, L. F. G., HENDY. NX56893, Cpl, R., HENGFORD. NX72706, Spr, A. J., HENLEY.

QX14-78, WO, H. A., HENLEY. VX60375, Pte W. J., HENLEY.

NX58970, Pte, S. R., HENNESSEY. NX22632, Cpl, M. F., HENRY. TX3831, Sig H. J., HENSBY.

NX1230, Sig, D. B., HERGENHAM. VX38289, Cpl, G. A., HERKES. VX53064, Pte, G., HERMAN.

NX32049, Cpl, N. P., HERON.

VX55198, Pte J. A., HETHERINGTON. NX67428, Sgt, E. A., HEUSTON. QX17917, Cpl, E. I., HEUSTON.

NX2834, Gnr, A. G., HEWETT. QX12943, Pte, A. A., HEWITT.

QX13376, Pte, E. I. J., HEWITT. QX9722, Pte A. J., HEWITT.

NX48816, Pte, F. W., HEWITT. NX30032, Pte, N. C., HEYDON. SX11624, Dvr, E. B., HEYNE.

VX47583, Pte, C., HIBBERT.

VX28029, Pte, E. W., HIBBERT. NX59745, Pte, K., HIBBERT.

VX36942, Lieut, E. W., HIDDLESTONE, NX723018, Pte, P. D., HIGGINS. VX27553, Sgt, J. D., HIGGINS. NX521102, Pte, A. W., HILL. VX40585, Pte, E., HILL.   NX72660, Pte, G., HILL.

NX34500, Pte, J. O., HILL. NX70185, Capt, N. A., HILL. NX67023, Spr, R. W., HILL. NX29064, Pte, S. B., HILL.

NX24061, L-Cpl, S. R., HILL.

TX1188, Pte, R. E., HILLIER. NX24064, Pte, E. P., HILTON.

VX485561, WO, A. G. S., HINDLE. NX25537, Gnr, P., HINDLEY. WX8597, Pte, F., HINDS.

QX15282, Sig, A. G., HINES. NX26013, Pte, R., HINIS.

QX11320, Pte, H., HINKSON. NX73755, Pte, C., HINTON.

NX47274, Pte, T. H., HINTON VX26561, Pte, W. J., HIPE.

NX10793, Pte, W., HITCHCOCK.

NX66966, Pte, F. G., HITCHENS. QX01546, Pte, T. L., HITCHMAN. QX4166, Lieut, T. E. B., HOARE. VX39962, Cpl, L. G., HOARSE. QX12043, Pte, A., HOBDAY.

NX26846, Pte, K. C., HOBDEN.

VX39277, S-Sgt, T. F., HOCKING. QX11232, WO, F., HODEL.

TX5132, Pte, G. W. L., HODGE. NX50708, Lieut, J. N., HODGE. NX68237, Pte, W. P., HODGE. NX32192, Pte, A. E., HODGES.

WX9350, Pte, G. P., HODKINS.

NX58291, Pte, B. A., HODGMAN. VX33848, Pte, E. G., HODGSON. NX55749, Pte, J. F., HODSON. WX11514, Spr, T., HOFFMAN.

NX57364, Pte, H. L., HOGAN. VX54757, Pte J., HOGAN.

NX47597, Pte, M. L., HOGAN.

VX22889, Pte, T. A., HOGAN.

NX34134, Pte, G. E., HOGBEN.

NX4699, Pte, A. D., HOLCOMBE.

VX43462, Pte, F. A., HOLCOMBE, NX65437, Sgt, S. H., HOLDEN. NX21437, Pte, H. J., HOLDEN. NX37424, Cpl, H. J., HOLDEN. WX17634, Pte, W., HOLDING.

NX53428, S-Sgt, H. W., HOLDORF. NX26331, Pte, B. H., HOLLAND. NX54195, Sig, J., HOLLAND.

NX53132, Sgt, R. B., HOLLEY.

VX46951, Cpl, A. C., HOLLINGSWORTH. NX8316, WO, G. C., HOLM.

VX38343, Pte, E. W., HOLMES. VX41022, Pte, M., HOLMES. NX25716, Pte, R., HOLMES.

TX5146, Pte, S. C., HOLMES. NX65344, Pte, A. J., HOLT.

NX40687, Pte, D. A., HOLE. QX21759, Pte, J. F., HOLT.

NX40675, Pte, J. M. M., HOLT. WX11151, Major, A. R., HOME. NX45137, Sig, W. G., HOMER.

QX13143, Gnr, T. B., HOMEWOOD. VX65436, Pte, L. J., HONAN. NX34310, Cpl, S. B., HONE.

NX65492, S-Sgt, E. T., HOOKER. TX3413, Cpl, J. H., HOOLEY. VX22873, Pte, W., HOOPER. QX9373 ——

VX51901, Captain, G. J., HORDER.

NX70781, Lieut, H. M. L., HORDERN. VX44803, Major, F., HORE.

VX27772, Spr, A. W. C., HORKINGS. NX24823, Pte, E. J., HORLEY. TX8219, Pte, J. W., HORNE.

VX33617, Pte, W. J., HORNIBROOK. NX39208, Pte, A. R., HORRIGAN. QX23461, Pte, M. E., HORRIGAN.

NX52044, Pte, P. J., HORRIGAN.  

NX68355, Pte, G. A., HORSBURGH. NX54097, Pte, J. H., HORSNELL.

QX16947, Pte, E. J., HORSWOOD. NX30728, Cpl, H. L., HORWELL. NX52270, Dvr, F. A., HOSICK.

WX10097, L-Cpl, A. D., HOSKING. SX11137, Pte, R. R., HOSKING.

VX20188, Spr, G. A., HOUGHTON.

NX28978, Gnr, W. R., HOULAHAN. NX910, Pte, J., HOULIHAN.

NX56126, Pte, W., HOUNSELL.

NX15435, Pte, J. L. A., HOUPILARD-


NX30221, Pte, C. C., HOWARD. QX21513, Cpl, J., HOWARD.

QX11091, L-Sgt, J. P. S., HOWARD. WX15099, Sgt, C. T., HOWE.

QX18006, Pte, J. E., HOWELL.

NX12535, Cpt, E. R., HOWELLS. QX13253, L-Cpl, S. C., HOWITT. WX16991, Pte, W. R., HOWSON. Pte, L. R., HOOLONG.

