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The annu.d speech-day proceedings in connection with the Scotch College were presided1 over at the Athenumm yesterday b>7 His Excellency the Governor (Sir George. Sydonluin Clarke), who waa accom . panied by Lud}! Clarke.

The vice-regal patty ivas received with onthusiasfcie cheering, and the, principal 1 (Dr. Morrison), in a few words- of hearty

welcome, assured^ Ilia Excellency that the

Scotch College,, which had. ever been true mid loyal tq tlw throne, would always be so te the King'« representative. (Cheers.)

De-, Morrison, in his report, thanked the donors o£ special prizes, .mil, on ot the vowing, club, gratefully acknowledged the generosity; ol Air. Charles Ayrey, of W.irranooke, in presenting an eight-oared racing» boat to tile college. Twenty-tive . boys front-lihe college had« passed for. matri-

cula tion, gaining, seven places in ci-us lists, including- first cliiraes in classics, mathenia tics, physic<i,'iml ehöiuistrjV in uiathenu tie» the, college gained1 the first place and the exhibition, and two out of n total of* four íirüt olasses ia Latin and Greek. Jn

physics njid- chomiotty the college wu& equal iqr second, glace. In the ordinary examina- tions 27, passed in their respective years, gaining 28 places on. the honour list», 12 lirst classes, 10 sooond> six third, nine ex- hibitions,, and, a prox. access, la the final liononii examination in classics the college had. both (¡he first classes awarded, and the scholarship wa« gained by li C. Wilson, the dux of 1807. The college also gained first place in classics, mathematics, physics, -and chemistry at the entrance ex.imin.itioii

at-Ormond'College, and live exhibitions.1 In public school contests the college had woir the three matches already played, in cricket, was equal for first place in foot- ball, and second in rowing. The repprt closed with sympathetic reference to the death- of Lieutenant Stanley Reid, in South Africa, and' of Mr. 33. M'Leod, a former school captain.


His Excellency rose amid cheering and said:-"Eilte, in the person of you, sir (ad- dressing, the principal), hws decreed that the first duty Lady Clarke and I are called upon to perform iu Victoria is that of presenting the prizes of the Scotch College, one of the four grout public schools of this great state. (Applause.) I' ian assure you that it giyes ? us the greatest pleasure to come amongst

you to-day, and give away those prizes. We most heartily reciprocate the kind words Dr. "Morrison said in welcoming us here. We luive felt most deeply the cordial wel come we have, received from everyone hi "Melbourne since Tuesday, te han sunk deeply in our hflirts, ami it will be a memory wo shall never forgot. (Applause.) I know that there is no more loyal people in this world than the Scotch people, ami no more loyal state than the ftale ot Vic- toria. (Cheers.) 1 have not, unfortunately, the honour of being a Scotchman, but'I yield to no marr in admiration of those fine qualities the Scotch people have shown all the world over. I believe these qualities, if not derived-, have been, .it any rate, fos- tered by the principles of the grand educa- tional system of Scotland. These princi- ples, transplanted across the world, have found now sphere of activity in this greai southern continent. I know that thii col- lege does not work on purely denomina- tional linos, and throws open its benefits to al! comers, but its inspiration is, in a gteat measure, drawn from little far-away country of heather and mountain which ha'-, given so many gallant sons to the empire. (Cheers.) 1 have not yet had time to study your curriculum, but one can soo from the report how wide and broad ¡J. its. Anil the rcport tolls more than that. It speakt. elo- quently of the success ol the great work the Scotch College is doing in Victoria. In these'days everything is subjected to test and analysis, and the test ol' tho work of . this college is the success gained at the l*ni

