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Black Herd By 1950 At Anthony Lagoon

MR. J. M. Newman, of Cabulcha stud, accompani

ed Sir Henry Turner's party to western Queens land and Northern Territory cattle areas, leaving it

at Brunette Downs.

Arriving at Anthony Lagoon on April 26, Mr. Newman helped with the branding of 104 Aberdeen

Angus calves from Cabulcha-bred ] cows. At-present the station car ries 200 pedigree breeders and should brand at least 150 calves from stud cows this year.

Twenty-seven of last year's pure bred bull calves were turned out with the herd cattle.

Anthony Lagoon, up to now, has not 'followed the practice of re cording and registering the calves from stud cows. However, two paddocks are now being fenced for the exclusive purpose of stud breeding and it is hoped next year to register the first calves from Anthony Lagoon stud. It is antici pated that within a few years the

station should be producing all its own 'requirements in bulls and have stud cattle for sale.

This year it is intended to send another draft of young bulls and bull calves on young mothers to Anthony Lagoon from Cabulcha stud at D'Aguilar. Probably 30 males and 10 young females will be


Since Mr. New man's return word has been received from the station that on the first round of the muster 1000 calves had been branded, of •which over half were black. This percentage will probably hold good throughout the branding, and as about 3000

calves should lpe branded, it will be seen that the herd is being converted rapid ly to Aberdeen Angus. It is ex pected that by 1950 the whole herd will be black and the station branding at least 5000 calves a year.

Texas Station's 1st prize exhibit in Q.M.L Board caicae competition. Six Aberdeen Angus bullocks of an average age oi Vh.

years dressed 731 lb;