WX7077, Sig, K. A., HUBBARD. NX50763, Pte, V., HUBBARD.

NX59853, Pte, A. C., HUCKEL.

NX27762, Lt, A. E. S., HUDSON. NX57081, Pte, E., HUDSON.

QX10893, Cpl, E. M., HUDSON.

VX28071, Gnr, G. S., HUDSON. NX31455, Gnr, R. M., HUSDON. TX5882, Pte, V. C., HUDSON.

NX26051, L-Sgt, A. H., HUGHES QX17866, Lt, J. F., HUGHES.

TX2508, Pte, M. R., HUGHES. VX39901, Lt, R. G., HUGHES. NX1941, Sig, R. G., HUGHES.

VX31751, Pte, R. J., HUGHES. VX35639, Pte, T. E., HUGHES. QX10832, Pte, T., HULL.

QX17196, Pte, W. J., HULL.

VX62881, Pte, P. G. B., HULLIN. VX35100, Cpl, H. G., HULM. NX33572, Sig, F. A., HUME.

VX34622, Sgt, K., HUME-COOK.

NX37358, Pte, W. A., HUMPHREY. VX62918, Pte, A. E., HUMPHREYS.

NX66680, Lt, J. R., HUMPHREYS. QX14087, Cpl, L. R., HUMPHRIS. NX52379, Sgr, P. J., HUNDY. WX11177, Maj, B. A., HUNT. NX72534, Sig, D. B., HUNT.

NX20438, Pte, E. J. B., HUNT. VX48079, Maj, G. P., HUNT.

NX17732, Gnr, N. R. C., HUNT. QX18843, Pte, R. F., HUNT.

NX69390, Pte, C. J., HUNTER. VX64419, Pte, N., HUNTER.

NX27854, Cpl, N. L. S., HUNTLEY. QX22688, Cpl, E. V., HURLOCK. QX12079, Gnr, T. A., HUSSEY.

VX54436, Pte, C. W., HUTCHINS. VX30566, Pte ,M. J., HUTCHINS.

QX17448, WO, C. I., HUTCHINSON. VX65600, Pte, S. G., HUTCHINSON. NX59189, WO, A. G., HUTCHISON. VX55865 Pte H. C., HUTHNANCE. QX16550——.  

TX4249, Cpl, K. A., HUTTON. NX57330, Pte, R. A., HUTTON. NX54121, Cpl, A. V., HUXLEY.

NX49800, Pte, A., HYDE-CATES. QX6633, Pte, C. G., HYDE. VX65352, Pte, L., HYDER.

NX55663, Pte, A. G., HYEM.

TX5103, Pte, W. G., HYLAND. VX36741, Pte, R. F., HYMAN. NX46739, Lt, A., HYSLOP.

VX23706, L-Cpl, G., ILES.

VX33837, Lt, R. S., ILLIG.

NX32234, Sgt, J. T., INGLETON. SX10281, Pte, R., INGLISH.

NX77809, Pte, T. J., INGRAM. NX75179, Sig, L., INKPEN.

NX73309, Pte, E., IRONFIELD. NX40449, Cpl, L. W., IRVINE. NX30372, Pte, W. R., IRVINE. QX16385, Cpl, A. G., IRWIN. NX35337, Sgt, G. L., IRWIN. NX40290, Pte, R. G., IRWIN.

NX51730, Cpl, A. W. J., ISANC. NX32627, Gnr, B. V., ISANCS.

NX37498, Sgt, R. W., JACK.

SX13700, Dvr, M. E., JACKA.

VX51526, Pte, R. W., JACKMAN.

VX20605, Pte, C. E. V., JACKSON. VX29148, Spr, F. W., JACKSON. VX46447, Cpl, O. J., JENKIN.

VX27664, Pte, K. H., JENKINS. WX9475, Spr, N. E., JENKINS. TX8300, Pte, S. R., JENKINS. QX9682, Spr, C. E., JENSEN. VX54725, Pte, E. A., JESSUP.

VX51823, Capt, H. E., JESSUP. WX8817, Spr, A. H., JEWELL.

QX13092, Pte, E. W., JEWELL. QX21090, Pte, W., JEWELL.

VX40454, Pte K. C., JINKINS. NX72026, Pte, C. J., JOBSON. QX10766, Pte, R. S., JOHN.

VX45814, Cpl, C. V., JOHNS. VX43463, Dvr, I. H., JOHNS.

VX54718, Pte, R. R., JOHNS.

NX29128, Sgt, A., JOHNSON.

VX48350, Pte, B. A. T., JOHNSON. NX31528, Pte, A. A., JOHNSON. QX18280, Cpl, B. N., JENSEN. NX8724, Pte, C., JOHNSON.

NX19121, Pte, C. G., JOHNSON.

VX28836, Cpl, C. H., JOHNSON. VX51047, Pte, E. H., JOHNSON. VX14954, Pte, F., JOHNSON.

NX50997, Pte, F. R., JOHNSON. VX54528, Pte, F. W., JOHNSON.

VX45189, Capt, M. C., JOHNSON. SX5367, Pte, P. F., JOHNSON.

NX41060, Pte, R. J., JOHNSON. NX1772, Pte, V. F., JOHNSON.

NX68436, Pte, D. A., JOHNSTON. NX32362, Cpl, D. A., JOHNSTON. VX58313, Spr, J. A., JOHNSTON. VX57067, Cpl, E., JOHNSTON. QX10635, Sgt, J., JOHNSTON.

VX25251, Cpl, J. R., JOHNSTON.

NX70427, Major, M. M., JOHNSTON. NX2538, Cpl, R. A., JOHNSTON.

NX12511, Capt, F. T., JOHNSTON. TX8200, Pte, M. G., JOHNSTONE.

VX83974, Pte, R. H., JOHNSTONE. QX20328, Pte, W. A. F., JOLLIFFE. SX9235, Cpl, D, E., JOLLY. SX9234, Pte, W. J., JOLLY.

NXB9617, Pte, W. A., JONAS.

VX45574, Pte, A. S., JONES.

NX47761, Pte, B. S., JONES. NX51703, JONES.

NX28222, Gnr, D. C., JONES. NX31204, Pte, E. B., JONES.

NX70513, Capt, F. A., JONES.