versity and other outside institutions. These successes, which speak for them- selves, seem to mc to be phenomenal, .mJ I think they point, not only lo the good work of the teachers, but to the capacity and industry of the students. I don't agree with I>r. Morrison when he hinted that this record year would never be repeated. I believe that what the college has done once it will bo able to do a second time, and 1 hope, on some future occasion, to be able to congratulate you on a success .1» as the present repot t discloses. 1 do no: think any words of mine could be as elo- quent as tho bore facts, which that report narrates, but t should like to say a few words, especially to you boys. A very great soldier, Von "Moltkc, said iu the Reichstag that the schoolmaster had helped to bring about the riotocicM of Prussia, «nd -thcro, was a very great deal of truth in the re- mark. Good schools produce good citizens,

and a nation of good citizens is strong alike in war and peace. I believe that Vic- toria, in the schools which she is spreading broadcast through her land., is establishing n great reserve of strength of .ilj kinds. Dr. "Morrison said that this college had taken the lead in establishing drill as a compul- sory subject, and I wa» glad lo hear tlul sentiment cheered by you boys. No man lutes war more than 1 do, but I hold it is the duty of every man to prepare himself to defend hw honour and his rights if tlu> nocessitv should arise. (Cheers.) I believe this duty can bo inculcated in our youth, mid that the training can be begun in our schools. Looking through the lines of the cadets, willi, their bright faces and -.mart uniforms, on Tuesday, I could not help realising that A'ii'torKi recognises the need of teaching l>cr youth the profession of war. (Cheers.) And now, hoys, just a yen* fow last word.-. We live in days in winch there is a good deal ol' apathy about -onie things and a great deal of shallowncss about others. I beg you to be in earnest in all vou undertake, and thorough, whether in vow work or sports. Remember, yon will have to take part in moulding the destinies of the greatest empire in the world. In- to fit yourselves to play part nobly. (Applause.) Cherish honour und truth nbove- all things. Maintain the highest (.tandara and sense of duty, and then you will grow up to be good citizens of the state of Victoria, and of that greater empire to which we are all so proud to belong. (Great cheering.)

After the prize distribution the Key. Dr. Marshall moved II vote of thanks to His hx ccllcncv and Lady Clarke for their píe- seme. The motion was seconded by Colonel Tom Price, and acknowledged by, His hx

tV'llis excellency then presented the fol

"oning prizes:

EXAMINATION" 11ESULTS. 1901. »3 Passe» for Matriculation.

?'7 Passes for Ordinär)- I'xamlnation. 10 first Class Honours. IO Second Class Honours. n Third Class Honours.

Ill Exhibition«. . ., " ,, I first pbco and Exhibition, Mathematics, Matriculation. , _ .. , " ,

Second and Fourth place«, Latin and Greek, Matriculation. , ,

Equal for Second place, Physics and Chemistry, Matriculation. , ",",...

Tint place and Inhibition, Creek, First Year. 'wcond place, latin. Kirai Year.

rtrst place and Exhibition, Pure Mathematics, FirU place and Exhibition, Mhcd Mathematics,

Flirt Year. , . ",

First place and Exhibition, Lope, First »ear.

First place and Exhibition, Biology, First Year. First place and Exhibition, History, Second


First place and Exhibition, Constitutional Law,

Second Year.

First placo and Exhibition, Anatomy, Second

Year. *

First place and F.xhlbltlou, Physiology, Second Third place. Anatomy, Third Year.

Third place, Physiology, Third Year.

Flr=t placo and Scholarship, Classics, final


Setond place, Classics, Final li ear.

Flr-t place and F.xhlbltiou, Classics. Ormond College. '

1'ln.t place and Exhibition, Mathematics, Ormond Coila»». , ," li <? *.»

First place, Physics and Chemistry, Ormond


.Iliioe Exhibitions, Arts, Second Year, Ormond


Three Slate Exhibitions to University.

DF.miKES, 28.

H.A.. 5: .M.A.. 0; LL.B.. 2; U.M.. 2: M.ll., 4; U.S., 1¡ M.D.. A; L.P..C.S.P. (Edln.l, 1; L.fl.C.P. (Eng.). 1; (Lou.), 1; 1MI.C.S. (Lou.), I; F.ll.C.S. (Min.), 1.


