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1 he Aboriginal Name for Clare.


? € [By 'Clarion.']

THROUGH the courtesy of a Glare lady interested in literary and historical pursuits — Mrs. F. L. Sanders — I have been given a small valuable volume to read entitled: — 'The Romance of Nomenclature,' (1943) containing 1,250 Place Names in South Australia, West Australia and the Northern Ter ritory. The author and compiler is

A. E. Martin, and it was prmtea Dy the N.S.W. Bookstall Co., Pty., Ltd., Market and Castlereagh Streets, Sydney. As the edition is just now on sale and has a great historical value, let me give an extract on the inside cover: — . 'It is an ideal gift book ? ? It is a first-rate handy sized book to take on a journey, or to have on your shelves when places and people who lived in them are talked of or argued abdut. It will while away the longest train trip, giving you, at every station, subject for enough conversation to last you till the next stop. It whisks y«u back into the adventurous period of ad venturous pioneers, and hostile aborigines, of gold ? escorts and in trepid explorers, and those gallant exploits -which gave you a land of peace and plenty ! !' Here are details of some of the to%ns and districfs in the electorate . of Stanley, Burra Burra, and Young.

My commentaries on the accuracy of some of these items is set out at the foot of each. It is a -happy coincidence that the day Mrs* Sanders handed me the book; I had been extracting items Uram a rare volume — 'The South Australian Gazeteer' of 1866. ALMA— Hd. of Alma. Named in 1856,' after Battle of Alma 1854. (There is no reference to Auburn) BLYTH— After Sir Arthur Blyth, who T?ame to S.A. in 1839, at age of 16,' worked as ah ironmonger at Mitcham, and eventually became Premier and Agent General. BRINKWORTH.— -After Geo. Brmkworth,_who owned the land on which the town now stands. 'BROUGHTON, Port— From River Broiighton, y /-named after Bishop Broughton, wJhv at the instigation of the Duke . of Wellington, came direct from a post at the Tower of London to N.S.W; BRYAN, Mount — Af ter Guy Bryan, who perished in the bush near North West Bend, Murray River. The famous Arctic explorer Geo;' Hubert Wilkins' was born here. BUNGAREE — Aboriginal name: 'My Country.' BURRA BURRA— Native name Kooringa. Sir Hy. Ayers, one time manager the Burra Mines, has left a written record that the name is derived from Hindustanee. The mine was discovered by a man named Pickett. CLARE — Edward Gleeson built house here in 1839 called 'Inch*, ' cruin ' after his hnmo \n r*™-.™*-,,

x 9 ? — — — ?????' *.»v*&**^ an V^vU.IIl*V ^ Clare. Native name — 'Kyneetcha.' tl express doubt as to 1839 being- correct. A survey over many years has given data that Gleeson arrived from India in the Emerald Isle from Calcutta in July 1838. He had up to 7,000 sheep at Gleeville, Adelaide Hills area, until 1841, and it was not until following the recommendations of Explorer E. J, Eyre (who visited Clare first in May' 1839, and was a member of the first syndicate of 9 land owners), Explorer J. A. Horrocks, and others that Glee son came here the latter end of 1841 escorted thither in a bullock dray by John Maynard. According to de-   finite data in my possession from the Adelaide Archives^ Gleeson first built a house and founded Clare in 1842. The Hutt and Hill River Sur- veys did not; take place until 1841   FARRELL'S FLAT— After Dean Farrell, 2nd. Colonial Chaplain upon whose death in England in 1839 many S.A. churches were draped in black. (It has now been altered to Farrell Flat.) GULNARE. After a dog named Gulnare,' which caught five emus in seven days. . .. HALBURY - Because it is in the Hd. of Hall, after Geo, HalL sec- retary to Gov. Gawler, after whom is named Mt Hall, Hall's Bay. He

married the Governor's daughter Julia. Later was in charge of re- formatory in the Isle of Wight. HAMLEY BRIDGE — After Lieut. Col. Hamley, acting Governor, who opened the bridge. HANSON. — Sir Richard Hanson as Premier of S.A. passed the Act prohibiting public executions. He was later Chief Justice. ' HART. — In the Hd. of Hart which was named after Capt. Hart, who brought from Tasmania the first live stock landed in S.A. HOW1TT, Lake — After Alfred Howitt. ' [It will be remembered he led the party that conveyed the bodies (cov ered by a Union Jack) on the smaller of 8 camels, of Explorers Burke and Wills, from Innamincka to Mel bourne, camping round the old gum tree near the Clare Swimming Pool for a few days in 1862.] HORROCK'S PASS — Named after John Horrocks who travelled through in 1841. He owned S. A's. first camel. Three camels came from Tenneriffe, ,but only one survived. [I have a copy of the complete Journal and dying depositions of Explorer John Ainsworth Horrocks — which I hope by permission of the Horrocks family and the ^ S.A. Archives to incorporate in my book now being written 'The First 100 Years of Clare and Districts.' It will be remembered Horrocks died of gunshot wounds when his camel reared, and the journal first written and later dictated on his death-bed in a house at Penwortham, is a pioneer epic] HOYLETON.— After Mr. Hoyle, who pwned the land on which , the station is built. KOOLUNGA — Formerly known as 'Hope's Crossing.' The native name refers to the red banks of the Broughton. KYBUNGA. — Before the railway was ? built, ? Lieut Col. Roberts called his farm by this name. He laid out the township. MINTARO. — From a Spanish word meaning ''resting place.' It owes its name to Spanish mule drivers travelling to the Burra Mines. PENWORTHAM— After J. A. Horrock's family home in Lancashire. Horrocks was accidentally shot on an exploring expedition. The parents of the notorious Kelly bushrangers were one-time residents of the town. [The fact that the parents of Ned Kelly, Australia's classic bushranger, lived at Penwortham, is a new one on me. A study of a book on Aus tralian bushrangers gives no clue to this.] RIVERTON. — Named by early settler Jas Masters, who owned the site of the town in 1854. ROCHESTER — Named by Edward Smith after his English birthplace. He was on the 'Erebus' on its voy age of Antarctic expeditions 1839-43. when with Jas. Clark Ross in com mand the two volcanic mounts Erebus and Terror were discovered. SADDLEWORTH^Affcfr the birthplace of James Masters, 'Saddle- worth Lodge'. . * J SKILLY CREEK:— Named after! a survey party who mixed flour and water (skilligolee) there. SNOWTOWN— After Thos- Snow, M.A., cousin and secretary to Gov ernor Jervois. SOUTH AUSTRALIA.— Gaudin's Map calls it 'Terra Napoleon.' TARLEE — Is a corruptive of Tralee, Ireland. ^ TOTHILL'S CREEK — Chas Tot hill was a popular amateur rider. UNDALYA.— Native name of waterhole there. (No reference to Watervale.) YACKA — From native 'Yacka- moorundie,' sister to the big river. All told there are 993 place names of South Australia in the book, and the balance in W.A. and the North ern Territory. No book shelf or In stitute should be without one. READ NEXT WEEK.— Details of my book 'The First 100 Years of Clare and District' of 300 to 400 pages, nearing completion, and how 50 to 100 old time scenic photos are needed — 'Clarion.**