NX54449, Pte, G. F. M., JONES. NX44455, Pte, J., JONES.

QX10790, Pte, J., JONES.

NX41275, L-Cpl, J. G., JONES.

QX7617, Pte, J. H. G., JONES. NX25904, Cpl J. J., JONES.

NX2714, Pte, K. G., JONES.

NX70156, Chaplain, M. K., JONES. TX5694, Cpl, M. R., JONES. VX21126, S-Sgt, R., JONES.

NX67684, Pte, R. E., JONES. QX13906, Pte, R. F., JONES.

NX31686, Pte, R. L., JONES. VX18588, Pte, S. W., JONES. NX1073, L-Cpl, T. A., JONES.

QX17379, Pte, V. R. A., JONES. NX46076, Pte, V. W. L., JONES. NX72554, Pte, W., JONES.

VX35898, Pte, W. C., JONES. NX45325, Sgt, W. G., JONES. NX29471, Pte, N. W., JONES.

NX72156, Pte, S. A. A., JORDAN. VX45124, Sig, W. J., JOUANEAU. QX9405, Sgt, E. J., JOYCE.

NX38737, L-Cpl, H. E., JOYCE. VX43070, Cpl, G. F., JACKSON. WX8750, Pte, H. A., JACKSON.

NX69210, Dvr, H. J., JACKSON. QX14118, Pte, K. D., JACKSON. WX7758, Sig, M. J., JACKSON.

QX20183, Pte, N. V. D., JACKSON. NX47506, Cpl, O. J., JACKSON. VX27050, Pte, R. W., JACKSON. NX41753, Pte, T. H., JACKSON. QX1454, Pte, T. R., JACKSON.

QX44543, Pte, W. R., JACKSON. QX15729, Pte, R. R., JACOBSEN. NX57710, Dvr, A. J., JACQUES. NX69979, Sig, A. H., JAKEMAN. NX23016, Pte, C. F., JAMES.

NX50157, Pte, E. F. W., JAMES. NX44920, Pte, J., JAMES.

WX10567, S-Sgt, J. H., JAMES. VX37353, Pte, W., JAMES

VX39433, Pte, H. L., JACQUES.

NX25223, Pte, H. M. C., JAMESON. NX48419, Dvr, J. H., JAMESON. NX2535, Pte, P. W., JAMESON.

VX34590, Cpl, B. V., JAMIESON. QX14772, Cpl, G. L., JAMIESON.

VX37237, Pte, J. R., JAMIESON. NX38302, Pte, M., JAMTESON.

QX15258, Pte, R. S., JAMIESON.

NX51740, Pte, R. W., JAMIESON. NX55693, Pte, V., JAMIESON. NX46057, Pte, H. B., JANSEN.

NX33194, Pte, R. T., JARMAN. NX30394, Pte, H., JARRETT. NX35223, Pte, A. J., JARVIS.

NX34993, Lt-Col, W. D., JEATER. VX17762, Pte F. L., JEFFREY. QX1807, Pte, J. C., JEFFRIES.

NX27481, Gnr, V. T., JELLMAN (JEF- FREY).

VX58039, Cp,l D. F., JEFFREY. NX53793, Pte, L. W., JOYCE. VX47381, Pte, T. L., JOYCE. QX2433, Pte, R. C., JULIUS.

VX47751, Spr, F. J., JUSTIN.

QX17333, Pte, C. M., KAHLER. QX12919, Cpl, F. J., KAHLU.

NX16582, Sgt, J. F., KALBFELL. NX2573I, Pte, R. J., KANE.

VX55817, Sig, A. R., KAPPE.

VX48789, Lt-Col, C. H., KAPPE. NX30474, Pte, A. A., KAY.

VX65129, Spr, L. K., KEALY. VX27987, Pte J., KEANE.

SX4287, Pte, M. S., KEANE.

VX63212, Pte, W. H., KEANE. NX72193, Pte, F. W., KEANS. TX5857, Pte, T. D., KEARNS.

NX70437, Cpt, P. D., KEARNEY. VX37070, Lt, A., KEARTON.

NX27190, L-Sgt, S. W., KEEBLE. VX31098, Pte, E. S., KEEDLE. NX55997, Pte, J., KEEGAN.

NX7992, Dvr, M. F., KEEGAN. QX1652I, L-Sgt, F. H., KEEN.

VX47062 Pte R. M. KEENAN. WX9915, Pte, F. H., KEIRLE. QX7541, Pte, C. C., KEITEL.

NX48153, Pte, E. J., KELAHER.

NX26575, Pte, J. S., KELLEHER. NX49689, Sig, E. B., KELL.

NX16714 Pte F. W. KELLEARD. VX50801 Sgt H. E. KELLEY. VX30325, Spr, J. M., KELLS. NX40506, Pte, A. J., KELLY. SX8941, Pte, C. E., KELLY. QX23511, Pte, E., KELLY.

QX13365, Pte, E. G., KELLY. NX18011, Spr, G. A., KELLY. NX18995, Pte, J. F., KELLY. QX14221, Bdr, J. G., Kelly.

VX55549 Spr J. K. KELLY.

NX331H, L-Cpl, J. M., KELLY. QX15273, Pte, K. P., KELLY. QX21274, Pte, M. A., KELLY. VX4578, Pte, M. J., KELLY.

NX50467, Pte, M. F., KELLY. TX2666, Pte, T. M., KELLY.

VX228117, Pte, T. P., KELLY. NX36036, Sgt, W. N., KELLY.

QX6462, Lieut, R. H. S., KELLY. QX14830, L-Sgt, E. N., KEMP. VX39045, Capt, H., KEMP.

NX65979, Pte, A. B., KENNEDY. WX7245, Spr, J. H., KENNEDY.

VX53279, Pte, H. J., KENNEDY. VX48274, Cpl, J. A., KENNEDY. WX9404, Spr, J. C., KENNEDY.

WX10910 Pte M. S. KENNEDY.

NX47197, L-Sgt, N. W., KENNEDY. 35826, Pte, P., KENNEDY.

NX47200, Cpl, T. W. F., KENNEDY. VX47563, Pte, W., KENNEDY. VX43156, Pte, J., KENNETT.

PX8532, Pte, W. B. G., KENNEY. SX11212, Pte, K., KENNY. VX65302, Pte, R., KENNY.