. 4 ¿|aHi I E _I a 31 Be ¡£ < u

Adamson, J. .. II li Hil-P - Ferris. F. A. ..U li li N-1' - Seitz, J. A.-li II Il'Jlt- 1' _

Stewart, A. A. II II- ?. Steele. H. G. II. I'll Lorimer, J. A. ........P P P P-P - Mathieson, W.-HM't Harper, F. O. P- II P Mitchell, A. S.-II !* II M'N'eil, F. D. .......P !' P P P P P P - Fraser, A. C......P P P P P P P P -   Kaufman, B. ......P P P P I* P P P - Nicholson, P. F....... p p P p p p N P -- Tanawell, T. M.......» P P P P P P N - Taylor, C. S. ......P P P P P P- P - Garland, H. D......PP P P P P N P * Barratt. N. W......P P P N p P N' P ~ Bond, C. A.......'.P P P N P P P N' < .Magennis, W. H..... V P P P P P P P - Gray, H. J.,. .. N P P V P P P P - Benjamin, O. D......- P P P P P P P 1» Shaw, C. G......- P P P P P P P I» Sleeman, L. O. ...'...- P P P P P P P P Ray, D. M. .......... PPP PP P N* P Rose, W. J. ....... PN 1> Y P P P 'P Sanders, A. B. ......P*P P P P P I» X Austin, S. H..\ .. - P P P P P N P P Love, J. .. .....- P I' P P N P P P Marshall, W. D....... P. P P P P N N P Davis, L. B. ........- P N P P P P P - M'rHe, D. J. " .. >.. " - P P P 1> P N P r Love, g. 0.-FHHTPII P


Passes nt niiiti._iil_tt.ii 26S Passes it ordinär, examinations 170 hirst Clans honours I2_ second Clns. honours . 120 Third Class, honours 11-1 Scholarships mid e\l ibllion» OD Decrees ID* fcchol irships Ormond College *>?>


Crleliot-Won 111 lost J. drieiyii 8

I ootbnll-M m fis lot 19 drtwn 30 Hu« ng-Won IS lust >

1 oui-Mon .20 lost 00 dnwn 21

pnui i isa

I)i\ of School ( Hi. Vrgus prtai. - V V

St. virt

Du. in Vlalhemllics («on D E MBrvdcs pri? e_ -I V I errii

Du . in Science (Or Bothwell Mam s pri. e)

I baum au

Dr lIcniMii lawrences Pnre-L M Anderson

II le uliman F P Oldham

Di V C Wael, s Pri. c- V C Trnscr

VIr lohn Council i Prize-H 1 Nichols J Cnnipbtll V Bnrklcv

Vii- -rank She« s Prize- J II MJV 1 VI Wallace

Messrs Melullo and Mullen s Prize- 1 C "VI In tosh I C loues

Old Scotch Collegium C1 ib rropli}-J C Col

I Class VI -Classics- V V Stewart A C Fra [ser VIithcmatics-I A Terns 1 D M Neil

Science- II Kaufman

(.lass V V -I nallah - U VV Harper H * Nichols 1 utin-L M Vnderson ) Biri ley (.reek-W J Gili ert trench-1 P Oldham Mathematics- I C t imnbell li s \mlerao_. Chemistr.-N le Hirvi\

Class V _» -Fnttlish-1 V Ogilvie B I Thomp son L ititi-J II VI ii W G Cuscaden Greek -^1 II Jlav 1 rcncli- I II Vin. 1 li Plante Mathematics- F VV Wallan V VV Ha.tkopt Chomistrv-r W W alinee V VV Hartkopf

Cinss V C - rni-liBh-.1 C Iones I C VI kitosh Latin-J C li Inlosh I C Iones Greik-1 C M Intosh I nindi-.1 ( M lnto_li VI itho milles- 1 C Iones I C VI Inlosh \ I Slither lind Cheinistn-N I Sutherland Bible-I

( VI lutosh Writing- 1 V I nue l encrai Vii rit-I V 1 nn"

(hiss IV I -bngllsh VV Hill C I» I lockier!

