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Continent Wide Influence of Cabulcha Stud



Show Team Blends the Best of Blood

It's a far cry from Cabulcha, overlooking the Pacific, to Anthony Lagoon, in the heart of the Northern Territory, but such are the present extremes of the spreading in fluence of Cabulcha Aberdeen Angus Stud.

Established on 4,000 acres of undu lating to hilly country in the D'Aguilar district, Cabulcha has quickly won its way to show fame and is pioneering a phase of development in beet cattle

raising in North Australia that must be ]

regarded as much as a national workl of love as a personal undertaking by its initiator, Mr. J. M. Newman.

Mr. Newman is a Queenslander of gigantic interests. A qualified engin eer, he practised the profession with distinction in the Malay States and elsewhere, and' his varied and ever-ac cumulating interests have spread from the Malay States to New Guinea, back to Queensland, and thence along stock routes, from stud-breeding a t D'Aguilar to that immense holding, Anthony's Lagoon.

In the establisment and development of his Aberdeen-Angus stud, Mr. New man lias spared no expense, either in regard to importing the best available Slack Polls in Scotland, or in the ap pointments of the stud itself.

By the hyper-critical, the property at D'Aguilar may not have been regard ed as ideally situated for stud-cattle breeding. It is largely hills and dales, but it the ridges are light-grazing in their nature, the dales have been •clothed, by nature plus Mr. Newman's ■determination to help nature, with a wealth of feed on which the stock thrive heartily. There are plenty of improvements and facilities a* the Ca bulcha stud, but there is no molly coddling.

Mr. Newman breeds his stud bulls largely for use in his own Anthony's Lagoon herds, so that he is not likely to produce soft, spoilt animals that ■would be hopelessly incapable of con quering the trying conditions of the Northern Territory, where, we have it on the best of authority, a consignment of D'Aguilar Aberdeen Angus bulls are doing everything expected of


In addition to having bought the best possible in Scottish blood, Mr. Newman has been fortunate in secur ing the services, as manager of the

stud, of Mr. McWilliam, who judged, with distinct success and general satis faction, the Shorthorn section at the <ast Sydney Royal.