NX70897, Lieut, O. F., KENSETT. TX3676, Pte, C. A., KENT.

VX24093, Pte, L. D., KERGER. QX22120, Pte, J. R., KERLIN. NX42533, Cpl, J., KERNAN. VX46790, Sig, A. G., KERR. QX9248, WO, J. J., KER.

VX32569, Pte, L. C., KERR.

QX14971, Pte, D. W., KERRIDGE. TX5634, Spr, W. K., KERSLAKE.

NX10441, Sig, W. G. G., KIBBLEWHITE. QX12920, Pte, N. R. E., KIDD. NX25768, Cpl, J., KILFOYLE.

SX13723, Pte, R. C., KIMBER. NX22317, Pte, K., KIND.

VX32341, Pte, A. H., KING. VX45347, Pte, A. R., KING. VX37484, Pte, D. L., KING. NX4637 Pte E. A. KING. VX33325, Pte, I. I., KING.

VX34675, Pte, L. H., KING. WX9608, Pte, L. P., KING. QX24212, Pte, R. B., KING. VX47159, Cpl, KING.

NX37697, Pte, S. A., KING.

QX16557, Gnr, V. C., KING. QX12203, Pte, W., KING.

WX6429, Pte, W. J., KING.

VX27646, Pte, L. C., KINNON.

NX27205, Pte, G. M., KINSELA.

NX42647, Pte, P. S., KIRTCHLER. CX58486, Pte, J. J., KIRK.

QX21622, Pte, E. W., KIRKEGAARD. VX62242, Pte, T. M., KIRKPATRICK. NX27393, Pte, S. S., KIRTON. QX17346, Pte, J. L., KIRWIN.

QX14749, Pte, I. E., KITCHENHAM. VX47508, Pte, D. R., KLEIN.

VX33038, Pte, A. T., KLOSE.

QX19991, Gnr, D. M., KLOSS. QX13948, Gnr, H. J., KLOSE. QX15289, Pte, H., KNIGHT.

VX52570, Pte, J. C., KNIGHT. NX2868, Cpl, K., KNIGHT.

NX32454, L-Sgt, S. T., KNIGHT. VX44407, Sgt, D. G. B., KNOTT. NX70488, Lieut, G. R. D., KNOX. NX37631, Pte, R. J., KNOW. VX55506, Pte, G., KORIN. NX30528 Pte J. J. KORN.

QX19464, Pte, E. G., KOSKI. NX31778, Pte, H. C., KOST.

NX55501, Cpl, A., KRUUSMANN. QX13301, Pte, P. J., KUHR.

NX57140, Pte, G. W., KURTZ.

VX59503, Pte, J. J., KUZZMAN. NX79284, Pte, R. C., KUSKEY. QX17334, Cpl, J. F., KUSKOPF. VX45644, Pte, D. J., KYDD. VX37786, Sig, B. W., KYNE.

10175, Pte, J. G., KYRIAKOS.

VX39991, Pte, J. F., LACK.

NX68934, Pte, D. F., LACKEY. QX21543, Pte, C. C., LAFIN.

NX52289, Cpl, G. T. B., LAGETTIE. NX51301, Spr, E., LAING.

NX20684, Spr, E. B., LAING. NX59190, Sgt, G. R., LAING. VX62715, Pte, J., LAIRD.

VX41688, Spr, K. C., LAITY. QX19084, Lt, A. B., LAKE.

NX34738, Capt, A. M., LAMACRAFT. VX25938, Pte, P. C., LAMB.

QX15748, Pte, E. C., LAMBERT.

NX43631, Cpl, E. J., LAMBOURNE.  

VX57376, Pte, W. P., LAMERS.

QX23917, Pte, E. W., LANCASTER. VX24573, L-Cpl, W., LANCE.

B367, Red Cross Representative A. C.


QX14695, WO, A. S., LANE. VX64067, Pte, C., LANE.

VX21526, Spr, D. J. T., LANHAM.

NX26343, Pte, L. C., LANSDOWN. VX43170, Pte, L. C., LARAGY.

VX31398, Cpl, J. K., LARDNER.

VX32533, Sgt, W. S., LARKAN.

VX43541, Pte, G. A., LARKIN. NX30942, Pte, S. R., LARKIN. NX53614, Sig, J. F., LARSEN.

VX36427, Pte, J. A., LATHAM. NX46783, Pte, J. L., LATIMER. QX13751, WO, G., LAUDER. VX43854, Cpl, S., LAUNDER.

QX12118, Pte, H. J., LAURIE. NX78302, Pte, J., LAVALLE. NX71470, Pte, D. J., LAW. NX32444, Pte, H., LAW.

NX41782, Sgt, J. L., LAWLER.

NX49667, Pte, W. H., LAWLER,

VX66500, Pte, P. W. V., LAWLOR.

POW's (Contd

VX55853, Pte, C. H., LAWRENCE NX31115, Pte, G., LAWRENCE.

QX17477, L-Cpl, C. H., LAWSON.   QX19062, Cpt, D. A., LAWSON QX14442, Gnr, J., LAWSON.

NX51236, Pte, R. G., LAWSON. NX36610, Pte, R. H., LAWSON NX10888, Pte, E., LAWTY.

NX53872, Pte, R. W. E., LAZENBY. NX36161, Pte, B. T. J., LEAHY.

Red Cross Representative B. D. LEANE. VX46014, L-Sgt, E. A., LEANE.

NX57111, Cpl, G. L., LEARMONTH. WX10107, Lt, R. W., LEARMONTH. NX56653, WO, J. J. D., LEATHART. NX52564, Sgt, M. W., LEAVER. WX9387, Lt, C. D., LEE. NX36020, Pte, E. J., LEE.

QX12611, Sgt, G. F., LEE. VX24119, Cpl, L., LEE. NX40816, Pte, N., LEE. NX46127, Pte, N., LEE. WX8208, Spr, R., LEE.

VX56307, Pte, T. C., LEE.

QX15588, Pte, W. L., LEE.

NX31672, Pte, J. H., LEECH.

VX44907, Lt-Col, W. W., LEGGATT QX17599, Gnr, B. J., LEGGETT. VX24951, Pte, A. P., LEIGH.

NX35436, Pte, J. F., LEITCH. WX4917, Pte, J. L., LEITH.