I-tlin-V l> Neville I V Wannt, Breucli (J VI V Hflivdcu VI I Krom Mathematics I Vloon v S VV liilsdeu Chemistry-J I Bind Dillie-V V Dell Writing-VV is.

VI ickcnzie

Class IV II- Lnpcr- I ngUsh- I Moone» S VV fllidsdeil I itm-C V Skinner It B Nelson I. Hose Lrench-V V Bell V r llonioiui Mathematics-It I Colclough G S Smith 1 I Uovuiuit Clionii-tii- 1 1" Bird ( K House Bible-) ii Dickson Writing-G VI


Class IV B-I meei -1 ncjish-S ( Vluir I C I nirhiiini Latin-Is C Ptrluu trench-C II Gan C II Tlckell Vlathematlcs-I 1 Schutt I 11 Dunn Phreiolo__y-II V Under wool I W "-coll Progress-VI Dirnlop VV V Bon min l)ible-N G Hue Writing-I

B Buccll

C1 if s li C -hnglisli Div 1- II L Cuse iden C Campbell Pi» ~T V Wal! lee I 11 Dahli I aim-I- W villis I runl - I li Davies Muhe nulles-S G Vluii C C Minson I II Dévies. IhiiiolM- V VI litchis " Bible-It I Cm nilen Wiitin.-v 1 i. nilli r enci il Vient-V

P Smith


Oil III-I ngliBli-I VIA Hiwdfii II 1) Vitrlison 1 C i ci lalin-1 VI V lloiidin I

(ni un I tenth-I VI V II m len Viuhmctie - 1 VIV lloiiden Bible-ll 1) litchi on Writ

m--I II Vllou

C1 ii, II -1 n_.lit.ti-I W I ai Vntl niche

le C Itnnkine

C1 i=sX-Grnnui ir ind ( eognph»-S h Vlmi '.pelling sill Heidin.,-D II I inrellcc Vnth

nulle-1 1 Sic lin in

Sprclil SubjecLs -( imnclics-D 11 I rnrew G 11 I air 1 ( M Keehnii It 1 Colclough Diinni"-( VI Dmiell Vins e-I c Bowman

sports -Ch impimi or College-P I VI I!a^ Oin Collegians Cup-I I liohini-oii toothill-1 M Vnderhon Cricket-V li Dean Honing-II

Shan Tennis-C \ Bon I (Vlr" Vlitehell s prizi )

maiv SNICK couaioi

Hie inn« ii ilisttibution oi pn¿cH tool» plnce in tlio school hal) Svanev io id, on llmr=el iv i he icpoic ot the pnntipil \li

lîobctt MKiiv, M \ cleilc ivitlt the «oil» done in the stp-n ile i I» r« thiotighout tin* veil mil I he progie--s mule bv the pupilc in ihe viucd subject- twight I lie Min ot the tcichiiif. iw tu gue spcuil (Mention 10 the individual tiiiinuig met tempi tumciil ot e-ieh pupil ISituulai ittciviion «is .tlwuis devoted lo the tone ile iictuei i

?uni niornl li lining ol tin pupils In t L^ ilijhci loims tie iibjctts Hete upeeiil'v selected lot the uquiieiuui's ot «i commet

ci i oi piolet-sioiidl cincel biestd upon the slumlord ami the cut iieulilin of the "Vlelbournc "Lill

veisitv Since hist icpou font li ul parsed the mai eula lion c\ munition ot tie Mel

bourne UmveiMtv one willi hut class lionoin- in tvv ) »mije t~-, thus gutniig the srhol vit-lup in science live I i seel the coin Detune lAimnvi ion ipiilihiiiu l t cn ti ince is cleiks to tin ptiol e se vue