NX70471, Pte, T. C., LEMAISTRE-


VX46246, Dvr, L. P., LEMKE. VX46249, Dvr, R. E., LEMKE.

NX40254, Pte, A. J., LENNON.

NX32826, L-Sgt, J. L., LENNON NX32769, Pte, A. F, H., LENZ.

NX39713 Pte H. W. LEONARD. QX17255, Gnr, J. E., LEONE.

NX39966, Pte, F. L., LESLIE. WX7657, Sgt, J. R., LESLIE.

WX10806, Pte, K. E., LESSELS NX68424, Pte, F. E., LESTER. VX63740, Pte, N. C., LETTS.

NX37712, Spr, E. W., LEVETT. NX55215, Sig, V. N. W., LEVI NX29744, Pte, A. W., LEWIS.

WX14935, Pte, H. P., LEWIS. NX50448, Lt, C. W., LEWIS.

VX61590, Pte, K. M., LEWIS. NX32914, Dvr, M. R., LEWIS. QX14578, Gnr, O. M., LEWIS, NX67440, Pte, R. S., LEWIS.

VX43596, Pte, T. G., LEWIS. WX7441, Pte, T. H., LEWIS.

VX21039, L-Cpl, W. A., LEWIS NX42838, Pte, W. H., LEWIS. NX7298, Pte, LICKISS.

NX29314, Pte, W. W., LIDDELL NX45646, Cpl, A. E., LIDSTER. QXL306, Gnr, L. L., LILLAS. QX19007, Lt, A. M., LILLIE.

VX55011, Gnr, L. J. S., LILLYCRAPP. VX39283, Sgt, N. E., LINDEMANN. NX12560, Cpt, M. A., LINGREN. SX10381, Pte, J., LINDOW.

VX33820, Pte, R. E., LINDSEY.

VX27072, Pte, R., LINDSTROM. TX3607, L-Cpl, E. C., LING. NX59887, Sig, J. M., LING.

VX32969, Pte, R., LINGPACK.

NX70193, Cpt, J. R., LINSCOTT NX30952, Pte, G. B., LISTER. NX6733,——

TX4274, Cpl, J. W., LITTLE. NX37688, Pte, L. J., LITTLE. TX3419, Pte, R. L., LITTLE.

VX47877, Pte, W. J., LITTLE.   NX38978, Pte, E. J., LIVERMORE.

QX18512, Lt, R., LIVINGSTON.   NX45054, Pte, G. C., LIVINGSTONE. NX33302, Pte, E. J., LLEWELLYN. NX70438, Cpl, D. T., LLOYD. QX10180, Pte, G., LLOYD.

QX7896, Pte, L. H., LLOYD.

QX10800, Pte, S. K., LLOYD.

NX44232, Spr, A. C., LOADER. NX28672, Pte, E. H., LOCH. TX2934, Pte, C. R., LOCKE.

SX7881, S-Sgt, H. L., LOCKE.

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TX5432, Pte, J. G., LOCKETT.

VX47362, L-Cpl, J. R., LOCHART. QX16358, Pte, G. J., LOCKITT.

VX19147, Pte, C. C., LOCKWOOD. NX71896, Pte, W. G., LODDING.

QX20242, Spr, J. H., LOFTHOUSE. NX31177, Lt, R. D., LOFTS.

VX60997, Pte, C. S., LOGAN. NX41219, Pte H. L., LOGAN. VX33232, Sgt, N. J., LOGAN.

WX9321, Pte, A. J., LOLLER.

WX12717, Pte, A. H. S., LODNON. NX55923, Cpl, E. R., LONG.

WX34241, Gnr, E. W., LONGTON. VX20469, L-Cpl, J., LONSDALE. NX58681, Cpl, D. G., LORD. QX26425, Pte, W. A., LORD.

VX55743, Pte, R. J., LOUGHNAN. NX56120, Cpl, W. C., LOUGHREY. VX24740, Pte, E. J., LOVE. WX7285, Pte, H. R., LOVE.

NX65789, Pte, W., LOVELL.

NX51695, Sig, G. W., LOVERIDGE. WX7340, Spr, L. C., LOVETT.

NX52830, Cpl, M. A., LOWDER. NX55681, Cpl, L. J., LOWE. VX34962, Sig, L. L., LOWE.

QX16386, Pte, T. H., LOWEN. NX5727, Cpl, A., LOWES.

QX17399, WO, F. R. W., LOWRY. QX12560, Pte, L. W., LOYNES. VX48445, Dvr, S., LUCAS.

NX67343, Pte, L. D., LUCKIE.

NX66476, Pte, L. G., LUCKIE.   VX32986, L-Cpl, D. C., LUGTON. VX40001, Cpl, A. A., LUKE.

QX1847, Cpl, A. W., LULHAM. VX57008, Dvr, G. E., LUMBY. NX56417, Sgt, N. J., LUMBY.

QX11351, Sgt, A. W., LUM WAN. NX59784, L-Cpl, N. G., LUNNON. VX59020, Pte, B. N., LUNT. WX9146, Pte, C. R., LUSH.

NX29348, Spr, L. M., LUTHERBORROW. WX8675, Pte, R. R., LYLE.

QX24635, Pte, R. L., LYNAGH. NX54873, S-Sgt, C. B., LYNCH.

VX45664, Pte, G. E. H., LYNCH. NX25652, Pte, J., LYNCH.

VX46710, Pte, V. A., LYNCH. NX43825, Pte, F. J., LYONS. QX11485, Pte, J. A., LYONS.


QX22984, Capt, A. G., MacALLISTER. VX43468, Dvr, F. W., McBEAN. NX20162, Pte, W., McBRIDE.

NX37655, Pte, R. J., McBURNEY. WX7858, Spr., B. H., McCABE. NX55008, Sgt, J., McCABE.

NX33326, Pte, T. F., McCAFFERY. VX29504, Pte, T. B., McCAFFERY. TX5279, Sgt, H. B., McCALL.

QX18377, Pte, P. H., McCALL. NX34540, Gnr, H., McCANN.

WX17837, Pte, L. W., McCANN.

VX44180, Gnr, F. J., McCARTHY.

QX21891, Pte, K. M., McCARTHY. VX45838, Pte, S., McCARTNEY.

NX26862, Pte, A., McCLERRLAND. QX17106, Pte, V. J., McCLUSKEY.

NX40639, Cpl, G. K. M., McCOLL. NX23243, L-Cpl, V. S., McCOMB.

NX37704, Bdr, L. R., McCORMACK. VX47946, L-Bdr, G. A., McCRACKEN. VX51115, Cpl, G. G., McCRAE.

VX55840, Pte, W., McCRIMMON.

QX9940, Pte, W. U., McCUBBIN. TX3265, Pte, L., McCULLOCH.

QX22571, Pte, C., McDERMOTT.

QX14813, Pte, J. P., McDERMOTT.

VX2744I, Pte, N. F., McDIARMID. QX7940, Sgt, W. J., McDONAGH. NX37497, Pte, F., McDONALD.

NX67213, Pte, F. J., McDONALD. VX40554, Pte, K. J., McDONALD. VX36521, Sig, K. W., McDONALD. VX62701, Pte, H. E., McDONALD. QX20480, Pte, J. H., McDONALD.

VX40554, Pte, K. J., McDONALD. VX36521, Sig, K. W., McDONALD. VX22074, Cpl, N. L., McDONALD. VXB4732, Pte, R. F., McDONALD.

QX16307, L-Sgt, W. H., McDONALD. NX81937, Pte, M. H., McDOUGAL. NX56636, Pte, A., McDOUGALL.

QXI4720, Sgt, D. J., McDOUGALL. VX31456, S-Sgt, T., McDOUGALL.

NX38682, Cpl, E. E., McDOUGALL. QX18014, Pte, D. P., McENIERY. VX60235, Pte, A. I., McENTEE. NX50756, Pte, A. F., McENVOY. QX17570, Cpl, F. W., McEVOY.

NX65290, Sig, J. H., McEVOY. NX46605, Pte, C., McEWAN. NX45367, Pte, J., McFALL.

NX48423, Pte, B. J., McFARLANE. QX23045, Pte, G., McFARLANE.

NX29640, Gnr, G., McFARLANE. VX35526, Cpl, I., McFARLANE.

VX58806, Pte, J. A., McFARLANE. NX30670, Pte, K. A., McFARLANE. VX56465, Pte, K. D., McFARLANE. TX5238, L-Cpl, R. J., McGEE.

QX17390, Lt, W. T., McGEEVER.

NX7-653, Pte, R. L., McGINNON. VX34268, Pte, A. J., McGILLIVRY. NX28043, Pte, J., McGINTY.

WX7436, L-Cpl, J. M., McGINTY. VX39009, Lt, E. P., McGLINN.

NX53990, WO, E. G., McGLYNN. NX36042, Pte, W. A., McGLYNN.

NX47260, Pte, M. J., McGOLDRICK. VX55412, Dvr, A. J., McGOUGH. NX33362, Pte, H., McGOWAN. VX54206, Pte, J., McGOWAN.

QX22307, Pte, H. W. E., McGRATH.   NX59552, Lt, D., McGREGOR.

QX6480, Cpt, I. A., McGREGOR. WX55412, Dvr, A. J., McGOUGH.

WX12835, L-Cpl, J. A., McGREGOR. VX58540, L-Sgt, J. D., McGUFFIE.

VX42189, Cpl, J. H. L., McGUIGAN. TX8323, Pte, R. G., McGURK. NX45150, Lt, J., McILRATH.

NX31419, Pte, P. J., McINERNEY. SX13097, Pte, T. J., McINERNEY. VX50422, Pte, D., McINTOSH.

WX10013, Pte, M., McALLISTER.

NX47037, Pte, H. B. McANDREW.

NX22573, Pte, P. P., McANNELLY. QX9124, Sgt, C. K., MACARTHUR. QX23827, Pte, H., MCARTHUR.

QX1414, Pte, R. M., MCARTHUR. NX31043, Pte, A. J., McAULEY.

NX70426, Capt, N. G., MACAULEY.

NX19904, Pte, W. L. B., McAULEY. NX63616, Pte, K. J., McAULIFFE. NX41852, Sgt, A. W., McBEAN.

NX38946, Gnr, D. S. G., MACINTOSH. NX40621, Pte, J. E. McINTOSH.

SX10072, Sgt, T. D. McINTOSH. QX7970, Pte, H. A., McINTYRE.

NX42208, Pte, W. S., McINTYRE.

MX32306, Cpl, D. G. MACINVER. VX24091, Pte, J. H., MACK. QX17732, Pte. V. MACK.

VX55369, Pte, C. J., McKAY.

QX19061, Major, G. M., McKAY. NX34743, Lt, I. J., McKAY.

NX40025, Pte, K. R., McKAY. NX55003, Pte, T. M., McKAY. NX2891, Pte, W. B., McKAY. QX10217, Pte, E., McKEAN.

VX46195, Gnr, H. H., McKEE. NX57033, Pte, V., McKELL.

NX558695, Pte, C. J., McKENNA.

VX34729, Cpl, R. H., McKENNER. NX41338, Pte, A., McKENZIE.

VX35X19, Cpl, D. D. D., McKENZIE. QX24003, Pte, G. L., McKENZIE. VX55371, Pte, J. A., McKENZIE. VX39345, Pte, J. A., McKENZIE.

VX64955, Pte, C. A., McKENZIE. VX64416, Pte, R. H., McKENZIE. NX49227, Pte, S. B., McKENZIE.

NX27240, Gnr, V. M., McKENZIE. NX66609, Lt, W. J., McKENZIE.

VX33361, S-Sgt, W. N., McKENZIE. NX36491, Cpl, W. P., McKENZIE.

WX15838, Pte, R. J., McKENZIE-MURRAY. NX38582, Sig, D. O., MACKEY.

WX10845, Cpl, E. E., MACKEY. NX47486, Pte, R. M., MACKIE.

NX34847, Lt, I. J., McKIBBIN.

NX49835, Pte, C. G., McKINNON. WX3707, Lt, G. C., McKINNON.

QX6469, Lt, J. B., McKINSTRY.

NX63308, Lt, G. H., MACKISACK.

VX63132, Pte, A. W., MACKLAN. VX48993, Gnr V. N., MACKNEH.

NX27335, Sgt, G. L., McKNIGHT. QX10897, Cpl, R. J., McKNIGHT.