IIU/1 I 1st

Dm of ti Collide -Ü 1 VV ilkie (matricula tloi) 1 in"mage -W Wainui li Du III Viatic matlcs-H »anson 1 VI lv tiogiaph in I III lorj -VV Wainui li Dinson

1 lilli I omi-Bible-I Wet I II Vlrlchl tug liait-I snil r I Vllan I un and trench-1

Vliltheuniin II Wright < griphi and Histor} -II WUK! I I Somer Vritluueti -O DIM» T Squlcr Vie ebra-O Di» is 1 viotti cn man CcOTietn - O Da» is I vlillnord Writing-t Souter 1 Vhllwurl Progresa-t Milln ird I

Allan .

tourtli 1 omi-nil le-ti 11 lull I Pickle.

Fnglmh-) Hieklei S Collins I Hin ind trent h -t Souter Cio.rMv Hld III ton-II Lplull I Bielliv Arilluietio-s collin I Bleklcv

Vlhclira-s Collin li smith Writing-li Smith, 11 I | hill IrogRss-N VI Cornuek V Souter U Hopkinson '

Hurd lorni-Bille-1 Honiton V lekersill tlll,li»li-I Ho>t 1 How es n lain-L Cillms J Vllan (eogripln md Histor»-I' Honi on I

»Oie Vrhhmitic-P Home« n I Ho c Writ hg-P Hollies n I Urse I regress-V leker


»eeond tonn- Bille-N I ncl 1 irt S Linrcnce tngli li-N lotklart s Lm-rcncc ( eogriphy m lil sion- s I ann Dec N Lekhirt Vnt i metic-I l.rillln, VI hinan Wrilin^.-VI hin mine N loeklait

First t inn-I hum» II I ck n-a I I ii lors C Uclnuck C liol t i C lic»ui Dran in,-I

Sont r

I VDlts COI LI Í 1

Mitneiilition-IiiglHi 11 d Hitor» (llono irs) W ii nie NU ill I n"Iish-V Sonnai W Kui

I Jtlll-W Símil I N , et l , "el VV Hule V N irnuii VI iilicniatie-. -V \orniii I Nutet Ce graph» ill II st rj-V No man ( sm ,h Iiogro -I s» cl N liol rlion 1) Oiinming

C smitl V smid

tilth tonu-Bib e-N «muli I' Lo Ulait tug lLsh-N SniU V llussell 1 itm and t rench-L Hudduck I Loei»l irl Geo"raphv md liston - \ Hlivell V (olhnc Vnthntetle-V Hu sell VI Dire ^l(,ebra-VI VV ne N smith Ki ni In -V KuÄrfll VI Ware Writing-V (old ila; I li»» liogr *,-V lockhart I 1 in

lourth 1 omi-Bil le-V Hull H SI Connlck Inghl-H VKonniek I Vlillnird I itln and I r nell-V (olding V Hu«. 11 t eo"raphi and Hlslorv-\ Hule VI Munro Vritliuietie- N P ixion It M l-onuick VIbegia-H VI Conuiek V Hule Writing- V Muer VI Munro Proaress M Munro I Vlillnirl 11 lira» R llillantlne

rhlrl tonu-Bil le-D Dine» VI VI Is er 1 ng lish-O Hose t smith trench-t Pattison II ll-a» I eo"i ipi » mil Huton- O líos 1) Deb nej Vrlthmetie- t smith ( lluddiiek Writ ii^-1 Smith I) Ho I rogres -I Huddutk M M Per '

secón 1 I omi -Bible-M V i nig 1 Pattison tngli»!- 1 Pittisin D VICornilik Ceograph» an] Hislir»-D M C rmkk VI VI I»cr Vritl mule-VI Hiker 1 1 itn»oii Wntmg-M

VI li r I Pilli on

lirsttrin V heluiuk II Ile 1 ne» I iniors - VI let line» VI II ti I) lui I VI lier Nellie noik-V Hu ill VI Ilia»