NX50016, Pte, D. O., McLAGGAN. NX45971, L-Cpl, D., MACLAREN. NX46983, Pte, H. S., McLAREN. QX13995, Gnr, K., McLAREN.

VX43558, Spr, K. W., McLAREN. VX48473, Dvr, L. A., McLAREN. NX47369, Pte, R. E., McLAREN.

QX14849, Gnr, R. M., McLAREN.

VX43414, Spr, J. C., McLATCHIE. NX26516, Gnr, E., McLAUGHLIN. NX59635, L-Cpl, J. R., MACLAY. NX50465, Lieut, A. H., McLEAN. QX23968, Pte, A. K., McLEAN.

WX8120, Spr, D. W., McLEAN. NX51961, Sgt, J. E., McLEAN. NX53612, Pte, J. R., McLEAN.

NX47487, Pte, K. N., McLEAN.

QX12049, Gnr, R. L., McLEISH. NX40977, Pte, J. D., McLELLAN.

NX65157, WO, R. G., McLELLAN. QX20332, Pte, G., McLELLAND. QX17767, Sgt, G. J., McLEOD.

QX9025, Sig, N. M., MACLEOD. NX70902, Lieut, R., McLEOD. WX17302, Pte, W., McLEOD.

VX58607, Pte, J. D., McLERIE.   VX45893, Pte, P. E., McILHENEY-ALBERT. QX137625, Pte, F. R., McLOUGHLIN.

NX12496, Capt, G. J., McLOUGHLIN. NX26495, Sgt, B. S., McMAHON. VX45348, pte, F. A., McMAHON. VX23981, Pte, J. H., McMAHON. SX9135, Pte, J. M., McMAHON. NX56415, Pte, J. R., McMAHON.

SX11410, Pte, K. A., McMAHON. NX19196, Gnr, K. E., McMAHON. QX7845, Pte, R. F., McMAHON.

NX57019, Pte, M. J., McMANUS. NX53245, Pte, J. A., McMILLAN. NX32348, Cpl, J. A., MACMILLAN. VX41933, Pte, L. K., McMILLAN. VX25610, L-Cpl, L. P., McMILLEN. QX21374, Pte, A. E., McNALLY.

NX37605, Pte, E. P., McNAMARA. VX48650, Pte, G. K., McNAMARA. QX18736, Pte, J. E., McNAMARA.

NX31093, Pte, J. F. J., McNAMARA. NX27080, Sgt, A. B., McNAMEE.

VX39150, Chaplain, A. R., MACNEII.?? B229, Mr, G. H. McNEILLY.

NX36444, Cpl, A., McNICKLE.

NX37708, Pte, E. P., McNIVEN. QX21624, Pte, W. D., McNULTY. NX34185, Lieut, A. B., McPHEE. VX11432, Pte, C. T., McPHEE,

NX31987, Gnr, H. H., McPHEE. NX55431, L-Cpl, N. C., MALLEY.

NX32535, Pte, A. S., MALONE. VX61420, Pte, L. A., MALONE. VX42537, Pte, T. L., MALONE.

QX12119, Pte, R. D., MAMANTOW. NX26991, Pte, H., MANNELL.

QX25481, Capt, R. L., MANNION. VX55241, Spr, F. J., MANNIX.

NX33264, Cpl, C. L., MANSFIELD.

VX63707, Lieut, G. J., MANSFIELD. VX39853, Pte, W., MANSFIELD.

NX67200, L-Cpl, W. R. N., MANSON. NX2B896, Dvr, H. E., MANTTAN. VX18437, Spr, C. M., MARCH.

VX35445, Pte, R. W., MARGETTS. VX47022, Pte, E. J., MARK. WX6433, Spr, R., MARK. QX8044 Pte W. MARK.

SX9653, Pte, R. J., MARKHAM. NX49657, Pte, J. H., MARKS.

QX9441, Gnr, C. N., MARLOW.

VX20659, L-Cpl, G. F., MARQUIS. QX21990, Pte A., MARR.

VX43545, Pte, A. N., MARR.

NX58288, Dvr, G. H., MARR. NX60292, Pte, K. H., MARR.

TX3627 Pte R. L. MARRIOTT.

QX22315, Pte, R. S., MARRIOTT.

NX70674, Major, E. A., MARSDEN. VX47470, Gnr, R. J., MARSDEN. NX45240, Pte, J. T., MARSDEN. NX52323, Pte, J., MARSH.

NX52139, Sig, W. J., MARSH.

VX62550, Lieut, A. K., MARSHALL. SX9218, Pte J., MARSHALL.

NX40240, Pte, J. R., MARSHALL.

NX8318, L-Cpl, K. R. H., MARSHALL. NX7059, Cpl, P. J., MARSHALL.

NX8376, Pte, R. D. G., MARSHALL. NX69953, Pte, J., McPHEE.

NX66677, Lt, A., McPHERSON.

QX14219, S-Sgt, L. D., MACPHERSON. NX58020, Pte, W. T., McPHERSON. WX8243, Sgt, A., McQUADE.

VX45201, L. T., McD McQUEEN. VX35909, Dr, H. J., McQUEEN. VX65403, Pte, R. J., McQUEEN.

NX44879, Pte, T. G. N., McQUEEN. NX24246, Sig, D. D. P., McRAE. VX46932, Dr, D. W., McRAE, VX37907, Dr, M. A., McRAE.

TX3475, Cpl, L. T. H., MACROW. WX6203, Pte, J., McSKENE.

VX43944, Pte, E., McSWEENE. QX13237, Pte, W. P., McVAY.

NX2715, Cpl, A. G., McWILLIAMS. VX39255, Pte, B. J. G., McLILLIAM. NX37582, Gnr, H., MADDEN.

NX51313, Pte, J. R. H., MADDEN. NX28343, Lt, T. W., MADDEN.

NX34934, Cpt, N. P., MADDERN. QX13695, Cpt, E. R., MADDISON. VX38423, Pte, R., MADDY.

VX46830, Pte M. J., MADDIGAN.

VX37301, Pte, L. E., MAFFESCIONS. QX17833, Lt, W. R., MAGARRY. VX28134 Pte P. MAGUTRE.

VX46064, Pte, A. G., MAHER. VX32944, Spr, J., MAHER. VX29884, Pte, L., MAHON.

QX20191, Pte, F. J., MAHONEY.

TX3527, Pte, T. E., MAINWARING. VX39879, Dr, T. R., MAJEWSKI. VX24742, Pte, J. L., MAKEHAM.

NX70467, Cpt, D. J., MAKEPEACE. NX55930, Cpl, F. L., MALCOLM. NX76216, Lt, L. W., MALE.

VX45304, Pte, T. M., MALE.

QX16481, Pte, E. R., MALLER.

NX26120, S-Sgt, W., MARSHALL. NX35046, Lt, W. A., MARSHALL. NX32446, Pte, A. A., MARTIN.

QX23256, Pte, A. G., MARTIN. VX37054, Pte, A. V., MARTIN.

QX8478, Pte, M. W., MARTIN.

VX42558, Pte, B., MARTIN

NX45717, Pte, C. A., MARTIN.

QXJ7295, Cpl, E. C., MARTIN.

NX3282, Sig, F. J., MARTIN.   NX12592, Cpl, J. F., MARTIN. NX21937, Sig, K., MARTIN.

QX17296, Pte, K. R., MARTIN. VX39210, Lt, L. J., MARTIN. VX56926, Pte, P. G., MARTIN. QX14439, Pte, R., MARTIN.

NX19998, Pte, R. G., MARTIN. NX40074, Pte, T. G., MARTIN. DX634, Pte, T. R., MARTIN.

QX13786, Pte, W. H., MARTIN. VX57665, Pte, W. W., MARTIN. NX51211, Pte, M., MARTYN. SX8462, Cpl, M., MASHADO. SX9691, Pte, R., MASKELL.

SX9893, Pte, W. T., MASKELL.

WX8628, Sgt, J. F., MASKIELL NX10243, Pte A. J., MASON. VX38545, Lt, E. R., MASON. NX69178, Pte, H., MASON. NX20447, Pte, J., MASON.

VX63523, Pte, J. A., MASON. NX20450, Cpl, P., MASON.

VX26198, Pte, T. B., MASON.

NX31348, Gnr, A. S., MASON.   NX81073, S-Sgt, LE MASSER.

NX25715, L-Cpl T, F., MASSEY. QX23946, Sgt, E. A., MASTERS. WX15210, Spr, R. J., MASTERN. QX11198, Pte, W. W., MASTERS.

NX57299, Pte, C. M., MASTERTON. NX70458, Capt, R. H., MASTON. NX39791, Pte, N. J., MATCHETT. VX63219, Sig, F., MATHER.

QX14658, Gnr, D. H., MATHERS. NX1389, Pte, L. S., MATHEWS.

VX59583, Pte, R. J., MATTERS, VX40270, Cpl, J. C., MATTHEWS. TX3763, Pte, J. E., MATTHEWS.

NX46183, Pte, J. W. S., MATTHEW. NX47206, Pte, L. N., MATTHEWS. VX54312, Sig, M. J., MATTHEWS. VX20825, Spr, P. J., MATTHEWS. VX39829, Sgt, R. G., MATTHEWS. QX7815, Gnr, S. A., MATTHEWS. NX42649, Pte, A., MAUDSLEY.

VX745555, Major, A. M., MAXELL VX64068, Pte, E. K., MAXWELL.

VX24349, Pte, J. D., MAXWELL. NX37666, Pte, E. F., MAY. VX40583, Gnr, H. R., DAY. VX41883, Pte, J. H., MAY.

VX47321, L-Cpl, J. N., MAY. VX25581, Lieut, N. N., MAY. QX13707, Pte, T. M., MAY.

NX60114, WO, T. A., MAYBERRY. VX46174, Major, R. B, MAYNARD. QX10070, Pte, T., MAYNARD.

QX13686, Bdr, A. S., MAYNE.

NX27736, Pte, A. S., MEADOWS.

VX47071, Pte, G. H. O., MEADOWS. VX18986, Cpl, J. L., MEAGHER. NX36153, Pte, J. E., MEAKES.

NX59885, L-Sgt, K. G., MEAKIN. WX12405, Spr, H. E., MEAKINS. VX20406, Pte, W. M., MEARNS.

QX21954, Gnr, F. J., MEDHURST. VX31432, Pte, G. J., MEDHURST.

NX71895, Pte, H. G., MEDHURST. VX42551, Pte, J. A., MEDHURST. VX26374, Pte, F. H., MEDINA.

NX33560, Lieut, J. A., MELLON.

QX7654, Lieut, R. G., MELDRUM.

NX51498, Cpl, F. L., MELLIAR-SMITH, QX11003, Gnr, F. M., MELLIAR. QX19254, Cpl, J. G., MELLOR. NX77712, Pte, L. D., MELROSE.

SX1170, S-Sgt, L. W. T., MELVILLE, QX24050, Pte A. J., MENGEL.

VX38050, Pte, J. E., MENSFORTH. WX228, Lieut, D. V, MENTIPLAY. SX5596, Capt, A. C., MENZ.

VX11966, Cpl, M. H., KENZIES.

NX65814, S-Sgt, H. R., MERCER. NV58425, C., MERCHANT.

WX8319, Pte, J. W., MEREDITH. VX62700, Pte V. S., MEREDITH. VX44895, WO, D. W., MERRIE.

NX29576, Bdr, N. S., MERRIFIELD. VX38042, Spr, N. F., MERRIGAN. NX59862, Pte, J., MESOLGETES.

QX3842, P. Lieut, W. T., METCALFE NX51061, S-Sgt, W. A., METHVEN. VX39147, Sgt, B. J., METTAM.

NX57512, Sig, D. H., MICHAEL. VX37428, Pte, A. K., MICHELL. NX40848, L-Sgt C., MICHELL.

NX37482, Pte, G. P., MICHELL.

NX33878, Sig, R. D., MICHELL.

VX37708, Lieut, G. C., MIDLETON. VX65432, Pte, G. H., MIDDLETON. NX46924, Cpl, W. E., MIDDLETON. WX3992, Lieut, W. D., MIDDLETON, NX56946, Pte, F. K., MIDSON. QX21010, Pte, A., MILES.

VX36467, Pte, H. A., MILES. VX46760,——

VX53321, Pte, D. A., MILLAR.

NX67677, S-Sgt, J. C., MILLAR.